IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021

Question Answer(s) Chris – good morning – FIGS – love the $40.25 overnight pricing of secondary. With the deal lead by Goldman and blue chip book runners. I am convinced it was priced to Institutional demand. Looks like an excellent level to be adding to a profitable position. What are your thoughts. Thanks Looks good at least premarket. I’ll probably add if it holds above the the 50 day. Billy Joe Shaver? Yes. Ticker of the day SHVR. Def had to shazam this one. Not in my genre wheelhouse Thanks for doing that. Looks like Billy Shaver! Love this song – who is it Billy Joe Shaver – I’ve got a reason for playing it. BUONGIORNO FROM VENICE,ITALY-THANK YOU VERY GRAZIE X ALL YOUR HELP & ENERGY Buon Giorno, Luciano! So happy to have you good sir! Hatman – DVN was a smart add add to Leaderboard yesterday – with the stock trading at 7x 2022 – great Thanks James, let’s see how these formerly beaten down oil companies act in September. Cheers peaceful music for today’s coming headfakes. Ha ha! Good morning IBD team – the best out there! Thanks for doing what you do! Great! Glad to know Dark Ops DS-C is lurking 🙂 Ha ha! Just trying to help a bit. wow GLD and SLV big gap down This is likely interconnected to the dollar; US Dollar Index, DXY, is now slightly up YTD. As interest rates rise, dollar is likely to rise in value, and makes dollar-denominated gold more expensive. GM IBD Live! Comments on MRVI action at support/resistance levels of Stage 2 pivot of 45.79 and 50-day SMA? It certainly would be a relief to see the stock hold at its currently levels, just like you point out. SIVB at pivot Answered live Ali, my Granddaughter has been awarded National Merit and has applied to SMU, Pony Up… Wow, how exciting! Good luck to her! Good morning, maybe this is not new for everyone, but below is a link that teaches how to create a desktop shortcut from a chrome tab. I just pinned the IBD Live site to my taskbar for one click access. Thanks for sharing; it may help many listeners. lets go Good morning Phil! Good Morning Gents!! Give me some thoughts on MTTR Tricky action after a breakout above 16.83/17.27 — but found support at the 21-day. It’s extended now Good morning! Great to see Scott back in the seat!! Thanks, I have been gone for a few days 🙂 congratulations on the promotion Scott Thanks! What was Scott promoted to? Head of Premium Products Group, which means MarketSmith. Good Morning. What do you think of Long Term Leader CPRT? Is 146.54 a good early entry? Hi Krishna, Dave here, we generally recommend to buy stocks on the LTL after pullbacks to the 10-week moving average. This strategy gives the new buyer a chance to 1) have a profit cushion in case the stock and/or the market pulls back; and 2) be able to add shares to an existing position at a more reasonable cost, keeping the average cost of the total position lower. That said, you can see CPRT is making two rebounds off the 10-week moving average in the past five weeks, more recently near 144. So, Copart is still quite close to that price level and a buy could be justified. If you view the prior longer base, you can see CPRT broke sharply through the 10-week line in both Jan. and Feb., then spent six weeks below it before finally rebounding in the week ended 4/2/21. In hindsight, that to me was a great entry point for a Long-Term Leader. Scott – please check an email I sent you when you get a chance. Thanks! today? or previously? Scott, this week’s Webinar was really great. Thx for all your leadership, training and advice… Thanks Rick! Hi guys GM, please your thoughts about NMM Nice action in the handle — shipping group is a strong one Thoughts on MRVL? Lots of tight closes on the weekly. The reversal on 8/19 was the optimal entry recently Scott what were your tickers? Scott just went through DVN, now on VAL Scott, foolish me, I didn’t buy URNM when you first talked about it, I won’t make that mistake again, waiting on your next great pick! blind squirrel 🙂 How do you see YETI? Covered it in detail yesterday — looks actionable to me, but would wait a bit to see how it acts on the intraday Sorry, sent Tuesday evening… did not get…. [email protected] Good morning all. What were Chris’s symbols. “CAR PAG ATKR BBWI CZR” Congrats Scott, promotion = more responsibility ? With great power comes great responsibility Scott, your white left hand shows you have been playing a lot of golf. outdoor racquetball 🙂 is SBLK ready to break out today? live answered Good morning: ALGM. They make Power ICs for use in EVs and more. Power ICs are what Elon Musk is crying for. Buy point was at 30 but left side high of base is 34.66 and current price 36.46. U/D Vol ratio 2.9 and MS says funds own 96%. Is it overextended? I’m looking to add. This one is having an amazing run lately. Pattern rec on MS sees a handle buy point at 30.16, which ultimately turned out to be an excellent entry. So, now we see ALGM run past the cup’s left-side high, and so far not back down. Very impressive. I suppose you could use 34.76 as an alternative entry, since the company fundamentals are indeed strong. Looks like an eight-week hold rule in place after rising 20% from the handle pivot in 13 days. I wonder if Allegro will come back and test the top of that cup. Nice insight on the power circuits, Philip, thanks! Cheers, HatMan Dave DEN up 7% live answered I guess you guys know it, but all of your internet feeds are constantly going in and out. Hmm, they aren’t going in and out on my end! Would check the connection on your