IBD Live QA Summary, Key Stock Lists For Tuesday, March 23, 2021

to the entire IBD Live International Team on a dreamy Tuesday morning from Minneapolis Good morning Scott, you are the first to greet us almost every AM πŸ™‚ Hello David GM John! ‘Morning from Maryland! Hi Blaine! How about some Albert King? Ticker BLUE You got the code word Mark Good morning. GM Taher Good Morning, Jazz to start the day, I like it-must be The Hat Man Hi Gary, we got some blues today and more jazz soon thanks to Chris! Yes! 😁 Hey Brian, thnx for joining us! Hatless Man: That’ll do!! Ah, maybe one more day Good Morning Morning Dariusz. Enjoy. Good morning, IBD Live Ieam from Hope, Arkansas. Let’s have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!! I second that! Goooooood Moooooooorrrrrrnnnnniiiiiinnngggg IBD!!!!!! Back at you Shane. Enjoy the show. Good morning great music. Blues Power! And Hound Dog by the great Albert King must be a no hat day for HATMAN…GM 2 days in a row..what gives? Always good to see Scott and Jason too Great Wondering if any of you would adjust your sell rules right now and take profits earlier. I have had several stops go up 5-7% since I bought them in the last 30 days only to fall below where I bought them. Hey David, check out the sell rules section of the IBD Live FAQ page. There are many links to stories on the various ways we adjust sell rules: LULU – what do you think? Seems like it’s making more progress building its base. A new test of its now-declining 50-day MA is looming. Thanks Kevin. Good morning everyone! Glad to join you, the best of the best in the business at hand! Enjoy, Ronald. Thanks for the nice comment. Glad to see those friendly faces, and thanks for coming back Jason! Looking forward to another great show, including some humorous self-deprecating comments from Scott. πŸ™‚ Cheers Paul! Hound Dog, Ain’t no friend of mine ? Thought you guys would be talking about Data Dog DDOG. Not a Bad song but not one of my favorites to get the Nasdaq Going !!! Data Who? πŸ™‚ GM Scott, (aka rambling man), lol Brian True, I’ll try to stay “tight” today πŸ™‚ Jason good to see you back on Live. Sweet Good morning – any thoughts regarding AROC Hi Sicilia, would like to see this oil stock rebound back above the 50-day MA QRVO. Looks ready. What option do you think may work best? Great Q, Jose; since earnings for Q1 aren’t until May, I’d keep watching the stock for now; 191.92 pivot point is one to watch and thus going forward, perhaps a 190 strike? But it’s not the right time based on the earnings strategy. FB rs line good though, considering the 51 number? We typically look for a minimum of 80 for growth stocks. RS Ratings of 85 or higher are best if you can find them. With all the changes in the market and everything else going on I find Dave’s lack of a hat very unnerving!! I really need some things to be consistent!! πŸ˜‰ you and me both! Good Morning gang! Morning James. Enjoy the show. Welcome back Jason – What are your thoughts on AFRM now? still following the company. It needs to build a base which is has not done yet. to Jason – good to have you on the show again!! thanks! what is jason’s twitter name @JasonAThomson and what does the put call ratio mean today? The put call spiked to 1.19 (indicating fear) on April 1, just before follow-through days for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. The ratio hasn’t been moving much at all in recent months. The highest its been since Nov. is 0.74 or so. How can I find out which stocks are “cyclicals”? A cyclical stock is one whose underlying business generally follows the economic cycle of expansion and recession. These primarily include restaurants, hotel chains, airlines, furniture, high-end clothing retailers, and automobile manufacturers. After earnings thoughts on the TME $30 call option on leader board. Acting well today. Would be great to see some sideways action from here. Option expires April 16 with 30 strike price. Watching for now. it’s all good scott. πŸ™‚ Nana…don’t do that Scott. There is ‘learnin’ in those words (:> πŸ™‚ Tuesday’s sessions always very meaty on the news – like the details Hatless Man Thanks very much Hi Ken – can you comment on the 2 options plays – DKS and TME pls a d thx? DKS option expires this Friday. Our strike is 77.50 so most likely will exercise. Gonna be an interesting day for TME. We’ve got some time on this one (April 16 expiration). Hopefully, we’ll be able to exercise it at 30 strike price. W hit a pivot live answered Has Jason read all those books?? about 60%…always looking for great reads! jason thoughts no EV space I like the EV space — think we are in a multi-year move for the EV sector. Thoughts on GRWG into earnings? I’m up 31%.. Acting well. Could trim a bit headed into earnings. Or could hold all with such a nice profit. Depends on conviction. can you guys post Jason’s twitter handle again please? I’d like to follow him JasonAThomson are there any transportation ship stocks that are buyable or close to a buy point? live answered to David & team – BILL looks like it is ready to break through a downtrend line, if it gets a nice increase on heavier volume Needs to get above its March 12 intraday high. If it can do that, it will also be above its 10-week line. Allie and IBD team, great job on the intro to IBD Live! thanks