Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2021

This listing of Europe’s leading patent law firms is based on recommendations by clients and peers © Getty

Survey and sample

The list of Europe’s leading firms for services around patent prosecution and patent strategy consultation is based on recommendations made by clients and peers.

Survey participants could recommend firms both in general and by specialities, categorised into six sectors. More than 10,000 patent attorneys working in patent law firms or in the patent departments of companies, as well as clients, were directly invited to take part in the survey.

The sample was collected via research conducted by Statista on relevant company websites, in publications and from the EPI (the Institute of Professional Representatives Before the European Patent Office), the professional body representing European patent attorneys. The invitations were sent by email with a personalised link that could be used only once.

Patent attorneys and clients who did not receive an individual survey invitation could participate via a link published on In such cases, their eligibility was checked before the recommendations were considered.

The survey was conducted between February 8 and March 19 2021. In total, the recommendations of more than 3,200 clients and peers were considered. Self-recommendations were prohibited and thus not considered.

Top lists

In total, 168 recommended firms offering the services of patent attorneys feature in the overall list. Firms that were recommended for their services in a particular sector have been included in the respective sector lists.

They were ranked in three classes: 1 gold (very frequently recommended); 2 silver (frequently recommended) and; 3 bronze (recommended).

All lists were created through an extensive process of research. However, the quality of firms that are not included in these tables is not disputed.

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