IBD Live Q&A Recap, Key Stock Lists For Nov. 24, 2021

Question Answer(s) D.R. class on wedging yesterday was excellent! I think we are all thankful he is on the show! Good Mornin IBD Live and a Happy Thanksgiving You too Mark what is the music ur playing today A team favorite, James, Chris’ friend Steve Morton, based in Nashville; Immutable Laws. great music…thank you…soothes the beast. Great to hear; Chris’ friend Steve Morton is talented! Happy Thanksgiving IBD Team. I am especially thankful for your wisdom and insight in 2021. Thank you also to the Leaderboard team Exceptional “value added” Wow, we are thankful for those kind words. Happy T-day to you too, William! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL You too, Ed! No hat Dave? Hi Jim! Hat off today in appreciation of everyone joining our show. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Good morning, check out BSVN, it has really tightened up A lot of banks are looking good but this one is very thinly traded. GM IBD Live, many things to be thankful for, let’s do well! We are thankful indeed, Tom, thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and positive energy! Good morning IBD Live and a happy pre-Thanksgiving to you all. Likewise, Jeff, thank you and happy T-day! Glad to be back!!! Welcome back!!! Good Am IBD gang. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you A very happy Thanksgiving to you too James! Good morning…Since Irusha is here today we have to talk about BGFV…Big 5…LOL Done! Thanks for joining us Jay! hatman, hatman where is your hat? Hi Manish! Hats got the day off! 🙂 Thank you for joining us! Prepping a hat for sure on Friday… Good Morning. Nice MarketSmith hat you have there David. 🙂 I love displaying it when Irusha is on, Michael! GM! Good morning Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Respectfully request more variety of waiting room music. Current selection playing for several days is a little slow and depressing. We are working on it. We had a license for a large library but turns out because we have some international listeners, we were told we couldn’t use it and had to do individual licenses. Ali and Chris are working on a smaller library. Can someone clarify which days market will be shut this week/next week from the UK so i dont know the situation. “Stock market is closed tomorrow (Thursday) for Thanksgiving. Friday is a half day, market closes at 1 p.m. ET instead of 4 p.m. ET ADDITIONAL ANSWER: Market closed Thursday. Friday it will be open for a half day closing at 1 p.m. Eastern.” Will Friday be a half show? It might be a bit shorter 🙂 Happy Wednesday to all and may everyone have a Blessed Thanksgiving! You too, Peter. We are so thankful for your support and wonderful daily comments and ideas. The stochastics for the TQQQ AND QQQ had a divergent hook down 2 days ago above 80- as David Ryan mentioned to watch for- the higher price accompanied by a stochastic hooking down than the previous high in the stochastic. Also the price action
was an ” island reversal” on heavy volume- both warning signs. The SQQQ on the same day had the same action but in the bullish direction. I took a 1.5% in the SQQQ that day at 15.77. Paul, good observation on the stochastic, it didn’t confirm the recent highs. From what I understand of an island reversal, it has to be a gap up and a gap back down the vest next day. That was more of a reversal that engulfed the previous
day. Either way both are negative. Haven’t seen Ken Shreve Eagle Eye for a LONG LONG time. Can you guys put him back? PLEASE 🙂 He’s been out of the office for a bit but when he’s back, we have his seat warmed for him. I just signed up for MarketSmith and love it, but can’t find extended hours quotes. Can I watch charts in Extended hours or check my stock list in Extended hours? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Welcome! You can go to the wrench in the top right corner and then put a check mark on extended hours pricing. And don’t forget you can get a coaching session on using the product. Why isn’t U a cup and handle here? Normally, a handle forms before the stock breaches the high on the left side of the cup pattern. and Do we need to consider that being a short week, Monday and Tuesday’s Price/Action and associated volume was really 3 days of trading consolidated into 2 real days? Hi Peter! I think William O’Neil was truly astute in analyzing price-and-volume action during holiday weeks. Over the past decade, one year, he suggested to Chris and me that there was a follow-through day on the Friday after Thanksgiving
due to the hourly price-and-volume action of the Nasdaq and not simply day vs day. So, when we are midway through an uptrend, perhaps we want to focus on leading stocks day to day during this shortened week. But maybe we also examine how
the indexes finish for the week. If we have a big down week, and volume during this essentially 3-1/2-day week is higher than the prior week, uh oh. regarding U, EPS rating & Composite score poor, worth the risk in a poor rated stock? Great point, Jason; no doubt, new issues often have no earnings history, or are just becoming profitable. So, the EPS, SMR and Composite ratings will generally be weaker. I think Irusha really likes the business model and the future. Since
Unity does not have earnings, the revenue growth of 39%, 41%, 48% and 43% still deserves merit. And it looks like the annual revenue run rate is surpassing $1 bil. Net losses per share are shrinking too. I certainly would like to spend