Bill! must see UPST !! live answered TME NH thumbs up. If time permits, can we look at STLA? Thank you. live answered When you are covering FB, pls look into TWTR as well for ad rebounds live answered “Hey Dave How invested are you and the portfolios you manage and are you hedgeing any?” Hi Mike, I’m still quite heavily invested, and roughly 20%-30% cash in accts since I have been trying to invest in re-opening plays. Since I have a large position in TSLA in my own acct my other positions are smaller. Not hedging right now, it’s complicated for me! But covered calls do offer some cushion when the stocks fall. The calls I sold also fall in value, so I gain in the call. Thoughts on DKNG holdings it’s own so far in growth live answered Thoughts on LRCX??? live answered Jason what % invested are you? low % Jason, thanks for being here… glad to be here! AMAT, last week of three weeks tight in MA was topping tail, does it matter ? In this case not really, IMO; most of the weeks are pretty reasonable in price swing. fyi AMAT is on SwingTrader Yes, would be great to see it have a solid day today. AAL ??? Seems like these turn around stocks are not doing well….as tech is not doing well either. What does the team think is working well? It is a very difficult market. The Nasdaq comp and QQQ are still having trouble at the 50-day line. And just when you thought cyclicals were the place to be, now they’re coming under selling pressure. Very tough. Future Poll question please… top 5 conviction stocks from each commentator Thanks for submitting! WLK gap down to 21 MA Keeps doing that. Will it break the 21day or finally rebound? Feedback on SBLK please live answered “Good Morning! This question is directed to Jason: Could you please analyze QFIN at this point, with a buy or add on or even sell. The company fundamentals looks great. I know the price has gone up, but does justify the fundamentals. Please advise. Thank you” I am not familiar with QFIN Morning; semi space any thoughts on TXN? Thanks; good to c u again Jason just formed a shallow flat base; still looks early stage; 181.90 entry. How do you handle adding shares to a stock that you initially purchase at an early buy point? For example, if AMAT formed a base and you bought off the trend-line how would add shares when it passes the normal pivot point? I’ll add this to today’s poll Q! Thanks πŸ™‚ What are all of the circles on the bottom of the chart with a – in them and what do the circles with a + in them mean? Insider buying/selling can discuss NFLX? appeared on swingtrader live answered and direction of the RS line is important – I believe.. why IBD folks flip-flop on RS rating v/s RS line direction and RS v/s RS-3Month performance.. Generally we have the RS line – just seems clearer CF – turning into fertilizer or a 50 day bounce? Hopefully, it’s the latter. Can you look at HIG chart? High tight flag? “Great action. Not a big enough move to quality for a high tight flag, but weekly chart has the appearance of a short stroke pattern.” NFLX rating is 27 and it is on Swing Trading list live answered Please maximize chart. News takes up 1/4 of my screen my bad, thanks Ross Can yoy please look at VUZI and comment. Holding shares in my IRA and deep in the money calls in my Individual account. Is it safe to add more here? solid stock but not buyable now IMO. If it can start moving sideways and form a new base, then a new entry might be seen. Last breakout from base was week of Dec. 18. Jason, I like your comments. Thanks. Thanks! When you look at FB users, can you tell how many people are actually using it, or is that number just the accounts? live answered Jason – what are you current thoughts on reopening plays? Airlines, cruises, chemicals, agriculture, leisure? I like certain parts of the re-opnening trade. I would favor the tech side of that trade. MT please Off lows, holding support at 21-day line and holding above 25.85 buy point. Last time on IBD LIve Jason was closely watching TDOC which has fallen since; interested in his thoughts on TDOC & what to watch for now. Thank you I like TDOC. It needs a new base, so it’s in wait and see mode. Isn’t the NAsdaq running into resistance here at the 50D absolutely true. Good morning to my favorite show, I hope to see IBD TV channel l in the near future to watch it all day!! We do have an IBD TV app for OTT (Roku, FireTV etc.) in a “soft” launch β€” the IBD Live shows are not on it at this time, that would be very cool though! I’ve done bad things. I’ve been trying to chase TSLA and losing every time. Trying to catch a breakout with a tight stop and stopped out every time. I followed it down from 800 and down 100k. I hate TSLA and will buy one and crash it into a wall. I’m the resident Tesla skeptic, but TSLA has done well – if you buy it at the right times. It’s prone to big corrections and it’s not in a good place right now. Needs to get above 21-day/recent highs and really above the 50-day before it looks better. That’s true of a lot of highly valued growth names. hey can we look at TME! i am in and am looking to add here live answered Ali, and all. If it is a slow day how about running through the Long Term Leaders list and seeing if any are ready to buy? Growth prospects still compelling at ADBE. Rallying ahead of earnings Wed after the close. MSFT, EPAM