IBD Live Q&A Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022

Question Answer good morning Harold…You were on! Good morning! Can you have Mike Webster recommend some good music for this show? He made a great connection w/ Jackie Greene, and Jackie allows us to play his tunes including yesterday’s Recession Proof. But due to legal issues to a global audience, we cannot freely play licensed music on Spotify like we did a couple years ago… Hey David, who did that song you had yesterday “line em up”? Hi Bob! “Recession Proof” by Jackie Greene! When is a stock considered extended? How far away from MA50 or EMA21? We prefer buying within 10% of the 50-day line if possible, and even closer to the 21-day if buying off that level DSC – thoughts on other EV makers potential seeing moeny flow into them following tsla being down recently? Great Q; maybe, BMWYY (92 3-month RS), DDAIF, F, GM and RACE (now a 3-mth RS of 83, not bad!) sold off too hard in 2022 and have become a value in the eyes of some fund managers. Going forward it will really depend on how well they execute
in 2023, right? GM has said it’s secured 70% of its battery supply to launch an armada of EVs… let’s see what the charts and quarterly reports tell us! Thanks Phil. I’m Long PSNY and doing more research on RIVN Got it; I’ve been thinking of doing a test drive of the Polestar 2, there’s a showroom not far from the IBD new office on Wilshire. GOOD MORNING @ from Milan, Italy Good Morning!! (Bon Journo!) When do you expect the Options data to return to the Info Panel? Send an email to [email protected] for an explanation Meli what happening it was just on leaderboard yesterday live answered is anyone else’s marketsmith not loading? Try clearing your cache! That worked for me GM from Cape Cod Hi Phil Happy Hump day! Looking forward to exchanging my Tesla model 3 standard for a model 3 long range next Monday! That sounds terrific, Ron! Planning some longer road trips in the future, Hat Man II? “Whippy Ways…” sounds like a song title. Ah, gotta check on that Gregg! Good morning IBD Live! GM Magnus! can you list the tickers – I couldn’t grab my own fast enough thanks SCHW, CVE 🙂 I am having trouble getting into MarketSmith. Is it I? or is it the system? Clear your cache — that worked for me ENPH How will joining the Nasdaq 100 November 21 effect the stock price? It certainly won’t hurt; I’m not sure if many ETF firms will buy ahead of that actual date. Good Morning Everyone! Hi Roland! MarketSmith is working for me now. Great! GM! New member here:) Welcome Henry! Make sure you take a look at our IBD Live FAQ. It can be a great way to get a feel for what’s happening in case we don’t get to some of your questions (we get a lot!) Excellent, thank you Dave. Appreciate it, Edward! In general, would you say the individual stocks you’ve purchased / watched made good progress? Hi Gordon, it’s been very mixed for me. I got into MBLY early, so the profit cushion is pretty good. I have a small loss in MELI. Going to decide whether to hold SQM into earnings tonight. Yes, “guilty until proven innocent.” Rules. live answered It’s tricker to trade and progress is slower. Good bull behavior. The other runs really didn’t see any volatility spikes along the way. Good points FSLR Trying to break out Acting so well after solid test of 10-week line. Looks extended to me so I’d wait for pullback. “Ali can you talk about any IPO that might be actionable ,How about RVNC?” Hi Giti, RVNC has been doing well since June for sure; the rally got stopped at 30, a prior resistance level when the stock formed a saucer-like pattern from Q3 2020 to Q3 2021. So I’d like to see the chart tighten up, get back near 30, read
the news carefully, and wait and watch for a strong breakout past 30. the rotation can be dizzyingly nauseating Well said MELI ?? Closed off highs Tuesday and not following through today. Not broken but disapointing price action so far. David Ryan yesterday was super. Love his chart reading and also his humility about getting the macro issues right but still having trouble trading in this difficult market; gives the rest of us lesser traders confidence that it not just us!
