IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Nov. 15, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good Morning! GM Narayanan! Good morning cast and crew! Hailing from beautiful Mazatlan! lucky you! (ADDITIONAL ANSWER) Lucky you, HatMan 2! Have a wonderful time! Haven’t seen Chris and Ken in a long time! We’re both in dark ops today and will be on tomorrow. Someone sent me a link on selling into strength last week, think it was Ken, but I lost it, could someone post some suggestions? Hi Glen, we do have a number of sell signal Investor’s Corner articles on the live faq page; but here are some that may help? and
and Good morning from Boston morning Beantown. Enjoy. Good Morning Justin! It was great to meet you again this past weekend! Great meeting you too, Michael. Welcome back Ken! Good to be back. Good morning, the nicest people!!! GM David David! Nice to have you too! HatMan David GM from Historic Philadelphia GM Dave Is INMD extended? Yes, INMD has tested its 10-week line several times after breakout from base in June. Even it forms new base from here, it would be later stage. Welcome back Ken! Thank you Margaret! What are your thoughts on the recharging stocks – eg. EVGO? Really nice rally lately! Looks like you could have drawn a trend line from the 2/16 high near 20, hitting the 16.64 near-term high on 6/28, and you get a trendline breakout near 13 on 11/8. That same day, EVGO crossed its 200-day MA. Bullish.
At this point, will EVGO keep seeing resistance near 20, and perhaps form a handle or a smaller base? symbols? TWKS, ZIP, AIP, S Good morning IBD Live! GM Jeffrey! Let’s make it a great week of trading and investing. What do you think about CMG? Early buy point? Agree. After the solid breakout past the base near 1,580, this is the first rebound back above the 50-day MA/10-week line. Friday’s action bullish indeed. Hello folks. Cathy Wood bought DDD recently. What are your thoughts of DDD? Technicals very weak (big sellers in the stock last week) but that doesn’t bother Cathy Wood. Pass for me. Good morning, GM Peter When the ducks are quacking, we West Tennessee duck hunters take action, but that action is not to feed them. Ha ha! Nice color Robert! UPST: My cushion is all used up on this one. It looks like it’s broken, is it an exit ? live answered GM from Cape Cod GM Phil. What a great day for Mac Jones at the Patriots. Impressive win for New England, congrats. Good Am IBD Gang. Hi James! When do we get Ken Shreve and Harold Morris – miss those dudes Thanks Aziz. I’ll be on tomorrow. Ed’s video froze live answered The Matrix got Ed Obviously it was Elon. Everybody stay calm. Ed is downloading from the Matrix Ha ha, yes! GM Shane I missed today’s picks. Would be great if you could post them Scott on AIP; Justin on TWKS A deer in the headlights! Oh no! Welcome back Ken long time since you’ve been here and you were missed! thx appreciate it. Nice to see Eagle Eyes is back; what’s Ken watching this morning? sure like the way RBLX is trading after earnings gap. G’morning Team! I’m holding 1/4 position in INMD and have been looking for opportunities to add….. it looks like a 3-week tight pattern here…still too extended to add now? too extended IMO. I like to see a breakout from a base and then a 3-weeks-tight after that. INMD’s last true breakout was in June. It’s already tested the 10-week line several times which makes the 3-weeks-tight less attractive IMO Ed…love your Twitter feed. Thanks! Does anyone have some suggestions/views about selling too soon when there is a huge up move on earnings? I sold most of my RBLX when it came out with earnings, and went up about 28% after market. I thought it went up too much on emotions,
and sold very shortly after the earnings announcement after market. You can always sell in thirds. If you’re wrong you still have 2/3 of your position. At this point you just need to wait for a new entry. GM! Has anyone asked about the 8% jump in DLTR yet? live answered Doing nothing can also be the hardest thing… just sayin’ 😉 very true. What’s happening with CRWD? Morgan Stanley downgrade to underweight. Is NVDA converging well? Really holding gains nicely. Showing strength and support. Earnings due Wednesday after the close. whee is the RS 3 month rating You can add it to your stock list columns as well as screen off of it. Could you please discuss Square This one has really turned into a laggard. Don’t see much to like about it at this point. Bad price action overall. “What position is Riot in LB? Quarter? Where do I add to this position? How do I find this info for other positions?” RIOT is a half position, or about a 5% weighting. It was missing for some reason at the end of the RIOT summary. Just added it. MORNING CHRIS. why do you think steel stocks are breaking down with infrastructure bill is about to be signed? Sell the news is the most likely explanation. Ken, welcome back! Thank you sir. Teck getting hit, shouldn’t we be trimming the position on swing trader? We were watching the rebound but it is fading. We are exiting. It seems like the rules are changing for when to sell because of all of the rotation in the market. I get nervous to hold when something is up more than 10% like U. Depends on the stock. The leaders with real earnings and sales growth you can let run. INMD is a great example. The cyclical plays and stocks that you have less conviction selling into strength makes a lot sense. ASML thoughts please… Looking good, clearing an almost handle. Not too far from 50-day. Seems actionable. What about ONON on leaderboard with earnings? We’re considering a call option. Link here: Guys- what is the ETF that trades IPO’s? “Here’s a list of IPO ETFs from” TECK is on swingtrader. 4% down live answered I’ld like to learn more about playing “earnings gaps”. Does IBD have a place I can go to start to gather info/strategies/articles on the subject? Thanks Hey Lonzel! Check out for some resources 🙂 IPO question. I put a buy order on RIVN hours before it’s debut for it’s opening price. How come my order never processed? I use TD Ameritrade. Is there behind-the-scene buying that drives the price higher prior to the IPO? The market makers look at all the pre-IPO orders and figure out the price reflect those buys and sells. The IPO price is what the investors who subscribed to the IPO buy their shares. ABNB – I’m impressed how well LeaderBoard’s earnings options play is working out. I’m up 300% on those calls. I understand that we plan to exercise to get the shares so I only bought 2, but hey, 300% is really awesome. How can I learn more about this kind of amazing options play? We talk about it every week in the Earnings Preview column. Shopify? I was buying it last week around 1540. It feels a little extended even though it’s in the buy range of the consolidation. You could start a position here. It’s about 7% above last week’s support area. I’m waiting for a pullback or tight area
