IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Nov. 29, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good Morning. I would greatly appreciate hearing from the team on Friday’s action and dist day count. The NYSE showed vol down on Marketsmith compared to Weds, but IBD site showed NYSE vol up on Friday compared to Weds.. So was it a dist day on SP5 or not? Also, IBD previously used pro rata vol on a half day to call a FTD. So if that rule is applied now, Friday was a dist day on Nas and SP5 (and Dow). Looking forward to listening to your discussion of this unique situation. Thanks Greg for the tweet; as you know now, we’ve revised the DD count for the S&P 500 to five. I think for the Naz, technically, it’s still not a DD just by the raw numbers, but it no doubt had the “spirit” of a true distribution day.
Great memory on the “pro-rata” follow-through day! Bill O’Neil had a lot to do with that call. Good morning from Chicago where it’s 33 degrees and partly cloudy. Please continue to stay safe and let’s have an amazing week! Let’s do indeed, Peter, and happy Monday! where or on what website do you get to see the greeks on option table? i use thinkorswim If you go to the Trade tab on TOS, click on the Option Chain and call up the Layout called Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega. Reduced watchlist atm being careful Thanks Phil Ali – I got a tweet that IBD was going to send me some IBD swag a few weeks ago…was that Legitimate? Sounds like you tweeted during our second anniversary. Should be on the way. Can I put the ready/watch list into MS? Sure. Copy a list and then open a watchlist in TOS, click on the name of the watchlist and hit Import, then paste from clipboard and hit save. NASDAQ 52 week lows peaked Nov 22 at over 500 stocks hitting new lows. Friday was in 300s. For a bad as Friday was, there were not many stocks from the Live watchlist that closed below their 10-week moving averages. Happy Monday IBD Gang. Great seeing you join Scott. live answered I sold LI Friday since I was already down slightly and with earnings upcoming and the virus news was out there. What are your thoughts about getting back in now? You certainly could get back in. I held some shares too and trimmed it as I felt it was not making much progress. 34.93 is a legitimate early entry. You could draw a trend line as well, across the 4-month base, and you get a new entry near
34, too. Good morning, TWTR on news? Nice gap up so far, but still well below its key moving averages. Possibly the start of a new base building? Jack Dorsey stepping down as Twitter CEO live answered GLBE on weekly could be the bottom with massive accumulation That certainly could be the case. I would agree w/ that weekly price-and-vol action for now… but boy the price volatility, esp on the weekly chart. Porcupine heaven? 🙂 Good morning, panel! Thanks for your help this morning, Scott! GM Jeff! Good to hear Morning IBD Live team! Scott – great video Friday afternoon…good insights. SQQQ on Leaderboard – What is the exit strategy for this hedge? live answered Good morning, hailing from a cloudless sky from the valley of the sun! Cheers! Hey Hat Man 2! Glad you had a fun and relaxing trip! My portfolio was only down .5% on Friday. Nice; big cash cushion offering some safety? Good morning. Could you please, post the links for IBD that you mentioned at the beginning Ali? Hi! is where we post our show archives, with a link to our ready list, watch list and edited Q&A in the description next to each archived episode. And is where you will find a ton of great educational
resources! When are you guys going to attempt to fix swingtrader with the captchas? Currently swing trader is mostly unusable for me; please consider updating the service. I want to use it again. Thanks for any updates. We rolled it out last week. It runs in the background. The first stock DELL barely moved it all. The others moved less than 0.5% on the alert. The stocks will never be right at the buy point because there is already a lot of action in the
stock plus legitimate subscribers are entering their orders. Good morning – any thoughts on DAVA chart pattern? Still looks like a test of the 10-week moving average on the weekly chart. Not clear to me it’s finding support yet. Good Morning Dave and Chris, I have a suggestion; is it possible to show the Ind Grp presentation earlier in the show, so there is more quality time to discuss them. It seems rushed as is. Thanks for your consideration. Have a great week! Duly noted to the hosts! Thanks Gregg and you have an excellent week yourself! I think APA looks good for a bounce back. Wondering what the team thinks. I agree. Solid first test of 50-day line. Looks good. My ecom business on SHOP we ran FB ads 2 weeks before to maximize rev “live answered ADDITIONAL ANSWER: That’s interesting, Phil, sounds like Meta is still a useful commerce platform?” Is PFE in buy zone live answered Hey Ken! Great to see you in Dark Ops!! Great to be seen Jeff! Cheers. Did Bill buy Gap Ups? I think he did. As an example, when he saw RIMM (now BB) gap up furiously in late 2003, that’s how he discovered the short stroke pattern. Good Moring all. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Happy Monday Michael! What are the tickers today? Justin on uhal (Amerco) and deck, Scott on glbe Not a question—-I want to thank Scott for mentioning the book “BULL”—excellent . Magnificent body of work. Nice to hear! Question on SNOW. From the LB entry, the stock was up 20%. Why did LB keep when it almost round tripped last week? With a 333 entry, we were willing to sit through a pullback and see what a test of the 50-day line looked like. Earnings due Wednesday after the close and the profit cushion is a reasonable 10%. Still holding the proshares 3x Short Justin? live answered Welcome back Ken 🙂 Thank you Sara. MS has any screen or reports on shorting opportunities in the market You can create a screen looking for stocks below their 50 and 200 day moving averages. Also create a watchlist of stocks that broken hard and then look for low volume rebounds. David Ryan went over this last Tuesday if you missed it. Great to have you back, Ken. Thank you Perry. Cheers. It’s early, but, HUBS, just broke above a downward sloping trendline. live answered Is there a chart in MS or IBD we can see the actual distribution days labeled on a chart? There is a chart on Leaderboard if you’ve taken the Market School online course that tracks distribution days plus all the other rules associated with that course. Hi Team – is Pfizer actionable here? Thx live answered Good to have you back, Ken. We missed your wisdom! Thanks much David. Cheers. Where do I find the Daily Marker Indicator screens? We were looking at GMIAB and NASDQ on MarketSmith. Also see GMIAA for the NYSE Joe Fahmy – What the best way to contact Joe? Thanks, Steve he’s pretty active on Twitter @jfahmy. You could also try [email protected] What’s Eagle Eyes watching this AM? Still holding small positions in DVN, IIPR, RBLX, MP, TTD Bass Ackwards! Absolutely great description for what’s going on. Ha ha yes, good choice of words by Scott St. Clair, SSC! can you comment on PKI, biotech seems to be moving, CTLT, BRKR, MRVI. Hi Richard, BRKR is going to get added to the S&P MidCap 400 on Thu early; we highlighted CTLT lately in the Long-Term Leaders. MRVI trying to base again, still a volatile one. Please clarify, wasn’t Friday a distribution day? If so, would outlook change to “under pressure?” Yes, after we got the full data on volume, we have updated content on this morning showing the S&P 500 has a fifth distribution day over the past 25 sessions. At the same time, we are not far off the all-time highs in the
major indexes, and while the distribution count is indeed elevated on the S&P 500, many of those DDs were actually minor in size. Nasdaq’s DD count would be certainly one to pay more attention, for the moment.
and I can vouch for Mr. St Clair on the bass ackwards dating…us. ;-D live answered Dark Ops DSC – Tough night last night in Baltimore, huh? Disappointing! Takeaway – Myles Garrett is the best defensive lineman in the league! Hey Jeff! Yes, hard to watch the Browns offense performance last night; kudos and congrats to the Ravens for their outstanding defense play, shutting both Chubb and Hunt to very few running yards! Tons of respect for Garrett. Let’s see what
happens between Ravens @ Browns two Sundays from now! Ed, is ANET holding up in your opinion? Yes. Looking pretty good. I’m just hestitant about taking any action in the current environment. Ken Shreve nice to have you back! Thanks Scott. Cheers. SITE –RS Line new high — 9.6% above 10-wk. Trades 56 Mil $ — Shorts represent about 6.1% of float. Tight formation. Completely agree w/ that tight trading, even on a daily chart, too. Nice support at a key round number, too, 250. One to watch. AFRM down nearly 5% but UPST is up nearly 1%. Thoughts on the payment spaces? Payment stocks have been struggling in the past few weeks. Yay, Ken is back in Dark Ops! Glad to see you back again! Thank u Mieke. Cheers. what Model book Scott is talking about and how can we find it? It’s in the online courses: Morning Team. Any news on KRYS? is this a new meme stock? Positive phase 3 trial news – Welcome back Ken. Really glad. Thanks so much Sandy. Cheers. How are the premiums on in -the money ZS options with their earnings pending in the next day or two? Premiums are high and the options aren’t liquid, plus the stock is not near a buy point. DE on Swingtrader – It’s below the stop placed – comment on this one? “Getting some support and we want to give it some room. We really looking for a close below the 200 day.” Scott, you believe the market will go down, does that mean no Christmas Rally? No idea, honestly, I just watch each day. If I try to look out more than a day or two I get in trouble twitter is halted. it’s up, why? CEO Jack Dorsey is leaving. Welcome back Ken! Thanks AA. Cheers. Scott prefers lithium pills heh. With regard to Chinese stocks, each case is different. EV manufacturers are apparently seen differently than Alibaba, which had a high-profile CEO in Jack Ma. Plus, Ma’s negative comments on the government got him in trouble. The EV manufacturers are also growing much faster than Alibaba, although they are carrying valuations that anticipate a near best-case scenario. I agree with all this. If you’re a buyer today, how does RGEN look on a trendline? I’d like it to get above Friday’s high. Right now it’s an inside day for RGEN. Can you say