Would love to hear his two sons talk about what they learned for dad. Will pass along, Timothy! LTHM, please Looks like a broken stock after Tuesday’s plunge. What is power trend? Criteria? This Investor’s Corner will help! On our Live FAQ page too — Harold–Where would you like to see — FFTY— for comfirmation of uptrend. I haven’t looked at FFTY, it is an index for growth stocks and growth is out of favor at the moment. Same with ARKK Thoughts on JBL? Closed off highs for four straight up sessions. Seems intent on retesting prior buy area. Nicely off lows today. Doesn’t look too bad. In the solar group, ENPH still continues to shine! Agree! Basing for now. IYT being rejected at 200 Day… uh oh Good eye Johnny. Thanks. ABBV a buy? Acting a whole lot better lately after that correction earlier in the year. I would agree, it’s actionable at 154.09. Nice looking cup and handle on the monthly chart on CVE Harold. Yes indeed! I didn’t look at the monthly Harold – when you say your going in with a 5% position on CVE is that all Options or Options and Undrlying? Buying the shares, not the option. Not enough premium for an option trade ARCO McD franchisee in LatAm. Up on earnings, nice base Good points. This chart is looking the best in a long while, John. SCHW is the investment account I use. It’s very easy and provides a lot of tools and options for the customer. They’re one of the best — QSR “burger king” up 7% on new CEO breakout live answered ABBV looks good on the daily and possibly even better on the weekly. Pattern rec has pivot 13% higher but it looks actionable right here on today’s move. Thoughts? This one has come back more strongly than I had anticipated. The list of upcoming guests on the FAQ page and the percentage invested on Leaderboard are not updating for me recently. Is that just me or an issue? The guest list is on me. Re: Leaderboard, I’ll check with Justin ABCL – thinking about a good add point for my small position that is up 19%. They have 21 partnerships with big pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Their revenue stream is weighted towards downstream success and some of those
partenerships are generating more revenue. Blue Dot, 96 RS. Is it too late to wait for a handle to form? Good details, thanks Debra! It’s quite possible a handle could form at this point; we’re seeing resistance right near 15. Can someone fix the issue on Marketsmith? I can set an alter for horizontal line but NOT for a trend line. This problem has persisted for a couple of weeks. Please report the problem via email to [email protected] Hi Dave, REGN looks good also shorted the QQQ Still strong indeed, thanks Phil Why are the Investing podcasts not up to date in the IBD Tv app? Can you update that? Thank you. We did skip the podcast last week because I had a family issue. But I’ll have the video team check to make sure it’s got everything else. I’m having problems with mrketsmith this morning…can’t get in live answered Isn’t CPRX too extended? Yes, we want a handle to form here 🙂 Some people are having trouble getting Marketsmith to open up Hey Sharon! Try clearing your cache and seeing if that works! Meli open gap at just below 966.00 on the 5 minute chart should get filled. live answered David have u added to BA or are you waiting on a handle? Hi Lance, I have nibbled a tiny bit more! But still watching for a potential handle too. Thanks for asking! For the first time in many months, stocks that have displayed great strength have found support off or near their 21-day lines. Thus, we have a (potential) market character change. Examples: AEHR, AGYS, AZPN, CPRX, CVX, DGII, ELF, EURN, XON,
FSLR, GMAB, DINO, HESS, PI, INSW, VAL. A good list! Cprx was added to a small cap index around recent high live answered MS says problem on ntheir end and trying to resolve it Did you try clearing your cache? That worked for me! 🙂 Have to say, yesterday when MELI was mentioned on the program, then added to SwingTrader after the gap up ~ 7%, I didn’t bite. Sure, MELI is still a favorite, lots of upside in the bigger picture there, always tempting. But if you draw a trend channel up from its most recent daily low, you’d see that the overnight gap up put it at the top of the highs in that channel. Even if today were to the upside, there’s not much room before it hits that overhead price cluster at 1095.34.
Then you have its P/E at 10.5x the SP, let’s not forget the corrective interest rate environment that still lingers. Pass! Appreciate the thoughtful comments! Emerging markets play, so more risk indeed. Yes, charging times are decreasing more and more, and it’s always nice to have a cushion when it comes to mileage as in investing in stocks! lol That’s great. JUSTIN If I reboot my computer I lose my place in line for my TAYLOR SWIFT tickets. HaHaHa! That’s why you need to get tickets on multiple computers and phones. Those tickets don’t last long and every second counts! Justin nice job explaining iron condors recently. Cool Could ther panel review the leaderboard stocks today? You bet When Harold said he was taking a 5% position size, does that mean 5% from his normal position size or is it 5% of portfolio size. 5% of portfolio. While NBIX broke below its 21-day line, BMY has found support. live answered 4 engineers get into a car. The car won’t start. The electrical engineer says we have a bad battery. The mechanical engineer says we have a broken starter. The chemical engineer says we have bad additives in the gasoline. The IT engineer chimes
in and says, how about if we all get out of the car, get back in, and try again? live answered is it time to built a SARK position? After a sharp break of the 200-day moving average, I don’t see a new entry. I like “CCLEANER” for general cleanup of misc files, but watch out for settings, do not tell it to get rid of all the files on the drive – it can do that. I do not keep an icon on the desktop, I just go get the “CCleaner64.exe” file with Windows
