Bitcoin Butterfly Hunting for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by TradeVibez

Bitcoin appears to be gearing up for a its next leg to the upside but there are short term bearish things happening right now that should be on ones radar first.
For one, we are breaking below our upward sloping price trend AGAIN and although it is not yet confirmed on the 4 hour timeframe yet, the fact that Bitcoin has failed after 11 four hour candle attempts to break the $48900 level. A level according to what we see with our own eyes on the chart is a very strong level of resistance. And now we find ourselves again getting rejected at it which gives one the feeling that market makers could be looking to send the price back to our 50% retracement area of support in my personal opinion.
Another key indicator to validate this opinion I have is in the fact that price action has begun confirming a 78.6% retracement of X to A on the chart which sets us up for a potential Bearish Butterfly Harmonic pattern . The beauty of the bearish butterfly however is that it gives us a higher high but the follow-through once price has hit the Potential Reversal Area is often bearish on these harmonics.
For the bullish case one will want to watch the $49600 area. If price comes back up to this level and breaks it, then this harmonic could be in the process of being negated. On the flipside, having buy orders waiting around $46829 would be a good idea as this is not only a great support area at the .5 fibonacci level.. but also the bottom of the C leg of the Bearish Butterfly pattern, something that in my opinion is no coincidence.
Please note this does not HAVE to happen. Price could reverse from here and go much higher than $49600 or go lower from here and break our .5 level altogether as well.
However, if this is to playout, the $51400 price area appears to be a wise area to take profit if a rally is to eventually come again anytime soon.

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