IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Friday, Sept. 17, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning. GM Taher. Happy Friday! Good Morning IBD Team Hi Rupesh! Thanks for joining us INMD 2 for 1 split, higher pre mkt Adding to the news, thanks John! Ticker of the day ZZTP Sharp Dressed Man we have on the show today RIP Dusty! Yes indeed! Morning everyone. Welcome Eric! GM Brian! Hat Man nice choice of hats today Go Browns William! Good Morning Eric. As a past member of the Naperville IBD Meetings, appreciate the skills developed through this group. Thanks, glad to hear that you were helped by the group Hat Man – Browns over Texans this week for sure! Go Browns!!! Morning all. Hi Steven! Happy Friday PLTR and MNDY Thanks live answered Loving the hat David Cheers Ken! I love the Browns! (Especially when they win!! 🙂 ) CRM looks like its at an early entry. How does the team feel? Just broke the downtrend of its handle on Thu. as it rebounded from its 50-day line. You could say CRM is an early entry I think. Good Friday morning, team! I can’t help but notice so many blue “skyscrapers” on the PLTR chart. Is it still buyable here? It’s a little extended from a proper buy point in my opinion Hatman – Great news. Is there anyway, we can see the list that mentioned hitting high and low list of stocks. Thank you Sara; yes! on, pls go to stock lists on main navi, click on “Data Tables” then select “New Highs” — Click on “New Highs” and “New Lows” to see the sector leaders in these categories. David, why the Browns hat? I am a Browns fan, nothing more than that. Hi everyone, I came across IPO CGNT, shows an interesting acceleration in its industry ranking lately. Already cash flow positive a nice yoy acceleration on both sales and eps. I think is shaping a primary base, waiting for a break out. Any thoughts on your side is really appreciated. Thanks The recent action looks good. But the choppy sales growth gives me pause. Love the hat!!! Go Browns! The Browns are the only team that can rival the Bears with a terrible parade of quarterbacks (Note: this is NOT a comment from HatMan! Big fan of Baker. It’s a new Cleveland Browns!) anyone buying INMD with the 2for1 split? We’ve seen three pullbacks to the 50-day MA since the 6/7 breakout from an 87.10 entry; likely better to see the first 2 tests as a follow-on buy opp, John. Also, at 139, INMD is more than 10% above the current level of the 10-week moving
average. UPST, DDOG NHs live answered “Eric Krull THANK YOU SO MUCH. You and Mark C were my first mentors and some of the greatest CAN SLIM educators I have ever encountered. Owe you guys a lot. Thanks, Curt. Great to hear from you Curt GM Eric, in your book, the I-DDP takes around 1.5 years. Do you feel that the time frame has shortened down to, say, 6 to 12 months since 2020 recovery? For example, has SNOW, U, ABNB, DASH or even PLTR enter into I-AP? We ahve found the IDDP varies. SOmetimes only 3 – months Can you talk about RH if it’s worth holding if you are at a 3-4% loss from entry? Haven’t been getting any traction. It certainly feels like RH is showing fatigue. It rose 10-fold after all, from the 2020 low. Notice how despite sideways action for about five months, it seems like institutions are supporting the stock. Since June, I see three up weeks in
heavy volume, for instance, and only 2 down wks in above-average turnover. WSM RCII also acting well. Just my view. HatMan Dave Love your hat, Hat Man! Go Browns! live answered David – thoughts on Medical – MRNA, BNTX, NVAX, REGN, ISRG ? I do own BNTX again, Sara; I like how the stock has pulled back in orderly fashion. Also watching and thinking about MRNA. NVAX feels too wild and woolly on the chart. REGN, ISRG are def leaders in the medical sector, too. Cheers, HatMan — “Question on hedging for Eric: When you buy Puts on your own stocks how far out do you go on time? One month?” live answered Any thoughts on SBLK? Disappointing reversal. A number of shipping stocks slashed/gave up Thu. morning gains. Hi all, could PANW be considered a three week tight ? Huge up volume this week. Hi there, I agree. 479.10 entry, a dime above the high in the week ended 9.10. In the week ended 9/3, PANW rose 1.5% — that hits the upper end of the permissible weekly change up or down. Good eye ksoren! HatMan Dave — I would love to hear Eric’s opinion of UPST live answered TX -gapped down. Thoughts? Steelmakers having a tough time today for sure. Iron ore prices falling sharply for weeks – miners really getting hit – as China curbs steel production. Cheaper ore and cuts in China steel could be a positive for other steelmakers, but something