Explorer. 🙂 I’ve been using CCleaner for years, I run it once per week. My Windows 8 laptop is humming along because of this program May be Ally can offer Psychology councelling too!!! Ha!! In a way that’s kind of what this show is, isn’t it??! Good Morning! Can we look at turnaround play $BA? Really solid. Huge gains recently and look at how tight its trading. Should be on watchlist for alternate entry. Thoughts on dxcm option play on Leader Board? It expires Friday. Some volatility after earnings but generally holding gains well. Our strike is 105. What about ABBV is that an early entry? 153.99 would be an aggressive pivot. Look at weekly chart, and you’ll see its still deep inside a long consolidation. Since you seem to be the IT expert, can you please send me instructions to receive alerts to the Leaderboard list. I attempted to set up alerts but I am not receiving any of the alerts I’m so sorry you’re hving this issue! I would connect with our customer service team on this so they can give you detailed instructions and troubleshooting help: Anyone else having trouble logging in to MarketSmith? I’ve deleted the cookie, but I’m getting a blank page for MS. Clear your cache and see if that works! It was blank for me until I cleared my cache One share of NFLX is called a Netflick. Just FYI. Thanks for the tip, LOL. On New America Column — One of my goals of th3e former sTEc, Inc. (Formerly NASDAQ:STEC) was to someday grow up from a underknown micro cap to make it into the IBD (then) 100 and to be a New America feature! Even a long-time subscriber like
me didnt know it was “we’ll find you, don’t call and pitch us!” That said, we made it to #1 in the IBD 100 and the New America. Unfortunately, as stock do go up and they do go down, we were featured in Investor’s Corner as the example
for “RailroadTracks Love that story, Mitch. It was great seeing you at the event. Drilling in the October Retail sales numbers — restaurant sales up 14% vs last year – helps Good intel. From Pizza to Doughnuts! Tim Hortons parent company taps former Domino’s CEO as new executive chair. Yes! “Ali XPOF for your list at the end of the show. It has big blue volume and 650% increase in earnings next year and has Federated Hermes Kaufman fund in it” Hasn’t been on my radar because of liquidity but I like how the latest base is so much tighter (20%) vs. the 50%+ base it just had. Maybe I’ll have to go visit one with Scott since it’s close to us. I’d also be interested in the number of
their studios and plans for expansion. Thanks for putting it on my radar. ALLI – please look at INSW . thx live answered Hoping this comment won’t smack of a bone-picking on MELI, really not meant that way. But it’s my unease with the reasoning you guys expressed on the program that I’d constructively wish to engage. Sure, the 10.5% P/E multiple in MELI is justified
by the stellar growth PROJECTIONS. Yet can anyone accurately project what growth will look like in the overall economy next year, as an example of how innacurate projections can be? Even if the optimistic estimates for MELI are accurate,
those expectations are already baked into the price AFTER its huge correction. Any slightest earnings miss or guidance can become a landmine. My point is, we should be looking instead for stocks where the tremendous growth potential ISN’T
already baked in. Those are the gems we should seek. Just my opinion. But it’s forming a bottoming base, rather than a 6th or 7th stage base. We’ve seen over many cycles that growth stocks setting up and breaking out with strong estimates near market bottoms are more likely to become leaders of the next uptrend. PORTILIO”S FRESH FRIES and a DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER!!! U R Killing Me! Now I’m really ready for breakfast. thoughts on MCK live answered Any thoughts about ALGM? Wait for pullback? yes, definitely stretched buy you can see why it has an Accumulation/Distribution Rating of A. Nice accumulation phase. health of JBL? Looks like it’s digesting gains pretty well after four straight up sessions. What catches my eye is four straight closes well off highs during four-session run. ADM? Orderly pullback to 21-day EMA. Doesn’t look stretched at all based on 92.26 pivot. what did you mean ‘ants worthy?’ “ants” was a indicator that David Ryan created years ago for one of the products of William O’Neil. It showed multiple days up with few days down, a strong % gain in a short period of time, and volume behind the move. SGML – earnings may be on Nov 22? I don’t see anything scheduled on SGML’s investor relations site. It’s my birthday today!!! Should I be taking profits in asml? Happy birthday! I could certainly see taking some profits into the strength, especially since I’m still in swing trading mode. As it came up to 584 and 592 resistance areas in June and August, that could have been a place to lock in some profits.
Then depending on your profit goals, you could hold some to let it run. LW? live answered How much short interest is too much or high vs regular and how to use it. 10% of the float is where short interest becomes interesting. I’m OK with high short interest in strong markets when a stock gaps out of a base on earnings. GTLS dropped because it made an acquisition and issued more shares. Such a move will hit a stock regardless of the short interest. Full Transcript seems to have stopped some time ago when talking about MELI; just FYI. Yes, our transcript system has glitched — I sent an inquiry to our production team. Thank you for your patience! GFS Pulling back after a big run. IMO, too-low handle entry of 61.24 (or a trendline entry around 60) was the place to get in. But perhaps GFS forges a high-ish handle here. HSY It’s been under heavy distribution. Holding support so far at 200-day line but looks like damaged goods to me. Lamb Weston (NYSE:LW) is the primary supplier of frozen french fries to McDonalds (MCD). Go long; McD fries are the best! live answered ANET seems to be pulling back. Time to take profit? It’s on the edge for SwingTrader. Today’s volume is below average and it is still getting support at the 10-day. If you haven’t taken some partial profits, now would be a good time if you have them. RIG a buy here back at the 8 EMA? live answered All 3 major indexes seem to be having big swings today. Any idea why? Target earnings miss/holiday warning and Micron’s grim forecast aren’t helping. Retail sales report was strong while industrial production/housing sentiment weak. Bond yields are down. A lot of crosscurrents! Also ET is reversing live answered MBLY live answered ON please live answered VRTX live answered LLY live answered PSTG live answered EQT live answered ANET…Please live answered DE here live answered

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