13 Best-Selling Glass Food Storage Containers for Easy Meal Prep

If you’re looking to meal prep or pack up leftovers, you may want to trade in your old plastic pieces for glass food storage containers. Not only are glass food storage containers sturdy and long-lasting, but they won’t stain, hold onto food smells, or break down over time. And unlike their plastic counterparts, glass containers are free of questionable chemicals (like bisphenol A, or BPA, or phthalates) that may interfere with your hormones and hurt the environment. They’re also versatile enough to pop in the microwave, clean in the dishwasher, or use to store leftovers in the freezer, though we’d suggest avoiding extreme temperatures with glass, even so. The fact that they’re transparent also makes it easy to keep tabs on your fridge inventory so you can minimize your food waste.

Not all storage containers are made equal though. Some have lids that are prone to leaking, others take up more real estate in the cupboard than you can afford, and every set carries a different size range.

To help you zero in on the best options for your very specific meal-prep needs, we rounded up some of the best sets and individual pieces of glass food storage containers in a range of sizes, all backed by thousands of opinionated reviewers for quality, functionality, and versatility. Keep in mind as you’re shopping that the number in any given set usually refers to the total number of glass pieces and lids (so 12 glass containers plus the accompanying lids would make up a 24 piece set).

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