AMC – Love Shack in Jungle for NYSE:AMC by HK_L61

If ya see a faded sign by the side of the road that says 15 miles to the…

You get the idea.

AMC is one rather large Hot Mess.

Gamed more than Gamestop.

The Tower Records of Kink.

An Oldsmobile Aurora.

Sea Urchins slime over one another oozing away from it.

Your Friends 27 year old Cat.

Apes love it, warts and all.

That said, who on earth can blame a speculator for 1900-2000% Gains.

No one, shooting down success is hubris, arrogance and foolish.


but but but….

You take the Bacon, or most of it and buy yourself a cold one or 24.

Maybe ya keep some, maybe ya don’t…

You do however book gains.

If you do not, them eventually become someone elses.

Our Intermediate Targets for AMC remain 28 / 16 / 12. We are sellers

up to 52, for which that opportunity had 72 hours to complete and failed.

We know more than a few Apes who swing in from time to time, George of the Jungle

chest beating kinda stuff. Why not, they are defending their Positions and fellow Apes.

All good enough, until you watch an episode or 20 of “Cheaters” on the Tube.

Perspective matters.

Happy Hunting Apes, Gamma Squeeze turned into a 44 Put Fill @ 42.85 breakeven.

We don’t believe Citadel entered this to wash it.

We are bag holding 2.5K Sell in a healthy profit after todays $5 swing H/L

xoxo – Alexandra (Huntress Killa)

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