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What is the best hub for horse racing in the world?

What is the best hub for horse racing in the world?

Horse racing has become a global sport since its inception. This has led to countries fully embracing the sport to the point where you can call them horse racing hubs. Let’s look into some countries that have taken a liking to the sport and find out what is the best hub in the world.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports. Football is the number one sport in the country but you can expect horse racing to be close behind. It is also popular when it comes to betting because most UK citizens love to make wagers on the races.

You can expect some solid races held around the country almost every day. This includes huge events like Grand National, the Epsom Derby, and the Royal Ascot. Betting is a huge part of the sport’s growth over the years but the viewing experience is one of the best parts of horse racing in the UK.

You can expect some solid growth for horse racing in the foreseeable future because the betting scene is getting bigger. You can expect the sport to grow into more virtual platforms including sites where you can bet on horse racing with bitcoin. The cryptocurrency itself has reached the mainstream level to the point that it can be used for sports betting. You should try to invest in BTC as well so you can take advantage of the growth on the internet.


When you first enter the horse racing industry, you might be surprised about how Japan is one of the biggest hubs. They are not usually known for their horses in popular culture as the UK.

Every year, there are 21,000 horse racing events in Japan that have surprised so many people. The Japan Cup is probably the biggest horse racing event in the country to the point that it’s well-known around the world. The history of the event dates back to Japan’s ancient history when the clans were still settling disputes with horse races.

The Japan Cup is known for its big prize pool which has led horses and jockeys around the world to compete. It has become a regular fixture in the horse racing world and so many people look forward to the event every year.

Japan is also an adaptable country when it comes to the horse racing industry because they love to adopt tactics from the Western scene. The country has a solid foundation with their horse racing scene and they will only improve as time goes on.


Mostly known for their presence in rugby and cricket, Australia also has a rich horse racing scene. You can rely on the Aussies to put on a great show when it comes to their horse racing events. The Melbourne Cup, in particular, is dubbed the ‘race that stops a nation’.

That kind of nickname holds so much value because people always look forward to the event. It draws so many people to the racecourse and viewers from around the world. Betting is also a big part of the sport’s growth in the land down-under.

Horse racing itself has been a part of Aussie history. So many Aussies have grown up with horse racing as a big part of their lives and it continues to grow with each day. Back in the 2015-16 circuit, Aussie horse racing managed to pull in $16 billion in betting which has probably went up over the years.

Horse racing will keep growing

The three countries named are among the best horse racing hubs in the world. Other honourable mentions are the likes of the United States, the Middle East, and France. Given the sport’s popularity, this proves that horse racing is not just a sport for some people because they treat it as a tradition.

The number of awesome races around the world has strengthened the industry even more. You should expect that the money will keep getting bigger and some bettors are wagering on horse racing with bitcoin.

Horse racing is one of the most fun sports events in the world. People have to realize that this industry is huge and it deserves the respect from non-fans. It has become a regular part of people’s lives around the world and it deserves the attention that it has received over the years. If you’re interested in horse racing, you might see races in your area if you look hard enough. Have fun!

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