$BTC BTC/USDT – The calm before the storm… for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by 10x_Trading

Bitcoin keeps grinding up that trendline, that was created in beginning-mid october, but obviuosly is losing some steam.
We had about a 10% pullback from the top lately and now it could seem, as bitcoin is starting to form some kind of bottom right at striking distance to the old ATH at around 65k .
This is clearly some kind of accumulation phase going on, the on chain data back up that theory too, since more and more Bitcoin are put into cold wallets, what shrinks the overall Bitcoin supply that’s there to trade.

The 4h chart in Bitcoin and Ethereum is showing bullish divergence , what kept being respected over and over, will it be respected again?

Then next target is 75k in BTC , but there’s also a chance the market wants to see BTC at 60k again, to load up even more Bitcoin .

Seasonality wise we head into the strongest months to own crypto, what makes me think bullish into the end of the year, a break below 57k at this point though, would be a problem, but till then we’re in a bullish accumulation phase before we could see much higher highs in crypto at the end of ’21/beginning of ’22

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