isn’t going well for them for sure. “Good morning….have been watching SNAP, wondering if the five Higher sell volume days 8/10, 16, 26, 9/13 & 16 are a big influence On the stocks ability to move higher….or should we wait for another base? Also, thanks Eric that was a great read!” Hi Ann, thanks for joining us and good morning. You are rightly noting some significant down days since that 7/23 gap-up following earnings. These drops have helped keep the “beach ball underneath the water in the swimming pool.” Interesting to me that those down days did have above average volume, indicating institutional profit taking, but they were lower than the volume seen on the gap-up. Weekly chart shows a reasonable decline and support near the 10-week MA. SNAP is a half-size position on Leaderboard. Can you look at UPST- up 3.8% – 2 days strong price move up live answered Where’s buy point on PD? 50.33 or is there a more aggressive trendline BP? 50.43 is the official handle buy point. Probably could use a downward-sloping trend line in the handle to get an early entry. How many stock does Eric like to have in a portfolio? 8-10. SOmetimes I get more say 10-15 when the market is very strong and I cannot decide which ones i like most SBLK failed breakout was very disappointing… live answered Good luck to the Browns, Hatman. Thanks Maruta, Happy Friday! Good morning all: Mr Krull. Great book. Could you look at MRNA and BNTX? They seem to trade similarly recently. live answered Please discuss SBLK. If you’re in, is that a character change and time to sell? live answered AFRM? could it go like UPST? That deal w/ AMZN is a big one. Keep watching what is the symbol for Eric’s IPO holding beside UPST? PLTR, and let’s ask him for more. Great IBD article on DAC yesterday. It seems like the bigger shippers (SBLK, DAC, MATX) are pausing or forming base on base patterns while the smaller names (ESEA, EDRY, SB) are advancing. live answered Eric: what characteristics you look for stocks in the I-DDP to consider them actionable? How do you screen for them? “I want to see average 50 day trading volume >$20Million/day and I want to see less volatile action in hte IDDP” GM, HOOD crossing trend line. Anybody like it here? Hi Mark! HOOD is still trading below the 21-day EMA; it certainly got support at 40 and retook the 10-day simple MA. But I’d like to see more evidence that it’s bottomed. My covered call expires today, $260 on UPST Hi Narender, did you see my reply to your call option Q on Wed.? ANY NEWS ON TMO…MOVING HIGHER live answered “GM, TX is down 4.3%, any bad news? please review it. thank you so much.” live answered TX gap down and falling beneath the 50D live answered Thoughts on how the 2-1 INMD split will affect the stock? Such a great run from the latest base breakout near 87, Rick, buying now would be chasing. Can Eric review AFRM, seems to be a powerful IPO in the making YEs, and approachng the old high, turbulence zone where I would expect stalling or a pullback How do to weigh the future earnings raises fot NUE? We buy on fundamentals and technicals, and sell on technicals How about FCX? Tried to poke higher on Wed., but back below the 50-day and 200-day lines. GM – Wouldnt the steel stocks dance with the infra bill, any relevant news there. Feels like market has priced in the infrastructure plans, Alex, eh? Let’s talk about MT … its on Swingtrader. I’m out. We’re taking it off. can we look at the indexes live answered GM everyone, can you guys/gal take a look at POOL to see if it’s flashing a sell signal as it’s looking like it will close more than 2% below the 10 week line today. Hi Steve! For new buyers, yes, this is a notable character change. Those who bought at the 449.54 entry point now have to get ready to protect their gains. Weekly volume looks to be accelerating. Good eye there. HatMan Dave PLTR — please don’t forget to cover PLTR Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for covering TMO! live answered Greetings, CRWD looks like an early entry off its 21MA or could it be wedging higher on lower volume? I don’t like how it limped back above the 50-day. I would not be buying here. TSLA up working on its 4th up week in a row Impressive! Happy Friday buddy Is TMO a long term leader? Yes indeed — Eric, where do you place MRVI