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Lessons PR Professionals Can Take from the Online Casino Industry

Creating a standout website in the online age is no longer a simple task. From a time where mere online existence would place a business at the front of the pack, excelling today has become a profoundly complicated goal. Rather than starting from zero within an industry, a better idea for businesses in the digital realm can be to borrow concepts and ideas from other successful online offerings. Using online casinos as a basis, we want to explore how this development can take shape, to investigate which key features exist that have allowed this industry to thrive within the PR sphere.

Basic Page Layout

The largest and most obvious component of any website is the layout of its central pages. These are what greet customers on arrival, so it’s enormously important that they reach a high standard. For an answer to how does a live casino online work in this space, the most obvious component are the featured games. Here, the most popular slots, live casino, and table titles are given the spotlight, each of which pulls users in. Above this are major tournaments and features, for both new and returning players. While these elements might seem obvious on their face, looking a little deeper can reveal some hidden truths.

Lessons PR Professionals Can Take from the Online Casino Industry

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When deciding on which games are featured on the front page, online casinos don’t select randomly. Rather, what makes it to the front page are those which have been selected through careful statistical analysis of performance. This means modifying layouts for specific times, seasons, and even customer locations. From this point, a balance needs to be considered that occasionally adds promising games that haven’t yet found an audience. In other words, features may appear random, but really they’re the result of careful planning.


Building from the general layout of the larger features is how casinos websites link to different sections like specific game pages, account management, and promotion packages. Just as with the main page, the placement of the items within this list is a balancing act. While it’s crucial to set the most popular sections in the most visible areas, this has to be measured against a logical and consistent design. Regardless of how long a player is active on a site, they should always have an easy way to navigate.

Creating a PR Net

While the above might seem like positive general UI and UX design, their implications are what breach into the world of PR. Building an inviting and highly functional website essentially means developing a system that mitigates possibilities of confusion. Even if dealing with the most technophobic players, an online casino has to be simple to use, and this simplicity needs to extend across the entire spectrum of users.

Lessons PR Professionals Can Take from the Online Casino Industry

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For this reason, the way pages appear and operate works as a kind of net, to drive positive public relations to all levels of users. From the first-time player to professional reviewers, everybody needs to be catered to evenly, and this is a difficult ideal to reach. In this case of online casinos, success has been hard-won through years of developed design philosophies, whereas your business might not have such a legacy on which to lean. Keep these factors in mind, however, and be open to experimentation and change, and your chances of creating a better PR experience will be all the better for it.

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