IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A wonderful Wednesday morning to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis! First again, Scott! “Good morning! Latest lesson from “”Wall Street U”” – the markets have been weird and in hard-penny mode. We can only speculate why. However, we know for sure that rigorous following of CANSLIM rules will prevent serious damage and optimize outcomes. Haven’t been enjoying the heartburn of late, but also learning to be patient… :-)” Thanks for this, Blaine! good morning Hi Darren! Gooooooooooood Mooornnniiiing IBD Live! GM!!!!!!!! Great band – the brothers fight like dogs! Hate each other! It might be my brother’s favorite band. Oh no? Not exactly an Oasis then? You know your bands! My expectation is for the NASDAQ to reverse upward later this morning . . . but, you know when the market has you, when you are hoping for something to happen. Yup; a good market uptrend should do that! Ticker of the day NOVA Ha!!! Thanks Mark. Speaking of which, NOVA looks like it wants to bottom out… GM from Cape Cod….Time to sell almost everything and go golfing everyday Not a terrible idea. Welcome back Chris! Great to be back Good Morning Everyone! GM Payam! “Good morning ASML had a great earning ! Is it actionable” We’ll take a look. Feels like we are in a correction live answered Is anyone else missing audio? Hearing it fine — you may need to leave the webinar, close out the Zoom application and rejoin! Good Morning to the Dream Team…Ed Ken Dave and Chris Hey James! Good morning all and thanks for getting up so early each day – at least you left coasters. I have been dismayed laterly by the lack of Nasdaq volume. After looking at the chart, are we possibly just returning to pre-election/vaccine/reopening levels? Hi Earl! Your concerns are justified! Well, that would mean a 19%, 20% decline from here. If that were to happen, we would likely see signs of a vertical violation. Have you seen this nice piece by Justin? Cheers, Hat Man Dave — Hi Ali! Good morning, Perry! Shipping seems to be going up. BDRY-thoughts? Hi Jeffery, you are right; one of the beneficiaries of the market’s sector rotation, surely. Clearing a narrow consolidation; this stock has not yet touched its 50-day moving average since breaking out at 12.20. Cheers, Hat Man Dave I bought coin yesterday live answered Chris are you hedging? live answered Also, the NASDAQ is more than 13% above the 200 day MA, which historically indicated a drop in the NASDAQ Hi John, interesting observation. Seeing in Sept, the Naz got 29% above its 200-day MA, and at the 14,175 peak it was 24% above. Significant pullbacks afterward! Thanks for noting, Hat Man Dave — So tempting to get back into NFLX. Ha ha! Perhaps wait a while longer, let the stock prove it can break out of this long consolidation? — Hi team, are you putting on any hedges (SQQQ) at the moment in this weak environment? live answered to Team – SCHN (Schnitzer Steel) appears poised to gap up slightly this morning – premarket at 43.50 which is 4% above close yesterday; daily cup base of 44.29 to 44.40 May be one trade. Don’t know if SCHN is moving much. Are you putting on a hedge? live answered Ticker MUTE Well done 🙂 COIN has undercut the low of it’s first day of trading live answered Poll question Can we count bases on the indexes? Adding to the poll. Thanks! 250 was the reference price That’s right! Sorry. COIN – Difference between $385 reference price and $250 IPO price on Marketsmith chart? Please! My mistake! 250 reference price and opened at 385. Sorry everyone! ARK funds buying lots of COIN live answered Can you explain an IPO base? Here’s an Investor’s Corner on the IPO base where can I find the CANSLIM rules, etc? Hey Maurice! Here you go: For more info on our buy/sell rules and strategies, check out our resources on Good morning IBD. A general MarketSmith question: did you change the way a three weeks/four weeks tight pattern is highlighted? Thanks. We have not, to my knowledge. Do you have an example of how it’s looking different to you? How is it that MarketSmith says ISRG has +1138% volume, but the volume bar is only half of previous days? The 1138% extrapolates the current volume for a full day. The bar shows the actual volume. The 1138% won’t hold – early volume always is high – but it’s going to end up being a very heavy day for ISRG (which is normal on earnings.) It has been difficult to establish positions with profit margins in excess of 5% in this market, even with early entries. Discussion on holding through earnings under these circumstances? Adding to today’s poll. Thanks! AMAT is moving cuz of semi shortages live answered Please discuss the buying long term leaders off the 50 day SMA. How do you buy on strength instead of weakness? I’m trying to