in it’s Life Cycle? It looks to me like it has finished it’s IDDP, started an Institutional advance, but now correcting ZIM take profits here or hold for a longer move? live answered PLTR – are you bothered by the lack of 0MUTI sponsorship? It has good number of A+ funds, including Fidelity Large Cap Growth FANG looks like it broke a downward trend a few days ago and in an uptrend. What do you think? Probably could have used Wed.’s move above the 50-day line as an early entry. Nice pop today on buyback plans. SIVB – Quality upside Price Action after it reversed off 21-day on Tuesday. UP 4.57% for the week. live answered How does Eric choose the strike price? For hedging into earnings, he goes with an at-the-money put When Eric speaks of Follow Thru day on hedging, does he mean F/T on the stock rather than the market? Market! ZIM – That’s not a high handle at breakout? It certainly had that feel, good point. “High handles” that work are rare. This is one of those rare examples, IMHO. Notice how volume really dried up during that mild pullback. Can we discuss CPRT – down in heavy volume today live answered CPRT failed b/o live answered SMTC near BP. Please comment. Holding up nicely amid semi sector sell-off. Worth keeping on the watchlist. 79.54 entry intact. Best hat ever, Hat Man! Cheers! GO BROWNS!!! Thanks to Peter B too! CPRT seems to be falling apart. Any ideas? live answered DVN normal two day pullback after breakout? Looks normal. MNDY – is that considered Straight Up From the Bottom? Not really, even though it does look like that on both daily and weekly charts, this was a new IPO. We generally use SUFB for larger bases in non-IPO stocks that all of a sudden go vertical in just 2, 3 weeks or so and don’t take the time
to pull back or form a handle before making new highs. UPST was a rare exception in which SUFB worked. Plenty of examples when they do not work. ASAN what’s your take on ASAN’s action this past week? climax run ? thanks live answered ASAN live answered ASAN CEO is FB founder who has been buying stock to pump prices (and ego) – heard on the web live answered Isn’t ASAN forming another HTF pole? live answered ASAN was added by Motley Fool yesterday live answered Are the old weekly LTL articles still available on the site? I’ve tried searching for past buy/sell articles and can’t find them. Unfornately not. It’s a landing page in which the weekly update overwrites the prior week. Hi I appreciate the clarification on CPRT buy and sell perspective between LB and Swing. Is there anyway to distinguish when a Swing sell goes out that LB is still holding? The easiest way is to subscribe to both ;). But as Dave and Justin noted, we focus more on the monthly chart and RS line before we make a move on Leaderboard, assuming we have a profit cushion. Eric thank you for your time! Great show. Love your last name! live answered Thank you Eric. I’ll be getting your book and to my study. live answered Can we review key levels on QQQ or SPY live answered You have a tight stop on FTNT Hey Phil! Happy Friday. I suppose a tight stop would be key for more recent buyers. What is Witching Day? Here’s more on it. is ABNB actionable? Here’s more color! Still on Leaderboard too, as a recent half-size position. I missed the answer to take profit on ZIM? It may make sense to take at least partial profits, especially if more ship transport stocks show unusual weakness. Chips acting weak Answered live FTNT is bumping up against it’s 10 wk — up huge on it so far — would you consider taking partial profits in here on it as a position trade? Answered live GNRC looks great among some of the names talked about live answered Eric K : Great commentary today – I enjoy your book Nice to hear Marshall! not met anyone who does not like ON shoes… Interesting! Thanks Markus ONON… I’m a nurse a lot of nurses are wearing them at the hospital and they talk about how much they like them… Sweet! Thanks Brian Eric- Awesome job. Have a great weekend. Thanks Gerard! come back on again Eric you were great. We hope it happens! Eric Kroll is Great Great guest. Please have him back soon!!!!!! Never heard him speak but Amazingly Clear Analysis! Great to hear! Mr Krull would be pleased about this. Hatman – Would you ask Eric if uses secondary/follow on offerings for entry levels. I would use the FIGS pricing at $40.25 as an example, Thanks Alas, we did not have time today. Maybe next time?

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