11 Tasteful Teapots For Your Self-Care Ritual

In my childhood home, my mother has a serious tea station, with filtered water, a timer, and a tea kettle that heats to specific temperatures depending on what type of tea she’s chosen. I learned early from her what a meditative practice tea-drinking is—steeping the loose leaves, waiting for them to release their notes, the water darkening, and then when the cup’s cooled just enough, taking that first sip, letting the heat and subtle scents fill my body. A staple of our household is a teapot (well, many teapots), which lives on the dining table, keeping us company throughout the day. For my mother, and for me, preparing and savoring tea is an act of self-care. It’s the perfect antidote for a cold, wintry day (not to mention a stressful one).

The only annoying thing about tea is that I always want more than one cup, and yet, by the cup is how many of us seem to brew our tea. The solution to this problem is a teapot (which is a vessel that holds and brews several cups of tea—unlike a kettle, which uses electricity or a stove to heat water). As my mother will tell you, the best teapots are a wonderful addition to any kitchen or table and allow you to sip to your heart’s content. They are lovely to look at and use and are just what anyone aspiring to become a more serious tea drinker should own (and more than one, at that!). Below, I’ve found 11 of the best teapots you can buy in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes—including glass, porcelain, clay, stainless steel—to help you find one that’s your cup of tea.

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