$ABXX GO TIME on ACH license this week for NEO:ABXX by LeBelleChart

I am putting myself out there that as time passes its more and more likely that Abaxx is awarded its license to operate as an approved clearing house. I thought it could slip into August and it has but it may yet still not come this week. So we have 5 days here for it to come for this chart to perhaps be a nice call on Stock performance this week.

Note prior candle sizes Abaxx has put up in March and April, also a nice one in June. Price has a history of travelling .40-.50 cents in a day on above average volume . Abaxx being awarded this license this week opens up the door for that share price action I believe. I noted that red candle from a couple weeks ago as its large red volume but doesnt tell the whole story. There was a large buy on the OTC side mid morning and the price moved up, sellers took control in the afternoon but the bulk of the volume for the day was on the buyside.

If Abaxx is indeed awarded its license this week it will be easy to look back and say last Thursday was indeed a shakeout of speculators and or weak hands as they anticipated news and trading it, The sell off was bought quickly. I put it up there now to perhaps be ahead of the game, or be wrong.

For fun I put up that candle with a volume range for trading. I intentionally stopped just over $4 as there is evidence that there will be *some* resistance there from the chart (trendline inputted). Also there is the psychological resistance factor to consider whenever you cross over into a new dollar amount where traders may take profit.

All in all, I believe being awarded the license when it comes will be an absolute shift in trend to the upside for Abaxx. There is also the AGM meeting on August 25th where shareholders will vote to allow leadership to reduce shareholder capital in Abaxx and pay out a dividend in kind in the form of BASE Carbon shares which should also keep eyeballs and buyers on the stock.

We’ll have time before the actual Abaxx Exchange launch which should come in late Sept/early October if Company’s current TL is maintained. So there will likely be some healthy pullback and consolidation. I am really curious to see if volume starts to ramp up. This is a relatively tight float a strong portion of which is held long. If there is significant buying interest the price could and should move in Sept to test the NEO ATH set in early April. $ABXXF traded on Dec 28th with CDN markets closed for Boxing Day holiday (BD was on weekend) and put up large run that hit an ATH but sold off intra day.

For now lets see what this week brings. I have a Long position in $ABXX. Should you trade this stock please follow your own trading rules and do DD before taking a position.

Hit me up on twitter if you have any thoughts/questions/callouts or want to learn more about Abaxx.



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