if we are in a power trend? It looks like we may have entered one about two weeks back. I think the market meet the criteria? Yes and it is still intact. On Marketsmith, what is the symbol for the Vic and the 10 year yield? Thank You Vix? – 0VIX – 10-year yield 0TNX (these are zeros…) CPE is one such example. Screener says its down 14%, but its actually up ~3% Showing the right price in my stock lists. Which screener are you referring to? Scott waved an O’Neil annotated chart book around for a sec. Tell us more? I’d love to study it. Here’s the link for it: well said scott live answered His study of global stocks for the approx last 3 decades found just 2 percent of stocks produce 100 percent of the market’s returns, and the other 98 percent breakeven or lose as much as 100 percent adjusted for contemporary yield of one-month
Treasury Thanks for the details. Thanks Scott… Keeping us sane… Why study CANSLIM and leave out the most important rules… Sell rules.. thanks again.. live answered Well said Scott live answered Scott’s advice is GOLD live answered Ali, you never talk about YOUR stocks. Do you have any? “She definitely invests. Don’t know her holdings right now. ADDITIONAL ANSWER: My core holdings are MSFT, GOOGL, NVDA, UPRO and TQQQ. Also have a smaller position in ASO. Also tried IWM the other week when it was breaking out, and have a teeny tiny position in BITO” Ticker SM is also not updating. Screener says its down 10.34% but its actually up 4% today The prices are updating but the changes are off because the Stock Screener did not use the early close on Friday but grabbed the 4 pm prices. I’ve alerted the Product team. The online courses used to come with hard copy books that made it easier to notate charts. Is there any way to bring back the hard copy manuals in addition to just watching the videos? Thank you We had terrible problems with piracy with the hard-copy books, which is why we switched to the digital versions. I’ve been want to ask this for awhile – right now in reference to UPST (and stocks like that) it seems to me that you believe institutions drive stocks up, but when stock are down you believe that overhead supply keeps stock down, BUT I believe
institutions dont think about “getting even” and they dont cause overheard supply, so how it is that retail forces are enough to keep stocks down (overhead pressure) but are not the primary driver that cause stocks to go up. Seems like
asymmetric logic. That overhead resistance can be big institutions looking to get out – not just retail investors. ABNB gaps down Friday but rebounded a bit but traveling stocks uncertain now your take? Even setting aside Friday/Monday ABNB and a lot of travel stocks had been retreating quite a bit. Maybe they find support here, but it wasn’t just Friday. Please tell Irusha he has an imposter on IG, and should report it. Just FYI- I was approached on Instagram by a fake @irushapeiris_CMT account that chatted me up & tried to sell me on some new fantastic trading system with a 95% win rate.
#spearPhishing Thanks. I will let him know. Chris – please check your link to Bill’s model book? It took us to the shopping cart, but no items? Go to the Store, then click on Online Courses and scroll down to the bottom. But IBD would probably get a nice valuation nowadays, with all of the digital content! One could argue that it did get a nice valuation! TSLA MSFT GOOGL AAPL are my leaders Megacaps are still where it’s at. I missed where to find the spreadsheet. I’m sorry. Please say again … Go to the IBD Live FAQ page at and scroll down about a page and half and you’ll see the link. 0TNX down 5%, yikes. That’s wrong – looks like 0tnx isn’t showing Friday’s plunge. The 10-year yield is 1.53% right now – but that’s a bounce of 4 bp rtoday. I have been adding to Devon Energy DVN since September. It seems to keep holding especially on Friday Really strong stock. One of the leaders in the E&P group for sure. where can we find this list??? Linked at — look for the Weekly Industry Group section. Once you click on the link it will download the spreadsheet! Chris, is that your son writing for IBD…….Enjoyed.. He is! MS is delayed quotes by 15 min? Can you change that? Go to the Gear icon near the upper right area of the chart and choose Nasdaq. where do we find the spread sheet of the 197? Linked at — look for the Weekly Industry Group section. Once you click on the link it will download the spreadsheet! Thanks DSC! live answered Thanks, Ed and Ali. live answered ali’s the best! live answered Retailers being hit by smash and grab mobs That certainly has been getting a lot of media attn, for sure, Robert. But I would say outlooks, data on monthly or quarterly sales would impact the stocks more. About 3 or 4 years ago, wife and I witnessed a smash and grab mob of six run
