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From Apps to Live Casino Games: The Modern Twists That Technology Has Given Monopoly

Monopoly was first created over a century ago and has remained as one of the enduring board games that just about everyone loves to play. While the traditional version still sells well in over 100 countries and dozens of languages, it is worth taking a look at how the latest technology has been used to give it a modern twist.

From Apps to Live Casino Games: The Modern Twists That Technology Has Given Monopoly

Monopoly” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike_fleming

Live Casino Games

The fact that millions of people all over the world are familiar with the game means that it is a great choice of theme for online casino games. In the website, we can see the Monopoly Live game from Evolution Gaming, where a human host spins a giant Monopoly wheel. The idea in this game is to guess where you think that the wheel will stop. If it lands on any of the special segments, an animated Mr Monopoly invites you to join the bonus game. This takes you to a 3D version of the famous board, where each property has a different win multiplier noted on it.

This mixture of modern live streaming technology, augmented reality, and classic touches such as the original board and a wheel of fortune provide a new way of playing Monopoly online.

Mobile Apps

For a game that celebrated its 80th birthday in 2015 according to this report, Monopoly still retains an incredibly strong hold over players. Yet, it could be argued that the classic way of playing with a large board and multiple small pieces is no longer as compatible with modern lifestyles as it once was.

This is why the mobile apps based on the game are a welcome addition to the different ways of playing the game. The app by Marmalade Game Studio has a high rating on the App Store from over 105,000 reviews. This review from explains how the game has fared in its transition from board to screen.

Players can test their property-buying skills against friends and family or take on others from around the world. At its heart is the same board game we all know and love, but with a slick design and all the convenience of a mobile app.

From Apps to Live Casino Games: The Modern Twists That Technology Has Given Monopoly

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Monopoly Slots

The format and look of this board game have also been used as the basis for slots games in recent years. A variety of games of this type have appeared, each with a different way of adapting the game to a new style while keeping some of the original elements in place.

This often means playing a regular slots game that then leads you into a bonus feature that is more closely based on the original Monopoly. This is the case with Monopoly Electric Wins from SG Digital, where you travel around a board around the outside of the reels to win bonus modifiers.

While the classic Monopoly game remains a favorite among many families, the way that we can now play different versions online has added extra variety and an approach that is more suitable for many people these days.

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