end and disconnect extraneous devices from your network if possible PLTR crossing minor resistance live answered Whats the tape old school term, when they had actual tape that printed out the prices and thats how they got quotes nervous buyers make for the best continuation Scott! Good point UPST gap up nr hi Well done to those who own this one! Scott, congratulations!!! Well deserved. I have asked this before multiple times, but could you please have the Marketsmith development team to add trend line alert feature to the ipad app? Currently you have to enter prices for any alert unlike the desktop version. Thanks. I’ll share this with Scott’s team after the show, Joanna PLTR breaking out on volume today live answered SBLK breakout live answered Good morning! Any comment on PLTR? It seems to take out previous highs at around 27.5 with substantial volume. Do you think it is actionable? thanks live answered Ali, What promotion for Scott? Got here late. Manager of IBD’s Premium Product Group SBLK in the Buy Zone live answered PLTR making a new Weekly high live answered PLTR is up on heavy volume live answered SBLK keeps on running live answered Scott- I will resend to [email protected] TY PLTR finally breaking out of 6 mo base live answered SBLK live answered may I get a option to see only speakers window, as my computer is small.Thanks Hi, we are working with Zoom’s webinar product managers on reinstating viewer flexibility and they are working it into their update pipeline! Thanks for your patience! PLTR following yesterday live answered PLTR is moving out no one is looking live answered Congrats Scott on the promotion. Thanks a lot Good morning, MarketSmith is smaller in zoom today and harder to see. Hey Kevin! I let Ed know 🙂 volume hitting SBLK on breakout, looks higher live answered Scott…you deserve it. Thanks, appreciate that 🙂 SBLK – UP 4.10% VOL +1434% live answered SBLK nice vol live answered yo ED SBLK live answered SBLK blue dot stock, like to see that! live answered ZIM is moving as well Yes it is! But not actionable here like some of the others in the group Excellent! And congrats to Scott! Thanks Would you really add SBLK even 21% over the 10 wk MA? I have it and not sure if I would add you could add just a little bit if you wanted to Please define what ‘acting well’ means The qualities of a stock acting well include — positive price and volume action, tight ranges/closes, holding above and/or finding support at moving averages, trending higher, volume dry up during pullback, and NOT wide and loose action, plunging
lower, reversing lower in heavy volume, breaching support at moving averages/key price levels, etc. etc. 🙂 DEN vs DVN? DVN acting better at this time DKS if you have a chance please Looks like a hold here Congratulations Scott !! Thanks a lot Scott – I accidentally sent to [email protected] Will that get to you? found it I searched your name Justin what about PLTR for a longer term hold? Since our primary styles of trading are position trading and swing trading, we only consider something as a long-term hold once we have a substantial profit cushion, even long-term leaders — and even still, we have sell rules we follow MOS creeping up to 34.45 potential buy point. Please comment. live answered Could we look at SNAP Need to see it find support at these levels! How about building construction like ATKR? still at pivot area Yes, cleared a trend line the team set together yesterday. But would be ideal to see it continue higher today thanks Ali, I really didn’t mean as a IBD termed Long Term Holding. More to get 10 to 15 % gain and peeling some off. Got it. We would consider that a position trade rather than a long-term hold! Are you drawing trendlines across the highs of the individual bars or the close? Just like chart patterns, there’s an art and a science to drawing trend lines. Sometimes it’s at the highs of the bars, sometimes it’s at the close of the bar if there’s an outlier NVDA slowly working towards 21-day EMA. Looks like will have 3 weeks tight at the end of this week. I have an entry at $158. Time to add more if it is a 3 weeks tight? Since we’re preferring pullbacks vs. breakouts, we might be adding on a reversal/bounce off the 21-day vs. waiting for it to clear a high of a three-weeks-tight Looks like AFRM rebounded today. Thoughts? Still feels like it needs time to digest those huge gains, to me. It’s more than 50% above its 50-day moving average. Aggressive traders may see an entry above recent highs — but that’s not something I would be doing here DOCS also rebounded today. Any thoughts? Looks like a hold at these levels. Needs more time to form a proper pattern or pull back to its 21-day ABNB is up on volume today. A lot of overhead still. What are thoughts? It’s been on Leaderboard since 8/24! 🙂 pls take a look at pltr We looked earlier! We added to SwingTrader yesterday, which was the ideal day to get in ASO continues its upward march Yes indeed! ATKR nice VCP action here live answered ATKR weekly live answered I know you covered it but can you tell me how to draw the trend line and than have it stay on the chart. When you draw the red line where you want it, hover over it with your mouse and when it glows yellow, right click to set an alert. Then the line will stay “TJX Upside from 50 day. Does this qualify as an early entry actionable ?” Not the kind of pullback we like since declines came in heavy volume. So many down days in a row. Compare the pullback/bounce for TJX with M — that’s what we like to see! ATKR coming straight off the bottom a concern? Breaking the downtrend. These early entries have been working better rather than the conventional buy points. Congrats Scott! Thanks! So glad I said goodbye to SHOP around $16.02~! Wow So true Scott – we see it all! 