IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 15, 2021

Ticker of the day ELO No blue skies in NY this morning Let the sun shine in the Big A, Mark! Good morning. GM Taher Minivernini says focus. Do you trade both long and short term? Some of us definitely do long-term investing. Up to 3, 5 years or longer. The IBD Long-Term Leaders is a good list for this. Thanks for joining us! GM from Cape Cod. Market has been selling off at the end of day. Feels like the NASDAQ will go to 50 day. I’m trading AFRM SE SQ MSFT ABNB MDB today. Thanks for your input as always, Phil! GM Good morning “Hat Man Dave”! Hey Ben! Happy Wednesday to you! G’morning from Houston! I have a portfolio management question…..I owned a full position in MSFT and sold ~1/2 when it gapped-up to $305 on Aug 20; most of that was to capture a long term gain and to take some $$’s off the table. Today we see MSFT at a follow-on buy point with a dividend increase and big share buyback. Am I crazy to be thinking about raising my MSFT position back to ~3/4 or so? I know the market is a bit difficult these days too….Thoughts? live answered Good morning. Hope the day shapes up to be good. GM Maruta! morning everyone I thiught MEM Mcgoniglewill be on today Good morning! Sorry, whom are you referring? thanks Chris, much appreciated live answered Early entry in AMAT? It broke the downtrend three days ago. Looks good. I’d like to see it get some traction and clear the long consolidation. DKNG has great IBD mutual fund sponsorship. What do you think about an entry? It is on its 21 day line Also building a handle. I love buying reversals in handles. UNL – Hatman, should we be watching this to buy? Hi Sara, def not, I wouldn’t chase, just to observe for now. ticker for the coffee company please? Oops, meant to say that, it is “BROS” Dutch Bros. Inc. Sold 21.05 mil shares, raised $484 mil, according to MarketWatch What was the symbol to look at Hat Man? Hi Shari, the two new IPOs to watch are BROS and TWKS URNM — up 5.18% pre-market What a solid breakout Peter! MSFT gap up after rvs on 21D live answered ENPH, are we seeing a bearish trend here? It looks like there was a double bottom that failed to folllow thru. Exactly James, good eye on the emerging double bottom here. ENPH certainly does not look ready to form the right side of this pattern yet. After the February peak, it does not seem Enphase find immediate support at traditional technical levels including the 50-day MA, the 200-day MA. HatMan Dave — and How many days in a row was the nasq down ? Working on a 6th straight decline today. Would you please discuss RBLX? Thanks Hi Lisa, I do own a small posn in this one. Perhaps all online gaming/metaverse stocks are falling in reaction to the increased regulations being imposed by China. In any case, Roblox is still forming a base. Day by day, so volatile. Would like to see the stock build more of its base above the 50-day moving average. AA breaking out Continuing to move higher, wouldn’t call it a breakout. Good morning Irusha, Hatman, Chris, Ali, Justin and all.. What do you think about FTNT and ASML. Been holding on to those and buying on dips. Have some tight action now. ASML still a champ — in the market and in its industry group. Amazing Long Term Leader too, T! I’m not understanding how the market can be down 5-6 days in a row, but you’ve labeled the market “confirmed uptrend”. Really?! Big Picture takes a longer term approach and we’re still above the 50-day line. So it seems like a regular pullback in the uptrend and still not far off highs. SwingTrader is more short term and we switched that from uptrend to sideways on Friday. Dave, What was the coffee IPO? Hi there, I forgot to highlight the ticker, BROS. Dutch Brothers. SPY at long term trendline support from COVID lows, better hold here, or it looks ready for much lower Key support levels matter. Whats the move with SNAP? Below the 10 wk MA live answered BLD- can we review in detail please? looks like the breakout is failing live answered AAPL rejecting 50SMA live answered GM IBD Live, glorious crisp morning in Muskoka, let’s roll! Hey Tom! Weather cooling down here in LA too! Is Microsoft price sustainable at these levels? If have a big profit (900%), would you be taking profit here? It’s a Long Term Leader and continues to look and act great. Nothing wrong with locking in some gains. But I would let the bulk run. BUY MSFT! Stock buy-back program and 11% dividend raise! live answered Hi gang – EBAY strong start today – buyable here? Hi David! EBAY is surprising me; the breakouts in late Jan/early Feb and April failed, but certainly people are making money by making a gutsy buy near the 200-day MA this year. If you view a weekly chart, I think it would have been very difficult to buy this one on the breakouts and hold. AMZN turned down at 50SMA, looks ready to break 21EMA live answered ARKK < Monday lows While growth did OK on Tuesday, speculative growth is having more trouble. Curious, many of you speak of owning a limited number of position in big size, do you trade around those positions or just look to add on pullbacks etc.. I do that in stronger markets. Right now I’m trading more short term. Question for David: Any thoughts on what is behind the natural gas move and is it sustainable? Hi Daniel, I am def not an energy reporter or analyst, and so I’d be interested to see what Gillian Rich has written regarding the supply-demand equation. Also, it’s fall time, seasonal move? I added