before adding. What happen to crwd?? Morgan Stanley downgrade How do you sell covered call to hedge NVDA for earning? I buy puts when I hedge individual stocks, but that is when they are 20%+ extended above the 10-day. Puts around earnings are tougher because of the volatility crush. Run the numbers and see if you can find a reasonable strike. Pay attention
to the delta that will tell you how much protection you will get. A 0.50 delta would mean you have to buy 2 puts for every 100 shares to be theoretically fully hedged. Would there be an option play to get in to NVDA? No, only because it’s too extended at this point. We’re open to earnings option trades, but the stock has to be in or near a buy zone. CROX all-time high! I know you want some:) Hah OK but I can’t find where it is to add it to the search criteria For the lists, click on the wrench in the bar above the list. Then go to Customize Column Layout. Click on Price & Volume and scroll down to the bottom of the section to find 3-month RS. Click on that and then save it to your column layout and then hit Apply. For a screen, go to Open Edit, click on Price & Volume. RS Rating – 3 month is item No. 32. Got shaken out of TSLA before the big move… would you consider initiating a new position here? The 21-day didn’t hold. Next stop would be the 50-day, but that would be a round-trip of a 38% gain. I think it will take some time for a solid entry. Any suggestions of “picks and shovels” plays on EV’s? Yes, the lithium plays. We’ll go there next… Where would be a good entry point to buy LIT? Might get support at the 21 day. That could be a decent entry. COIN Irusha made a good case for it on the podcast last week Could be building a handle to go with the big and deep cup. LIT is down as well ALB/TSLA/BYDDF are big components. Good morning team, thank you for Talking about DASH last week. Been a winner for me. Actually used them for a food delivery the other night. live answered <——Feels better when Ed calls me a winner 😉 Heh. Mr. Ed makes sense on ALB, when will he like TSLA??? Hmmmm Not going to happen. FB is bouncing off 50 with volume Good eye, Tung, and a bullish development again for FAANG, err, MAMAA stocks? This is arguably a trend-line entry for sure.
and Any thoughts on; if you can’t do an earnings option play, maybe do an equivalent sizing on straight up shares? Without math, maybe that’s a ‘pilot’ size position. Look at the market move implied by the value of the premium of the at-the-money put and call and size your position off of that. If they equal 10% of the stock price, buy the number of shares that you would be OK if the stock gapped down by
that amount. Chocolate cake secret ingredient: Mayo Oh gosh, sweet, creamy, moist and a touch of salt? Haha Portillo is the best! live answered PTLO – Italian beef/sausage combo. Add sweet peppers! live answered PTLO going up on lower vol Good point; this is not a buy point for sure. Too little trading history to really see an authentic IPO base, IMHO. This Investor’s Corner offers good perspective. ED — Do you think with Germany’s rise in Covid Cases is having an impact with certain sectors? Good Q, Peter, I wonder if EWG, the MSCI Germany ETF, reflects such concerns over the strength of recovery in that major EU country. Up just 7.3% YTD. TTD break out working . Nice! Internet content firms doing well lately. FB, GOOGL. . . Scott, we like your color commentary live answered TSLA up until 2 trading days ago, every single purchase was a profitable and correct buy. There were a number of times when TSLA sold off – a lot. That’s what I was getting at. Same as with growth stocks generally. Anyone who bought at 1200 has to be feeling queasy. Covid in Florida down 95% from peak Covid is like the NBA. Everyone goes on a “run” of infections. The timing is just different. Justin, Sorry I missed you and your family in Chicago. I had family travel of my own to the East Coast. :)” My wife really has taken a liking to Chicago. So I’m sure we’ll be back. ed, people stay at ABNBs more during pandemic because they don’t want to go to hotels But if travel OVERALL is down, that’s not a great sign for Airbnb. Again, I think the ABNB chart looks good. Please type link to 97 industry groups;—-/faq — I will add it to that page after the show’s conclusion! Of course, the stock market trades in groups; so ABNB might be influenced by the group’s weakness although the fundamentals might look different Yep. Just something to be keep in mind. And maybe travel stocks will stabilize and head higher. Are industry groups price weighted or cap weighted? CLFD is the big mover Price weighted. SHOP is also in a stage 9b consolidation. How worried should we be when the stage count is so high? We counted covid crash as base reset How do we get a look at the industry group spread ship? It’ll be added to – near the top of the page – this morning. Apologies for being s-l–o—w. Where in IBD can I find Justin’s spreadsheet? — I will add this week’s there after the show’s conclusion! is the new spreadsheet for the 197 group in the FAQ list? I only see the last one from 11/7 Justin gave it to me during the show so I will add it after we wrap up here! Globant to Acquire Navint >GLOB Thanks Danny. Ed, is there news on Crwd? Got a downgrade – citing increased competition/price pressure. S is one of those competitors – supposedly much cheaper. TGT — Staying strong . . . +3.02%. Good for those individuals who pick it up last week! live answered Thanks, guys!!! Have a great week! live answered Thanks guys! live answered Hey Scott that was your best final thoughts yet. LOL Heh.

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