Bitcoin & The FED Increasing Interest Rates for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by AlanSantana

We saw how the news people got many of our readers and supporters confused by making them believe that rising interest rates was good/positive for the financial markets.

We all know/knew that the Fed raising interest rates is always a bearish scenario.

Instead, this situation was hyped up as something bullish and the market pumped in response… The rookies were hooked in and a crash followed; money lost.

Now what we know from past history, books and all data available has been confirmed; Everything drops when the Fed raises interest rates…

I am writing this in support of my previous article about Bitcoin (see below):
Are You Prepared For The Long-Term? The Whales Are…

Here we talk about being prepared for the long-term, as prices go down just as they go up.

So, the Fed will raise rates again next month… And then again and then again.

This fact supports my article above.

Let’s enjoy the Altcoins while we can.

Think back March this same year…

Yes, it grows, it is great but do not get lost in the hype and euphoria that quickly builds up.

Stay sharp and secure profits.

Avoid margin/ futures and all gambling until the bear market is 100% over.

Focus now on buying and accumulating.

Buy, buy, buy for the next 3-8 months.

Hold anything and everything you bought for a few years; Peak 2025 or 2024.

In a nutshell, we are still in bearish territory but the market will absolutely grow after.

We expect some relief this or next week…

The relief can last 2-4 weeks, more or less…

Then the resumption of the trend (down we go).

The bottom can happen this very same year…

After the bottom is in, the only place left to go is UP!

This is not financial advice.

Do your own research.

Thank you for reading.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.


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