Council Post: Eight Clever Ways Companies Can Use Live Video To Boost Their Brand Following

Video remains one of the most popular marketing formats that companies can use to reach out to their customers, and with so many online platforms adding live video capabilities, more companies than ever are able to interact with their customers in real time. 

However, as with all content marketing formats, there are many ways to go about creating live video content. Not every approach will be successful for every type of company. To help you determine what’s right for you, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council examine some specific ways they’d recommend using live video to boost your brand’s following and why these strategies can help your business succeed.

1. Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Use your video content to let your users feel connected with the brand. Instead of just creating promotional video content, give them a sneak peek to your office, introduce them to the team, show them how things are in the backend, etc. People are more interested in that content. So using such videos will increase engagement. When the engagement grows, your brand will become more visible, which in turn will increase brand awareness. – Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

2. Member Success Stories

Video content is beneficial to any business looking to boost their brand following and it is an easy way to engage your audience. Video content allows you to “show” not “tell” your audience about your business, product or virtually anything. We use video content to share member success stories so that people can hear firsthand from our members. – Brian Pallas, Opportunity Network

3. Q&As

One way a live video can create more engagement is when it follows a Q&A format. Create an event ahead of time and let your audience know that you’ll be doing a live video. If you ask your audience to send questions ahead of time, then you’ll be better prepared with answers and can reduce the chances that the same questions will be asked over and over again. Doing this shows people that you’re ready to help and you will build a stronger connection with your audience. – Blair Williams, MemberPress

4. Targeted Entertainment

BuzzFeed is known for doing over-the-top content, a lot of which is meant solely for entertainment. A few years ago they did a Facebook Live where they wrapped rubber bands around a watermelon until it popped. It garnered millions of views and ended up being a hit with viewers. BuzzFeed’s audience expects this kind of content and looks forward to it, so it was an instant hit. But if BuzzFeed didn’t know their target audience, they wouldn’t have been able to collect as many views and create such a successful livestream. That’s why it’s important to do your research and know your target audience before you create content or ideas. The more you know about them, the easier it is to personalize the experience and boost conversions. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

5. Community Engagement

Starbucks did a Facebook Live a few years back where they streamed a live event in New York for National Voter Registration Day. It was great because it showed their willingness to get involved in the community, it introduced a lot of new participants to the event and they were able to answer questions from their followers about the event to promote engagement, which was highly successful. – Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

6. Company Announcements

Launching a live video is a great way to announce news like a product launch or an upgrade. It can also be used to share that you’re starting a giveaway contest. The fact that it’s happening in real time creates stronger engagement and gets more people to relate to your brand. This can drive more traffic and conversions in a very short time. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

7. ‘How-To’ Product Demos

Live video is a great way to demonstrate how to use your products more effectively. With live video, you can walk people through specific products, demonstrate individual product features and answer customer questions about them in real time. Prerecorded how-to videos are helpful, but you might find that you can’t always anticipate the questions or problems that your customers are going to have. You’ll then find yourself drowning in support tickets, or worse yet, you’ll find customers forming negative opinions of the product itself. Hosting regular or semi-regular streams on how to use specific products more effectively is a huge bonus to customers because they are routinely growing their knowledge of your product and your brand overall. – Jordan Conrad, Writing Explained

8. Live Earnings Reports

Many public companies are doing live earnings reports through live video broadcasting these days. The onset of the Covid pandemic has drastically increased the adoption of this technology in that field. With live video earnings calls, every investor is easily able to tune in to learn about the company’s progress live. Companies like Tenacious Ventures and others have helped define the space for some time now. We’re in generation “always on” so it’s important that your company’s communication strategy matches that trend. – Andy Karuza, LitPic

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