buy CDNS off the the 50 day and perhaps I was premature yesterday? I’ll add this to today’s poll! Please follow up on RBLX, specially after the discussion Mark MInervini had about the stock! live answered did anyone hear of earning in cmg group Not sure what you mean. Chipotle (CMG) earnings are tonight. CME Group (CME) has earnings in a week. ARK funds are a good representation of the underlying volatility in the markets – several of their funds are down for the year live answered $FOXF Breaking out live answered can we checkout $MIDD something is going on with this stock massive vol MIDD is buying Welbilt (WBT) we never mention PE, PE for AMAT is half of ASML? Does this ever have any influence on IBD? We don’t really look at P-E. Here’s why: to Ed – ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping) is up 6%, retaking 10 day moving average after a 8.8% drop yesterday It’s volatile for sure! Newbie question – is it possible to read the paper via iPad? I usually read the website and pick the paper up when I see it here in rural VT. Hi! This is a great question for our customer service team to help you with: FOXF up yesterday on +108% volume and breaking out today per MarketSmith, would you like to talk about this one? live answered “Hey Gang, Yesterday when David was presenting the Zoom Thumbnail view was available. Today, with Chris presenting it is not. I suspect it is due to the Host’s default setting which forces attendees into Side-by-side view. There is a setting only seen when the Host is sharing their screen. Then, if Host selects View > Attendee View > Standard it will allow attendees to select Thumbnail or Side-by-side. See this link near the bottom of the page: Please compare Chris’ setting to David’s.” Hey Dennis! So I’m realizing that this might be a bug in Zoom’s webinar host settings. Before the show starts and we’re prepping, some hosts are not able to select standard — it’s not listed as an option. Now that the webinar is open to viewers, I am able to see standard as an option. So it seems like it lists that option only after we “start” the webinar. I’ll see if we can test this theory again tomorrow morning, and we can just add the step of setting it to standard after opening up the webinar to the audience during the waiting room period. Thanks for your patience! Alissa: Also, in addition to buying LTLs, I want to buy TQQQ off the bounce… Chris recently said the QQQ 50 day should be upward sloping. What other criteria should I look for? Mabye we combine buying LTL and TQQQ into one poll question? Hi Siegfried! For that one, I would check out our recent webinar when you get a chance if you haven’t already — Chris and Justin went into detail on strategies for leveraged ETFs: Aren’t all these failed BOs a red flag for the overall market? Not a good sign. My son is a auto mechanic and he said FOXF makes great shock absorbers. THE BEST! Fox shocks rock! Good to know! Where do i find Stock of the Day article? Is there a webinar where you talk about post analysis. If not, can you please do one where you can talk about how to do post analysis on a few stocks where you had success and few where you did not do so well. Hey Srinivas! We have some things on post analysis linked on our FAQ page at for you to check out when you get a chance! Dave are you seeing KL and FNV these bottoming bases that clear a trend line with so much overheard and under the 200 day how best to consider these? Hi John, thanks for joining the show! Great Qs. I think we need to put both on the radar, as gold continues to rebound. Nice to see KL rise back above the 50-day MA, but I would prefer to see it rise more, retake the 200-day line, build more of that right side base before nibbling. On FNV, it certainly has reclaimed both. Thanks for noting! Cheers, Hat Man Dave COPX Thank you Thomas! Dave Ooohhh, Ed just said tricky. It is a tricky market. RUN DMC’s, Tricky for a song suggest if I may. Probably available on Spotify too! Shane, you and I would enjoy it, but I can immediately feel pushback among many of our listeners! 🙂 Dave copx Ah, thank you Jim! I have not been watching this one, but should. CPER Exactly PLBY? Nice recovery this morning SWAV — Breaking Out. live answered There’s also COPX ….copper……..I bot that a long time ago. I have a real problem with adding on at higher prices. I must correct this pattern! Thank you Shari! Yup, I need to watch this one too. Let’s trade the trend! Dave When Minervini was on, 19th, he recommended TIPT. Check it out today 2 days later. Fantastic move! Thanks Robert FCX has buybacks n dividends Good point, Alex! MS shows a 0.9% yield right now, even after this strong run-up. Is there a way to run a search on MS that uses Stochastics as a criteria? This is a great Q for the MS coaches — email [email protected] 🙂 what is a heat map? I look at a heat map that shows the components of the indices with the stock boxes sized by weight in the index and colored based on price action (shades of green depending on how much it’s up and red shades for how much it’s down). With hospital elective procedures increasing, also INMD has been a big winner! Agreed, a nice move since its bounce off the 10-week Ali, Thanks for your response and follow-up! The link I included says the option is only seen when the Host is sharing their screen. Well then that also would be why! Thanks, Dennis 🙂 What is Earnings Stability? Hi Urmi, great Q. This is a number going from zero to 99, and the lower the number, the more stable the earnings. It measures deviation from a trend line drawn based on past profit results. We like to joke, there has been only one sighting of a company with an Earnings Stability Factor of zero! We run the Dividend Leaders, REIT Leaders and Utility Leaders to show those with low Earnings Stability Factors as we want to showcase reliable dividend payers for income investors. We wouldn’t expect this for, say, the cyclicals. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — You are wise, Dave. Not everyone has the palate to handle RUN DMC at 0630, however, I will pre-session it on level 11 for you tomorrow! Ha ha!! We just learn from the comments on the music we play before the show opens, Shane. Nice to have a variety, I must say, though! MarketSmith – is there a problem. I can get on but not MS It’s working fine for me — try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. Let me know if that works and if not, we can troubleshoot more! Could you address the current Margin Debt of 71.62% live answered CRSP CRSP is far below all highs and 50-day falling steadily. You could buy it, but this is not the same as buying a stock breaking above a rising 50-day line, 15% off high. Isn’t the depth of SQ’s handle to deep ? Looks like a pullback of 13.6% in handle. Deep but not excessive. Thanks David. For WST, the number was 6. So I was wondering whether it should be high. Thanks again Earnings stability you want a low number. Low means stable. Any insight on the drop in LPX today? I don’t know what lumber prices are doing today, but LPX has gone on an enormous run. Why is NFLX down? Missed targets for subscriber growth Great to hear that Ken’s son is playing minor league baseball. I’ll follow him down here in Florida. We would put some of his games on in the office to cheer him on while he was playing for University of Pacific. Some great pitching. Ali & Dennis: not a complant, just a report; Yesterday & Some days I have to constantly go to Zoom prefs, select Video, then toggle Side by side mode off then back on to fix. Can happen every few minutes, maybe as screen changes. Today is not like that, side by side is working fine for me today. Not too much of a problem lately. does seem to depend on who is hosting, and maybe what version of Zoom they have. I updated my Zoom 2x lately, including yesterday. Thanks for all you do! Wow that sounds like such a pain! I’ll check in with all the hosts and make sure we’re all running the latest version. Thanks for letting us know! Cash is a comfortable position in this ‘hard-penny’ market. Save your pennies is just fine… ‘@Ali – Next Time Mark is on the show, please ask if he can offer discount to his master program for IBD Live audiences? I’ll check on this. Thanks, Manan! Good morning, I noticed an arrow next to some stocks in the IBD 50 what does it mean? On Leaderboard, MarketSmith or where? Curious – on average, how many people are on IBD Live each day? Several thousand 🙂 What is the relationship between the long term leaders list and Leaderboard Very different. Long-term leaders is a specific subset of leaders with earnings stability and growth. Long-term leaders will find their way on Leaderboard but we don’t want to pack the portfolio with it since it can be harder to hold all of them during their corrections. Any comments on ABBV and an early entry opportunity? ABBV has been going up for 5 days in a row. Agree, looks like a breakout over a trend line today. Wsm breaking a downtrend Trying to get support at the 21-day EMA! — My understanding is that Ebay is going to quit using paypal as payment and start their own program Right; I think the market has priced that in for a while. Sid, what we like about PayPal is how it’s continued to innovate (Venmo) and add new services, such as Honey. PayPal also is a major investor in Latin America via MELI. Cheers, Hat Man Dave Did Bill trade Options? Very very little, from what I hear, Stephanie. But let’s ask Justin again. — Not very much. Every now and then when he was low on buying power (because he was already using margin), he would