Jeff Bezos finances a startup that seeks to achieve eternal life: Report

According to a report, the Amazon co-founder teamed up with tycoon Yuri Milner to support a biological reprogramming company.

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Not only does Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos want to travel to space, he now seems interested in preventing the aging of humanity. At least that’s what a report this weekend from the MIT Technology Review seems to point to.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the portal noted that Bezos teamed up with tycoon Yuri Milner to fund research at Altos Labs, a startup seeking to reverse aging and achieve eternal life.

Altos Labs is a biological reprogramming company, a technology that relies on protein treatments that tell cells how to return to a stem cell-like state. So far the company has raised $ 270 million from Bezos, Milner and various venture capitalists.

It is not a science fiction company. The project, according to the MIT Technology Review , will be validated by several renowned specialists:

  • Shinya Yamanaka , author of biological reprogramming technology and no less than 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine, will be an unpaid senior scientist and chair of Altos Labs’ scientific advisory board.
  • Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte , Spanish biologist at the Salk Institute (California, United States), author of research on mixtures of human and monkey embryos. Belmonte successfully tested Yamanaka’s protein reprogramming in live mice.
  • Steve Horvath , a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and developer of a “biological clock” that can accurately measure human aging.

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