Focus on regional list votes helps Greens, says Harvie


ther parties’ focus on the regional list vote in the election will end up helping the Scottish Greens Patrick Harvie has said.

Mr Harvie also said there was now a “solid core” of Green voters who saw his party as their first preference.

Meanwhile, co-leader Lorna Slater said the Greens offered a “significantly different” vision for an independent Scotland to that of the SNP.

Both co-leaders spoke to the PA news agency during the election campaign.

Patrick Harvie

Mr Harvie said voters were becoming increasingly conscious of how they would use both votes in successive Holyrood elections.

He said: “Quite often it feels as if the Tory and Labour campaigns are modelled on the Green campaign in 2003, when we were the only party saying ‘give us your regional vote, that’s the one we want’.

“It feels now as though everybody else is doing that kind of voter awareness work.

“I think that helps us a lot because we’ve spent those 20 years reminding people that that’s the most effective way of getting Greens elected.”

Mr Havie said it could no longer be assumed that Green voters were backing the party as a second preference.

He said: “I think it’s really clear that might’ve been the case back in 1999 or even 2003.

“But over the years there is now clearly a solid core of Green voters who are Green voters first and foremost.”

Green voters wanted to see more ambitious action on climate change, he said, as well as a focus on “what independence would be for, rather than just seeing it as an end in itself”.

It has nothing to do with wrapping yourself in a Saltire for the Greens

He said: “It has nothing to do with wrapping yourself in a Saltire for the Greens, either as a party or for our voters.”

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