Billie Eilish’s lingerie Vogue shoot is praised by celebs after ditching signature grunge look

‘This is so beautiful!’ Billie Eilish’s lingerie Vogue shoot is praised by Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber after the singer ditched her signature grunge look – as fans label her an ‘icon’ for overcoming body-shamers

Billie Eilish‘s lingerie shoot for British Vogue was praised by her industry friends Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber and Meghan Trainor.

The singer, 19, surprised the world when she casted off her signature grunge look to pose in underwear for the publication’s June issue.

Model Emily, 29, catwalk queen Hailey, 24, and musician Meghan, 27, complimented the pop star’s ‘beautiful’ images, while fans hailed her an ‘icon’ for overcoming body-shamers and making them feel ‘comfortable in their own skin’.

‘It’s about what makes you feel good’: Billie Eilish’s lingerie shoot for British Vogue was praised by her industry friends Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber 

After uploading the striking shots to Instagram, new mother Emily commented: ‘Yussss’, while Justin Bieber’s wife said: ‘SHEEESH.’ (sic)

Editor-In-Chief Edward Enniful also added: ‘Thank you for trusting us… YOU KILLED IT’, while fellow songstress Meghan shared: ‘WOWWW. SO STUNNING.’ (sic)

The Everything I Wanted hitmaker was met with support from her social media followers, with many highlighting that they were able to appreciate their figures after seeing Billie tap into her inner confidence with the bold shoot.

They wrote: ‘I don’t see many people that have my body type represented as something to envy or admire, and that’s on making me appreciate my body today… she’s an icon , she’s a legend and she is the moment.

'SHEESH!' Model Emily (pictured), 29, and catwalk queen Hailey, 24, complimented the pop star's 'beautiful' images after she ditched her signature look

Support: Justin Bieber's wife seemed incredibly pleased to see the artist tap into her inner confidence

‘SHEESH!’ Model Emily (L), 29, and catwalk queen Hailey (R), 24, complimented the pop star’s ‘beautiful’ images after she ditched her signature look

‘billie eilish looks so good in her vogue cover, the way she doesn’t care what people think of her and is just doing what she wants is amazing, i’m so glad she found confidence in herself and her body. 

‘Billie Eilish looks incredible in Vogue. There is so little representation of what DD+ look like. If you have big boobs, lots of clothing will make you look larger or more provocative. And I’m really happy that Billie feels confident in her body, it makes me feel good in mine.

‘I love the new billie eilish vogue edit not just because she is beautiful but because she has my “mid size” body type, she has so many amazing accomplishments but seeing my body like that has really made me feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.

‘The fact Billie Eilish received so much backlash for having a body that so many women have last year, and then produces THAT photoshoot for vogue. INSPIRING, I feel so represented you have no idea.

‘seeing all of the billie eilish Vogue love on Twitter is making me feel empowered as hell, knowing that i have a body similar to hers and maybe that is actually a super attractive thing.

‘I hope people actually take time to read what Billie Eilish said in the Vogue interview and not solely fixate on the photoshoot. She brought an important perspective on body image for young women and how being comfortable in your own skin comes first. 

‘As if I’ve seen people complaining that Billie Eilish has done a 360 from wearing baggy clothes to cover her body and then has now done the Vogue photo shoots wearing what she’s wearing.

‘It’s a big F you to all the people commenting on her body because she’s stunning in anything.’ (sic)

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