🙂 Did we review UPST…? Looks like a hold here — not a buy. We like pullbacks to the 21-day and 50-day/10-week but not the 10-day Scott – is there trading action or a price where you would revisit DOCU. I like your practice of waiting for the price come to you. This price reflects lots of negative news and nervous selling – Thanks Looks like it needs time to build a new base. We’ll be more interested once it starts trending higher/gets back above the 50-day line Was there any news on CROX that caused the big move this week? Bullish long-term sales forecast, also a buyback. SNAP – $76.84 buy point? Base on base forming, but it’s trading near the original 73.69 entry in the first base. just some feed back from the field. Talked to a nurse who was wearing FIGS and she LOVES them. Good to know! Wait… wait! Was Ali on mute???? Has that ever happened before? ;-D Ha, was making sure it was coming through the right input! Oops! 😉 So Justin as of today are you still above that previous upper ceiling number? I’ve had that same experience this year, and finally got above that barrier last week only to drop again Monday. I dipped below it just a bit and started rebound. Hoping that previous resistance of that $ amount becomes support 🙂 With all the static on Reddit….how do you find out about stocks that are standouts like $URNM Thanks We don’t try to trade meme stocks, but if a stock we buy right/own turns into a meme stock, then that can be a great tailwind — though likely a temporary one Do you like CONN here? The current base structure doesn’t look great. Group is poorly ranked at 159 out of the 197 groups we track. Jump on earnings was short-lived. There are better fish in the sea! How would you look to enter AMAT? Current action looking good Do you guys add to trade in swing trading or just buy full size off the bat? I’m finding it very hard to add to swing trades currently For the SwingTrader platform, we do not add to our positions. Sometimes, we will go with a 3/4 or 1/2 position to start if it’s a higher-risk trade. DDOG? Looks like a hold here to me where would you purchase UPST? Needs to pull back/consolidate. Pls watch for a new base — Looking forward to tomorrow on IBD Live! We’re looking forward to it as well, Eric! You know DOCS will hit us with a secondary any day now Can’t disagree, George! Both the new offerings ONON and BROS are from yesterday are doing well Yes they are — we like waiting for an IPO base to form before buying, though! Do you ever consider short interest in your decision process? If so How? We do! Here’s a video on the subject: Dave – I’ve a covered call for UPST @260 that expires tomorrow. Should I buy this back or let it expire? I bought the stock in 50’s Hi Narender; how about rolling it forward a month, a couple months, either at 260 or a bit higher? If you hold it through Friday you will likely automatically be called away the stock. Great entry! I have a small position in CWEB. It looks like its bottoming out. That is not something we’d be trading at this time — we focus on strength, vs. trying to catch the bottom of something that’s very weak. Looks like it was a shorting opportunity w/ the number of times it hit resistance at the 10-week line
in April, June, July. But it was a good fund to own in 2020! POOL was removed from leaders – can you explain? It’s currently trading about 2% below the 10-week line :/ Maybe we’ll see improvement by EOD Friday? But if it closes here, that’d be the first time it has closed below the 10-week line in quite a while. (From HatMan Dave: we wanted to keep our cash exposure in the portfolio the same while adding a new half-size position. So taking out POOL, which is doing nothing wrong but has seen its advance slow, and reducing AAPL to half from three quarters enabled us to do so. Also, we noticed some pretty severe selling in HAYW and LESL, so that created some concern.) SPD is an IPO that is screaming with a steady 45* climb. What do you think about buying now and its projected climb? To me, I feel like you’d be better off just buying SPY What is difference PSO or SO for secondary offerings? Proposed Secondary Offering on the announcement, Secondary Offering on the action. “Chris: If we made our Market MILN Millenials, it looks more like CAN SLIM Leaders, sells a bit less than QQQ and has outperformed QQQ” Interesting! Ali i misstated. SPT? Ahhh much different 🙂 SPT looks like a hold here! Unless you wanted to lock in some profits, nothing wrong with that either. The move on earnings looks like it was a good entry. You really got to see DCBO…. Quite the advance! Is there a percentage range of shares in float to shares outstanding to consider when making an investment in a company? We like to see dollar volume of at least $20 mil Do any of you trust Chinese stocks? Bad news keeps coming out Without question, the early 2000s, after the tech bear market ended, spawned many great China stocks in the U.S. markets. SINA, NTES, BIDU, PTR, CEO, EDU, TAL, on and on. But times have certainly changed two decades later. HatMan Dave We have two Dutch Bros (BROS) in my town outside of Denver. Good to know. Hope the coffee tastes good! Great show guys…Ed is a great host: organized and very relaxed prompting everyone to share, easy to listen to him ! Fantastic

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