juice some positions with options. I saw him do that with AAPL over a decade ago. But never larger than 10% in options of his overall portfolio and usually longer dated expirations (this was before weekly option expirations were so widespread). Do we need a subcription for Long Term Leader list? Tip, if you don’t already have IBD Digital: if you bundle IBD Digital and IBD Live, you actually save ~$15 on your monthly bill! Can we see the LTL on MarketSmith? Not that I know of, Wilmer; I simply make my own new list for both the LTL and the LTL watchlist and add/delete tickers for now. Dave Love Long Term Leaders… Thx Chris and gang Cheers! check out Mark’s tipt that he mentioned on Monday. Wowza Have you ever considered ACN as a long-term leader? I don’t know. ACN has an excellent earnings stability score (2). But the EPS growth – and esp. sales growth – is a *little* light. Comments on STM please. It has 3Qs of accelerating EPS, sales, increasing AT margin, and recent tech sell-off has reset base count to Stage 1, plus bottom of Stage 1 base got nice bounce off 40-wk. Hi Thomas, yes, you are right in that you’ve clearly got 2 quarters in a row of accelerating revenue growth — from a 4% drop to a 4% gain to a 17% gain. But in the bottom line, I would characterize it as just one quarter of accelerationg in EPS growth. Q2 earnings fell 44%, and fell 24% vs. year ago in Q3. Personally I don’t see that as acceleration, but in each quarter there was no growth in earnings. It’s just a slowdown in the rate of decline. But the 47% jump in EPS for Q4 is a clear marker of acceleration! While STM is in a solid sector, perhaps you’ll find some stronger names; 73 Composite and 86 EPS Rating. Cheers, Hat Man Dave YETI – Impressed with its action: +3.52% – Vol (so so) +22% Totally Small chart is harder to read. Why do we need 4 big pictures of the presenters. The old format with one small picture was much better. In your Zoom options, could you check your video setting? Hi, NVCR is acting well. I have a small position. Add on ?? Very impressive how the stock has been able to hold gains after gap up. Acting very well. Hi @ali, all apologies hwere is the longterm list again, I tried the search and are unable to find it From navigation — Stock Lists -> IBD Long Term Leaders. Here’s the direct link: What is power trend? We have the explainer linked on our FAQ page at 🙂 TIPT is up 35+ % since your review. Thank you! Big props to Mark Minervini So the 21 day is EMA not simple exponential, correct Where can I find the performance of the LONG TERM LEADERS Great Q, Dennis; I am not sure if Justin is keeping track, but will ask. curious what was Mark’s tip on Monday? ticker TIPT Please Look At CMG reporting today Trading tightly just below buy point. Definitely one to watch after earnings. Did you take a look at MIDD? How do you interpret this outside day wild action? Not a surprise given its Welbilt takeover deal. NFLX what is the news? why the drop? Subscriber growth well below views, with Q2 sub growth target very weak. how about HZNP? live answered Agree with Chris using ETFs which I favor using 2 x and 3 x I updated my own ETF list over the weekend. NVCR is having a nice move and holding the close of its incredible breakout day. Since you are looking for something to talk about, this is very talkable and how to play it would instructional. thank you live answered Thoughts on NVCR live answered is novocure a buy ? live answered any thoughts on FSR? EV stocks look terrible. Tesla is basically the only one that’s above its 50-day line. How about a couple of laggards of recent interest: VLDR + NIO Very damaged – need a lot of repair. How much pricing cushion should a stock have going into earing report? Thanks. A good rule of thumb is 10%, but it depends on the stock’s history, the size of your position and you conviction in the stock. Great observations Hat Man, thank you! My pleasure, Thomas! Chris commented a while ago that he didnt like to buy when a stock has been below and is now coming up through 50-day – when is it ok to buy when going through 50 day? I believe his comment was that stocks moving above downtrending 50-day lines should be treated with caution. Best medical ETF? IHI comes to mind. to Team – LRCX (Lam Research) in buy zone; with earnings tonight; based on ASML good report this morning, anyone taking the risk to buy today? An options play might be viable. to team – AZEK is retaking the 10 day around $47; possible early entry ?? Perhaps a handle is forming, Scott? QQQ is diverging from :COMP Good point Justin – Where can I find a list of the ETFs you actively trade and more about your strategy? Thanks. Check out our latest webinar! Underneath the videos tab HeatMap: Thanks

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