holding up well. Can we take a look at W? live answered TSLA created a flat base before undercutting it and now is possibly working on a new base. If this base completes and breaks out, would it be considered a first stage base? I don’t see the consolidation at the top as a flat base. In any case, I don’t think anyone could think of Tesla as being in the spirit of a first-stage base. It’s definitely more late stage. Now, if it plunges below the last real base and consolidates for several months, then that’s a different story. HATman – talking about NFLX – Thoughts on VIAC on 10% correction today in response to secondary and convert deal. (6% dilutive). live answered please repeat Jason’s ticker on twitter JasonAThomson That’s great info, Jason. I recently read a great article on the forward looking death of the cable box. It stated that one of the big anchors keeping people on cable is sports. If, in the future, the networks, espn, etc could somehow be rolled into a strictly sports streaming platform that would be a game changer. I know I’d be in for a subscription. Have a great day man and thanks for your feedback I think that’s the correct way to view this sector. Instead Could ROKU be forming a short pattern here?? Has the look of an L-shaped pattern, but it’s better to see this pattern form with a low RS Rating. ROKU’s RS Rating is 89. Any interest within your group for DIS Yes, we may check in on it but we highlighted it yesterday β€” Irusha was saying a pullback to the 50-day would be a great opportunity to initiate a position Is CF on a short leash on LB? yes, we’re watching to see what test of 50-day looks like. Would be nice to see close well off lows today. jason you mention tech trade on reopening trades, thoughts on uber? I like the sector what is the proper base for NVDA? I thought it tried to breakout, then failed.. the base count continues and it could build a base on base Can you explain why NVDA would have larger TAM than other chip stocks? thanks. NVDA is spread out in the all the fastest growing industries (data center, AI, autonomous driving, etc) Ali, is ST group holding on to MU to see how it closes, it’s already below the 5 SMA. Yes, we typically wait to see how it looks like it’s going to close Speaking of patience, while I was in and out of numerous stocks, a friend of mine bought KSU at $16 and is holding at $250. Patience is a virtue. wow, that is great! goes to show, they are hard to find but they are out there are we updating the swingtrader list? thanks Justin is out this week β€” not sure if Chris will be updating it. who is Jason Thomson? I have never seen him in IBD Live He’s a portfolio manager with O’Neil Global Advisors What do you think about MT ? No sell signals, just retesting prior buy area. Would be nice to see it rally off lows today. where is the position size calculator located? thanks It’s on our FAQ page β€” in the Portfolio Management section! πŸ™‚ How does W Wayfair look? cleared 343.09 handle buy point on Monday, and still above that level. RS line not at a new high, but is at a new high for the recent consolidation. Definitely part of a strong area of the market with WSM/RH/HOME/LOW doing well. there was an earlier discussion of shorting short interest etc, is that in IBD Live FAQ Yes, we do have some resources on how we view shorting over at Interested in Jason’s analysis of Digital Turbine APPS. It is a buy now? 99 IBD Composite and RS rating. A tech stock that has excellent fundamentals and the stock is acting great. Acting well, but it’s got a very volatile short consolidation. It’s 15% above the 10-week line. If you’ve got it, great. But I don’t think it’s actionable here. How do you use the pen the way Dave is using it at the moment? Hold the CTRL key down on your keyboard and drag your mouse across chart, that will create a temporary line pen (and right click on your red line to active a trend line alert) Jason mentioned Affirm last time he was on. Is his outlook the same? yeah, still like the fundamentals and still waiting for a proper base. Hi Scott, not the line but he is circling. That’s a Zoom presenter tool! This market really sucks. Nothing is working. I rotate, market goes up my stocks go down. Treasury yields rise my growth stocks take a hit. No fun, and no where to run! Choppy markets are the worst. Hard to get any headway. Just as a stock looks like it’s getting momentum and flashing buy signals, it may reverse lower (even if the overall trend is sideways/grinding higher.) poll question already take place? Not yet, probably next Jason is awesome. Thanks for being on. Always great having him on… West lake looks like it is breaking down again. Thoughts very disappointing price action after breakout. At this point, I suspect we’ll wait and see what a test of the 50-day line looks like. Where can I find the IBD ready and watch list? Linked next to each day’s archived episode at Check out for more detailed instructions on how to find. Hi Jason, I have not heard before that the CAN SLIM method had a general rule of sell at 5% down; I had been following the sell when down 7% – 8% from a proper buy point. Could you please contrast the two methods / general rules? same process. An investor wants at least a 3/1 risk reward ratio. So selling at -5% and taking gains at 15% still maintains