1 in a life oportunity (dYdX) + story for BINANCE:DYDXUSDT by Hedgehog_king

– Usually when something big is going on private sales in stocks (IPO), then it is usually offered first to the biggest hands (Institutions, Corporations, Banks, and other different whales), they pre-buy the market at lowerst possible price with big discounts to manage and fund the Project/Offer/Company shares value when going public (Intial public offering).
– Then when the IPO goes to the market usually what happens is that the price either gets pumped at public due to Fomo, or/then after the fomo the big hands start to realize profits which causes a crush of between 50-80% of the value.
– Now since we are talking about Crypto (And since we are after the FOMO already!), the price is usually pumps to max possible price and then halts very fast, and starts to crush. the bigger and the faster the pump, the bigger the realizied profits will be (By biggest hands during the ICO , and by biggest hands during the FOMO when the coin came out)
– The problem is that the crush usually takes time, as people don’t realize everything imidiatly, and if there is big demand then the market can handle the liquidity which slowly opens to them as the big hands realizing thier profits and bring more coins to the market… but since the supply is bigger then the demand at that moment, more and more hands sell out, and the price keeps dropping.
– Usually in stocks the supply/demand switches sides when 50-90% of the profits been realized and the price went to bottom, this is when the market demand accumulates it, in Crypto this usually happens at 70-99.99% drop before it stops…

* Since 70-99.99% drop is very big difference you need to know well what are you invested in in different fundemental analysys areas:

1. Is there a demand for such Project/Offer/Company?

2. Is there real use case?

3. How much its needed in the market? does it bring new important solution?

5. Is the project valid at all? and smart? (For example one of the most important things to look at in Crypto is Fault tolerance engagement)

6. Is it strongly built? does it have steady strong faces/hands behind it that are trusted and know what they are doing and why…

– The bigger the fundementals to the above question – most likely the realization of the profits will be closer to 70-85%,

The smalled the fundementals to the questions above – most likely the realization of the profits will be closer to 90-99.99%

– I think this coin is going to go on the same path of BNB due to the very strong demand, real use case, value, needed, validation, and trust…

I won’t go through the details on why I think so, as this is a whole FA personal speculation ideas, but I do think that after its done my short, I will start accumulating it at around 2-5$ (The lower we will go, the more I will put in it), and my expectation is that after we get to 25-30$, we will see yet another big correction (Another 70-85% drop), before it will continue to the phases of 50$, then 100%, and who knows? maybe 300$, and then even 1000$.

* For someone like me who did many mistakes (All possible mistakes) during the last 7 years of being involved in the Crypto world, this time when I say I will realize the coin ath each phase and re-accunulate it at each phase like I should have in every other big coin I was at until today, examples:

– I took BTC since it was 400$, holded most of it until today (Still holding most of it) – but should have made long term trades and learned the phases which were at:

1000-1200$ (Drop to under 200-400$ accumulation), and then at 15k$-20k$ (Drop to 4k-3k$ accumulation), 50-65k$ (Drop to 30-40k$, and might as well go to around 20k?), and next phases are:

1. 80-120k$ (It can over pump dangerously to 150-300k$, and the drop on normal pump to around 40k$+/-, and on dangerously pump to around 50-80k$)

2. If we follow a normal pump to 80-120, then next phase is 150-300k$… if we follow a dangerous pump then next phase is 700k-1.2m$!!!…. and so on. really dapands on the levels we will go through in next 3-7 years through the next 1-2 halvings.

– I took ETH when it was 0.3$, and holded until 90$ and realized 90% of what I had between the 90-100$ – this was a big mistake.

But I did even bigger mistake, I expected ETH to continue someday to 1k$+, but I was Impatient, so when price moved between 100-300$ I moved the rest of my 10% leftovers between many lowe cap uneeded coins (Back then I didn’t really undestand Crypto well like I do today) and lose around 70% of my last profits…

– So I was re-searching Fundementals of markets and Coins and ICOs and IPOs , and chose 2 very important coins: Tezos (At ICO ), and Qash (At market price 0.4$ and continued to but it until 1.6$ when it came out as I missed the ICO )

1. Qash – My mistake this time is that I wrongly overvalued Qash (As I put 80% of all my holdings exept for my BTCs, in it) due to fundemental mistakes (Mainly is that you should never trust faces/hands that associated with Centralization such as Banks and Governments, it should have been one of the biggest oportunities in Crypto before, but such faces hands usually ruin everything and have hidden agendas, and other problems).

2. Tezos – I knew this should be one of the biggest oportunities in Crypto back then, it had everything, but since I overvalues Qash, I undervalues Tezos (Thus I put only 15% of all my holdings exept for my BTCs, in it). Tezos will managed to surpress the 10$ in this Cycle from my perspective (Might happen by next year, or already this year, and I bet it will grow above 30$ on next cycle (And maybe even 100$, within next 4 years)…

My mistake with Tezos is that I pulled out 80% of my stackings when it passed 3$, as I was sure in my trading abilities, but lost 90% of it in over laveraging due to cases like fat fingers and such…

– I still have different portfolios, which is the smartest thing to do:

1. Long term holds (This time I know how to also trade them between the long term phases): Tezos, BTC , dYdX (Shorting, and later will accumulate for longing), some ETH and other few…

2. Trading portfolio (Which is small, and just for fun, and grows very slowly but surely)

3. Levarage portfolio (Which is even smaller, but also for fun, as I wiped downs many lev portfolios until today, but it looks like I improved it drastically due to portfolio management, and more restrained trading.

* I’m not Multi millionere (Yet) like my 2 good friends who started since 2013 and who I almost never listened to their advices mistakanly XD , but I’m getting very close to my first 1M$ overall value! I did many more mistakes but its a long story XD , and yet I managed to learn so much more by going through the experience (Which I would never give up for getting rich instantly).

I hope you liked my overall idea and story, and lets see where it all goes ;)

I expect BTC to surpress in next 7-11 years the 1-10M$ (as this is the minimal real value which I been talking about for last 5 years of understanding Bitcoin that BTC will be more steady for the future of economy system and Crypto echo system)….

* PS: Hedgehog king is still a bit active in Crypto, but dispeared from social last year due to many difficulties related to mental, health,issues – and those who are close to me (As I had to choose to deal with stuff)..

But he will be back by the year 2022 stronger then ever, expect me <3

Sorry for disapointing those who waited for me and trusted me, but I promiss that I will make it up to you.

My Telegram, is still not active, my brother is using it for personal uses but he won’t respond to anyone atm, I will take over my Telegram towards Q1 of 2022 when I will manage and be able to be active again.

Love you guys, and sorry for the long wait up.

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