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How to Learn Crypto Trading

So you’re looking to trade cryptocurrencies? Well, it’s no surprise considering how popular some of them are. You’ll get many benefits as a user and one of them is a pretty good profit potential. So, where do you start? And more importantly, how do you learn?

There are various ways you can do so. You can always take the trial and error approach and learn as you trade online. But you can take a more educational approach. That’s by picking out a trading simulation game from the ones available online.

These games will teach you all you need to know about crypto trading. They came about when game developers decided to create a few crypto games. Once that was started the games kept pouring in and various kinds of them emerged. With that said you can enjoy matching and trading card games as well.

But if you’re looking to learn how to trade crypto then the trading simulators are your best bet. That’s because they cover several cryptocurrencies and various aspects when it comes to trading. There are those that focus on a single crypto but will give you the skillset you need to trade it. In that regard, here are a few such apps:

Bitcoin Profit Mining Calculator

If Bitcoin is the crypto you’d like to trade then this is the game for you. Also, if you have no idea about Bitcoin this game will give you all the information you’re looking for. It plays like a text adventure game which means you’ll get various prompts that you’ll need to deal with and through them, you’ll learn how to trade Bitcoin.

If you don’t feel like learning you can always go for one of the many trading platforms. Bitcoin Power is one of them and it brings its users several benefits. Besides trading in your stead, it also gives you a small 2% commission after your first live session. But you’ll need to learn how to handle the platform. This means creating an account is a must and so is making a small deposit. This also means that you’ll need to go over a couple of tutorials before adjusting the app’s settings. When your first live session is done, then you can experiment as much as you want with the app. Adjust the settings however you want and figure out the potential of this platform.


More and more apps focus on buying and selling virtual currencies, but Niffler is an app that focuses on multiple aspects. This means that you won’t just learn how to buy and sell crypto but you’ll also learn how to use leverage, short a position, and much more. More importantly, you’ll learn all the skills needed to become a complete crypto trader. You’ll even have the badges to prove it because you’ll get them as you learn new skills. Once you get to the verified status you’ll be a competent trader and newbies can reach you for advice.

Altcoin Fantasy

Both Niffler and Altcoin Fantasy focus on the more popular cryptocurrencies. But Altcoin Fantasy differs from the previous entry because it doesn’t just let users learn the skills, but practice them as well. The many competitions are popular because the winner gets awarded a specific amount of their preferred cryptocurrency.


When you have the skillset mastered, then you’ll need to focus on other aspects. You’ll need to pick out a crypto from the several available online and you’ll need to pick out the right crypto wallet. Also, you’ll need to find the right online exchange as well as keep an eye out for the value of your chosen virtual currency. This way you’ll adapt faster to changes.

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