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Cryptocurrencies That You Should Trade With

Trading with cryptocurrencies has become extremely popular in the past couple of years due to the fact that this so-called job occupation can be very profitable. Research has shown that there may be as many as 100,000 millionaires who amassed their wealth by trading crypto.

As you are well familiar, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market these days. But, not every digital asset is worth investing in as not all of them are profitable. That is the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best cryptocurrencies on the market which can provide you with a hefty profit. But first, let’s see where do you actually trade them.

Where Can You Trade With Cryptocurrencies?

Trading sites are the best marketplaces where you can trade with cryptocurrencies. Some digital assets such as Bitcoin have ATMs as well, but they have a lot of fees and are not easy to access. On the other side, trading platforms operate online and utilize the latest HTML5 technology. That means that you can trade on your desktop device or your mobile, at any time and place.

To gain access to their services, you just need to register and verify your account. After that, you choose your preferred payment method and start trading crypto. Not only that, but some platforms even utilize advanced AI systems that scan the market and use the collected data to make accurate predictions on the future fluctuations of the cryptocurrency that you are interested in.

One of those platforms is the Yuan Pay Group. The minimum deposit at this platform is low and it supports numerous cryptocurrencies. The registration process is simple and traders of all age and skill won’t have any issues filling the online application form.

Now, let’s take a look at the cryptocurrencies that you should trade with.


First off, we have the world’s most popular stablecoin – Tether. IF you are wondering what is a stablecoin, this is a cryptocurrency that is not subject to massive changes in value. As you are well familiar, most of the cryptocurrencies on the market have a very high volatility rate and are subject to rises and falls in value.

That is not the case with Tether. Ever since this cryptocurrency was established in 2015, it has had a stable value of around $1. Thanks to its stability, Tether is a very sustainable cryptocurrency and one that you should definitely consider investing in.


Next up, we have the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency. Bitcoin shocked the world in 2021 as it managed to become more valuable than gold. In April 2021, it reached a peak price of over $63,000 and many experts believe that it will continue to rise in the future. Some early predictions state that Bitcoin may even reach $500,000 by 2030 and possibly break the $1 million barrier in 2037.

A majority of the crypto users in the world deal primarily with Bitcoin and many trading sites tailor their services to this cryptocurrency. Not only that, but the institutional interest in Bitcoin is massive as many global brands accept it as a payment method. Recently, Bitcoin was even legalized in El Salvador. In doing so, El Salvador became the first country in the world to legalize a cryptocurrency.


Finally, we have the second-most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. An interesting thing about Ethereum is that its network is one of the rare networks that supports NFTs, which have become extremely popular in recent period. Currently, Ethereum is valued at around $2,000.

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