24/25k bitcoin. I think it happens in october for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by chataylo

I’ve re-analyzed and come to a new idea of what I think will happen. Previously I thought we might be in a super big bearish gartley . I think we’re not doing that anymore. I think we’re going to take a ride down to 24/26k and i think it happens in the next 2 weeks.

I believe we are repeating the fractal on the left at 65k right now. I highlighted both fractals so you can see them.

1) Left box. It made the 1st high. Then 2nd high. Then 3rd high. Then a LOWER high. Then it did the savage dump down to 28k.

2) Right box. It did the same stuff. 1st high. 2nd high. 3rd high. LOWER high.

The blue box on the right is the same as the box on the left… it’s just smaller in magnitude, and it’s happening slightly faster. About twice as fast.



I used fibonacci to find the first bottom on the left in that 65k blowoff top down to 28k crash.

1) I anchored the 1 of the fib structure at 65k (A inside the left box).

2) I put the .5 (B inside the left box).

3) The 0 of the fib structure(? It perfectly nails the bottom down at 28k. (C inside the left box)

Repeating that same stuff on the right…

1) I put the 1 at 53k. (A on the right side)

2) I put the .5 at 39.5k. (B on the right side)

It foreshadows 26k at a minimum (C on the right side).

Which is believable. 26k might be the bottom of this crash. Or it might go a little lower. I think it will go just a tiny bit lower.



The two dashed lines at the bottom of the screen?

The white dashed line is the trend line of the bottom of the wicks in the 28k area.

The yellow dashed line is the daily candle close of the bottom of the 28k area.

There is a 4 hour candle close trendline that lines up with hitting the 25k area too. I just didnt want to overload the screen.

These two dashed lines converge basically on october first at 25k .

These two trendlines tell me the dump will happen on october 1st. I’m not 100% sold on october first… but I do think it’s very possible.



The upsloping yellow line is the daily candle close trendline dating back from march 2020. Once we get below that… I promise you we are crashing a lot. This daily candle close trendline is around 38k. Once we’re below 38k… we are crashing in the dirt like a UFO crash down to 24-26k.



I copied the fractal from 65k and superimposed it over the 53k topping pattern. II lined up the 3 tops and the lower highs with each other… and it lines up with happening around October 1st also. The wicks of the 65k down to 28k bottom line up with the 2 dashed trendlines really well. I think it happens in early october.



If i’m wrong about the crash happening in the next week or 10 days… I do think it will happen in 2-3 weeks. The highest I see it coming is up to 49k before dumping down to this 24/ 25k area. I do believe this will happen. I might be jumping the gun by one cycle. It might come up one more time. Or, it might just be ready to go down now.

If 25k happens it will possibly fly up to 35k really quickly before resuming this crash for a month or two. I’m buying 25k and hoping for a quick 30-40% pop to the upside.

Then i’m going to wait a month or two for a re-entry on a position around 24k.



Happy trading everyone. The fun is about to start. I might be a week or two early… But I don’t think I am.

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