time learning more on this one, as a $49 bil market cap indicates Wall Street thinks this company has potential. UPST is a buy. Quite a round trip, eh Gerard! Trying to hold that key price level for sure. when did they add the technival, market and pattern recog to the related info tab on market smith. Also why does the RS rating show N/A for a week, month and year ago? We talked about the new features in detail on Monday’s show with Scott if you’d like to go back and review the archive — they are tracking the RS numbers moving forward for that feature so they will eventually show up there! BKNG and TSLA taking a beating! BKNG probably fell hard on the GER-AUT Covid troubles, eh, Jeff? Any thoughts? is huge in Europe. Winter is coming…time to buy BTU..up 3 days in a row off the 200d line An interesting chart! Do you think maybe from spring to September, BTU was following the path of nat gas and/or crude oil? Good morning, comments on ONON. Thanks. Such an incredible two-day move on that breakout, Suzanna. So the pullback seems actually quite normal. Hot stock in part due to the Roger Federer connection, and its sustainable shoes and so forth seem to attract a lot of individual and hedge
fund action, adding to the volatility. 15-30% singles?!?!? My singles are 1-2%!!!! there are definitely some environments where it’s very hard to get 15% for sure. and even 5-6% seems like a huge win. Can you explain what single means? Going for short-term gains, as opposed to huge gains over a long span (which might involve holding winners through long, deep corrections). That was a great podcast with Ross Haber on that subject too, Irusha. You did a great job with Ross on discussing the “sacrifice” concept in shirter term trading. It was interesting to hear about Ross’s adjustments in this market too. Mahalo! Great to hear Shane. Yeah always great to hear how Ross is approaching the market. quick question: tomorrow market close for Thanksgiving, how about friday? thanks Stock market closes at 1 p.m. ET on Friday. The new features are super helpful! Thank you IBD and MarketSmith team-you guys are awesome! On the new Market tab in MS, do you know if there are any plans to enhance the Current Outlook component so that we can see the history of the current
outlook changes (at least for the current year)? Great to hear about the MS new features. The ETF strategy tab in Leaderboard highlights the changes in the market outlook for the last year. What is a KAGER? Compounded Annual Growth Rate K-GER? Compounded Annual Growth Rate TSLA turned up nicely Yep. Nice support. Some other growth stocks finding support, for the moment. What are the moving averages used on your monthly chart? 10 month and 24 month 🙂 Irusha spoke and U goes up instead of going down 🙂 well I didn’t say buy it and so it makes sense for it to go up! Ali, what are your averages on your monthly chart? please! 10 month and 24 month! Any thoughts on MU? live answered Ali, can you talk about the monthly on MU? live answered thoughts on LIN? live answered RambusRMBS is holding well, with micron going up seems that Rambus can follow. any thoughts about the memory sector? live answered Ali – how are you handling ASO in this pullback? Right now it’s holding the 21-day, which is great to see! I believe Rachel discussed RMBS a few “LIVES” AGO….Could you revisit it as a chip stock, please…..and Happy Thanksgiving to you all! It’s looking great! Extended to buy, but looks like a hold for those who bought the breakout to me 🙂 “Happy Thanksing – Love you Guys!! Can we Look at NET reversal?” live answered Thoughts on ARQQ live answered Can we please discuss ABNB? live answered Can we look at invh? Thank you and happy thanksgiving 🦃 😬 live answered David Ryan’s GOGL moving this morning on earnings. Still buyable? That might be a Charles mention. I don’t know the stock. ZIM down 3 days . Failed , live answered MP looks like a good play on rare earth, components of electric batteries 🔋 Yes indeed, good point Ron! MP been acting well lately! Handle forming too? Ali, two people asked what MA’s you use on onthly chats, one you resonded 10/40 months another you siad 10/24??? You’re right, sorry about that! Trying to multitask 🙂 It’s 10 and 24. This info is also on our FAQ page at thoughts on BROS now that a 50 day line has appeared Hi John, let’s see how the new base builds. Not too far below that 50-day moving average, a good sign. Respected 50 price level. Any thoughts on RBLX holding 10dma That’s def a sign of strength. And now the 21-day EMA is above the big base’s left-side high. I love this show. Cool. Cheers. How was golf, Phil? Can you poll the audience to see if the daily poll should be reinstated? We will bring the polls back! 🙂 what were the 3 liyhium stocks ALB SQM and ? LTHM — Livent. We have also covered LAC. FORD? Acting fantastic. You could consider taking partial profits, since it did hit the 20%-25% gain from the 16.55 pivot. They had a nice display at the LA Auto Show this week! Thanks Irusha, I have ZIM and will hope with you. Another show attendee highlighted some big potential dividends for shareholders, including a $2.50 per share for December. If they do this three quarters in a row, hefty yield! CROX is affordable now? Hi Eric, I wonder if a pullback to the 50-day MA would be more attractive, given its trading history since the big earnings breakaway gap in April? ‘@Hatman thank you for flying ALK! Alaska Air is such a great airline, particularly for us on the West Coast! Thank you Patrick! SE- Can we buy this dip? Hmm, good one to consider on this key test of the 200-day MA. Do you think the company has further runway for growth? If so, this could be an interesting bold, early entry. Thanks for all your input…this erratic market is better seen through your eyes and experiece. All the varying views expand my thinking…Happy Thanks… for…. your Giving!!! live answered Happy thanksgiving from Canada live answered Have a happy safe Thanksgiving! live answered 77 Dave….finally got my drive going well. Wow! Awesome! Congrats!!! Happy Thanksgiving! live answered Happy Thanksgiving everyone live answered

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