right past us and out of the Apple store in Century City outdoor mall, in West LA. AAPL up quite a lot since then… DOCS up 8.78%. crossing DT line-poor RS Right at the 21-day line.Would like to see a move above the 50-day line as well. Keeping an eye on DOCS. RIVN reports tomorrow. Thoughts? I don’t believe RIVN reports tomorrow. That was an estimate on MS. Don’t see anything about upcoming results at Rivian’s investor relations site. IWM just went negative. is this the canary in the coal mine? Chart looks broken. Thank you Chris live answered TWTR halted on news of Jack Dorsey’s potential replacement. live answered Lets use this technical feature to look at NVDA. Comparison. live answered How can I add an indicator like the 10 day MA to my Marketsmith? Thanks. Ali you are so pretty! Click on the wrench. Go to Custom Chart Elements -> Moving Averages -> and then you can customize! How do you have marketsmith without IBD? That’s like a peanut butter sandwich without jelly. Just doesn’t make sense. Ha! A PB sandwich isn’t bad… but agree PB&J is much better 🙂 is the RS 3 and 6 month an average? Not sure what you mean, but I think the 3-month RS Rating covers a stock’s price performance w/ all other stocks in the database over the past 3 months. Same deal for RS 6-month Rating. Good morning. Thoughts about AFRM? Here’s our regularly updated feature on Affirm. Early gains today are reversing, so it’s further below any potential entry for now. — Well said Justin! I have used the same approach as well as looking at the left side of the chart to see how far it gets extended above moving avgs before it pulls back. Once it gets to that level, I either scale out or watch super closely for sell signals Good to hear. Thank you so much!! live answered LCID? live answered Chris – what’s the name of Bill’s model book? Thanks! Model Stocks. It’s in the Online Courses in the Store on Noticed many excellent improvements. Is the the WSJ merger providing you benefits that are leading to strengthening your platforms? I’m impressed, but that does not say much because I am easily impressed…… 😉 Thanks for sharing this note Jon! Our digital teams and president, Jerry Ferrara, will be happy to hear this. The Dow Jones and IBD digital product and data teams are indeed working closely together. Nice, for instance, to see MarketWatch and now WSJ articles available for view in the News panel for MS users too… For the new Technical readings, is there an easy explanation between the 10 week, vs 50 day moving averages? There values are difference, but the descriptions sound functionally identical. Thank you! 50-day has 50 data points. 10-week has 10 data points would LCID still have overhead resistance Totally right, Eric, produced by that vertical move near 60 and initial top. And that’s a psychological price level for funds, IMHO. After tax margin on LUCID We need to watch for that, once Lucid posts big sales and hopefully some earnings. Hello. Is there a way to search for the stocks based on the chart pattern? Thanks Not yet but we plan to add that feature. I’m sorry, but for the life of me, I cannot grasp why IBD seems to be against the use of the % Trailing Stop Loss tool. I understand getting “stopped out” of stock. But if I start with a 7% stop loss, and then tighten it up to to preserve
gains, why would I not to take advantage of that? I realize that the auto trailing stop-loss trades only execute during trading hours. Shorter-term moving averages like the 10-day and 21-day can act like trailing stops! #60 Industry Group is a negative? It depends. If the group ranking is falling from top 10 or top 20, then falling, then we would think something in terms of six-month price performance is changing. But, if that ranking was formerly 120th, or 180th, now that’s what you want
to see on the long side. and LRCX Why is that not a double bottom? Hard to spot the W. I suppose you could have bought as LRCX rebounded from the 200-day line … around a possible W buy point of 622.09. Or is the middle of the W at 659.49? the model book that was mentioned, I’m looking in online courses, so do I have to purchase a course or can i just buy this book? the link you sent takes me to leaderboard subscription. The charts are only available in the online course now. $AMBA please show where the $19 move is mentioned on marketsmith live answered Any advice on DKS with it dipping below 50 day line. live answered NET live answered Twitter appoints Parag Agrawal as CEO, effective immediately Thanks CFLT_ Something like SNOW, infrastructure software for Clouds live answered Please close todays session with quick analysis of the market sliding since the open. live answered Whiting is almost 90% oil, but they hedge a lot. Thanks. what are all those different colors in the volume Blue = up day; pink = down day MIME? live answered i’m also seeing gold and green Strange. I don’t see that. MSFT is rebounding on huge volume — comments on it’s action would be appreciated…. MSFT is perhaps *the* megacap leader – steady and strong. Nice action today. You have to buy ABNB at the 50 day live answered I had DKS from 3/15, i just closed my final position. live answered welcome back Ken. live answered Great work everyone. I really appreciate your input. live answered This variant is bs Maybe it is! But it’s the market reaction that matters. And I don’t think the market was looking great heading into Thanksgiving. TWTR has resumed trading live answered SBLK? Breaking a trendline Shipping firms are doing OK today. This market is tough but you need some exposure going into year end. live answered I agree with you Ed. thank you live answered THanks Justin. Good to keep positive! live answered

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