Bepro 4.9.21 for KUCOIN:BEPROUSDT by BrandonrG

Classic double bottom . Most look for a straight horizontal line but that is NOT how double bottoms work. THe second one clears out all stops set on the previous bottom. I bought even more Bepro today. i might buy some more tomorrow. I have so much Bepro its crazy. Who wouldnt be buying it when you can get over 50 tokens for a dollar. Its one of the highest trending coins for us and canada week after week. Keeping up with Trillion dollar market cap daddy even. Bepro is going to blow away ppl when it does move back up. I do not expect us to stay here very long. No this does not mean its going to go up in one straight line forever. Thats stupid. So if it hovers around or goes lower even dont message me with stupid comments. We are always talking months /years out. So my XTZ post got me banned and i’m probably close to being permabanned for simply referencing a particular messagin app beginning with T and ending in M. If YOU KNOW ME, Have been engaging for the past few months (i wont respond to anyone new or unfamiliar) then message me. I have maybe 2 slots open but it will be hard getting back to ppl bc i am near being fully banned. If i get 20 likes and you leave a comment on here, dont message me , i will be giving 20 dollars in bitcoin to one random comment that is well thought out and engages

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