that 3/1 risk reward ratio. Is CF flashing sell signals after breakout attempt? Or wait for 10-week support? It’s flirting with a sell signal but also testing support at the 50-day line. upst round tripping…down 15%? I wouldn’t call that a roundtrip after more than doubling in 3 days or so. Not a surprise that there would be a pullback after such a huge move. Scott, is that 5% from your purchase price or from the pivot?? Purchase price πŸ™‚ I always appreciate Scott’s perspective. I also like his recommendation for the Zen Trading book. Great book, easy read and makes you think πŸ™‚ Alyssa took over being moderator AGAIN – she’s always butting in Hi Elaine! If you have a question for us about any stocks or our methodology, we’d be happy to hear them! Thank you for bringing up SNOW, Ally! Of course! Definitely has a great story and institutional sponsorship. But the chart isn’t acting how it should in terms of what we view to be in a buyable position How do you determine the character of a stock? Since big money is made in “the sitting” how do you build conviction in a quality name? Once a cushion is achieved in a stock, i don’t want to lose the gain, but I have given up so much by jumping in and out of a quality name. Hindsight is 2020.. This is a great one for a future poll Q. Thanks, Dan! Scott, you’re the Yogi Berra of Stock’isms,, but they make sense and have logic. Can I call them Scottisms? Of course πŸ™‚ Yogi was the best Hall of Famer LOL I like it more when we have these little stories. A lot of value in these. Agreed! Alissa, you are a great moderator! Appreciate the feedback, Alan! Lucky to be part of such a fantastic team Ali you rock! Thanks for your participation on this show each day, and your many other roles. Thank you β€” really appreciate this, David! Thank you Ali for your wonderful input in the show! Very much appreciated!! Thanks so much, Wendell πŸ™‚ You keep doing what you are doing, Ali!! Thank you, Bob!! Don’t let the haters get you down, Ali. You’re an amazing coach and a huge part of so many’s growth and education in the markets. I know you can’t respond here, but just know you’re very much appeciated! You’re too kind, Shane! We really appreciate all the thoughtful questions/comments. We’re all helping each other grow! What do you think of Sblk? In the shipping industry… is there a shipping stock you like? live answered I want Scott to say something LOL! thanks, Ali talked me into it. πŸ™‚ We love to hear you Scott! thanks πŸ™‚ I don’t know who told Scott he talks too much, but they are wrong. We LOVE to hear Scott’s views. Agreed! Alisa is GREAT You’re too kind! Let’s look at TME Answered live SNOW – I know you consider this a broken stock but it was such a favorite of yours due to fund sponsorship & it’s business model do you continue to watch ? If so, if the price and volume hold up today would you consider initiate a small position for a long term hold ? Answered live ASML trying to go big in China, but US/Biden…? Good point; I cannot imagine a sharply diminished relationship between US-China, economically, but friction? Definitely Hey Dave, you’re doing great pointing this stuff out, you’re a little sharper than I thought when it comes to this technical Analysis. I’m learning from you, others on Panel are great as well Appreciate it. Years of chart reading and learning from others seem to have helped. OMG I just saw David’s title “Hatless Man” hahahaa Good one! Not Hatless for too long! Just giving the hats a break GM SBLK is selling down on volume today – could we take a look at it and comment on the shipping sector today? Answered live Thanks Ken, helpful to get reinforcement on beginning to identify patterns. Good to hear! sometimes I think those on IBD live are not forward thinking but more reactive either after a move up or a significant breakdown. So, the result is that you are in an out of stocks so frequently that you miss the big moves. TSLA, NIO are examples. These stocks when they started to move were game changers in a new industry. It seems to me once you identify an emerging industry and a leader in it you should stay with it in the ups and downs. DKNG is another example. You should have recognized that this is more or less a new industry with big potential so pick the best and stay with it. That’s a fair point; if you have conviction and can stand the pullbacks while maintaining a good profit cushion, some of these leaders will undoubtedly grow into even bigger winners. David – GBTC is a buy at this range now? We’d be looking for another test of the 50-day MA at this point. Thank you Jason T! Your wisdom is great to absorb. I hope that you are planning to write a book…you communicate very clearly!! Follow him on Twitter! @JasonAThomson Great show! Thanks all!!! You’re very welcome! IPO MRVI price/volume? Acting like a leader so far! Bill, I am told, used the weekly charts. My recent buys are looking good on their weekly charts. If they build a good cushion, depending on their price action, I will be watching the weekly charts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Cannot stress the weekly chart enough! Great job Dave Yay! Great day everyone! Thanks much! You too Jason needs to be on more, loved his breakdowns today! Love to hear that!

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