to MSFT, my cost basis is 255.00….good RS and good news Nice! Dave, UPST lost around 6% of its gains between yesterday and this morning. Still hang on? Hey Tamara, looks like the Live audience noted a nice bounce off the short-term 10-day simple moving average. UPST still looking good to me. Cheers CROX – big bounce on increased sales projections, use of recycled materials, etc. So I’m making money on ugly shoes made from garbage. Go figure… 🙂 Ha ha! The new economy. LIFO makes sense for taxable account. But does it makes any difference in non-taxable account. Not so much. But I still use it for my Roth IRAs for consistency and I also find that it helps my psychology. Using LIFO, I can peel off a later buy if it doesn’t work and still consider the cushion on my lower average cost shares to help me hold a position. Maybe it shouldn’t make a difference but I find that psychologically it does. Can we look at BLD please? Thanks. live answered Any thoughts on energy? live answered How does Irusha or the team define a good pull back compared ot a bad pullback? the simple answer is that a good pullback retreats on lower volume to a key support area. in an orderly fashion. you don’t see a lot of volatility and high volume. DVN live answered SM… Great day for SM today, no doubt. Some quiet days from here on may produce a trend line entry, Peter? GM -Thoughts on leaderboard holding AAPL after epic defeat a meh event yesterday and not much positive catalyst in sight until earnings except buybacks and a choppy market, is there a case to hold after the trim? live answered If Mike Kinkead is here, thanks for the great presentation last night at Boston IBD. Alwasy so good! Great to hear Joanna! Mike is a dedicated CAN SLIM-er! FOCS – Cup with Handle. Strong group. Hi Jeff, the group certainly doing great. Interesting how this one has not fallen much in recent months, but not much upward progress since the Feb. high near 56. Since June, it feels like more a flat base. A correction from 54-ish to 47, or 13%. Any case, the stock has slow and steady moves, nice gain YTD, but 79 RS Rating could be stronger, perhaps. Cheers, HatMan Is URNM on a 3 day tight? We look for 3-weeks-tight. Not that! URNM is trending sharply higher. SMTC – did we cover? Setting up in a cup-with-handle base, with the handle forming following the earnings gap up. RS line has improved after long slide. MOS moving out today? We just discussed this one, about 10 min ago? Right before BLD, BLDR comments NQ looking to test today’s lows, can Chris review how he monitors futures for market clues I focus on QQQ and use NQ for hedging. I’d like to see the QQQs take out the morning high. I have a feeling though that were headed to the 50-day, especially if it closes below the Monday and Tuesday lows. CPRT hardly keeping up with the QQQs over the past year. True but it has outperformed the S&P since 2016. INMD is recovering. Now above 21 day. What do you think? live answered INMD is a non-oil, non-steel stock that has done well since Monday’s selloff . . . live answered what’s the meaning of RS? is it same as RSI? Different than RSI. We have a Relative Strength Rating that compares the price gains over the last 12 months to all other stocks in our database on a percentile basis. We also look at the relative strength line a lot comparing the stock to the S&P 500. Is there any way to save the trend line? Hi Bob, yes, after you draw it, right-click on it w/ a mouse, and you can turn into an alert. YETI – 142/197 Industry Group? Good point. Weak rating. So, good to see if at least 2 quality CAN SLIM stocks hold an 80 Relative Strength Rating or higher. Perhaps the group has a lot of small, low-priced names that do not have potential. ATKR actionable? live answered I just bought yeti cups and cooler….love them live answered Thanks, Ed. Absolutely Thanks, DS-C U bet IS CROX actionable still? Feels a little late to me. We put it on SwingTrader on the bounce from the 50-day line and got shaken out right before the 10% jump 🙁 Does anybody like FTNT on this pullback? live answered SQ is a Bill O’Neil Monster type stock. He stated that the leaders rarely pull back 8% < Pivot, and “Find a Way in.” Today is obviously a weak Leaders Environment, but I bought SQ off the 40 Week < 8% < a Pivot on a difficult chart like many leaders are (coincident to 16% Long Term Fib). Do you recall bill buying < pivot on stress days like this? Hi Frank, great comment and Q. Well, the very best market leaders, after a long run, certainly are going to correct and fall 40%, 50% from their peaks. And so, it’s interesting how SQ has been getting nice buying support at the 40-week/200-day MAs. So, I do like your strategy, but pls keep in mind, patterns do get broken! Cheers, HatMan Dave testing, testing. Are my questions able to be viewed? Thank you We see you. Just a lot of people asking questions. Please resend. I suspect YETI will do well with Holiday gifts . . . if you review their website, quite impressive. When I drive through Chicago, it’s crazy how many people are walking with their coffee in a YETI cup. Reminds me of the early days of SBUX. Their cooler is amazing! live answered INMD has regained the 21 day. Is it actionable? live answered Love that Irusha plays FIFA!!! I get slaughtered when I play online as well! Shane, I used to play it 15 years ago; now I’m scared to play, probably would not be able to reach the midfield either! Ted Lasso, perfect anology Hat Man!! Thanks John! Love that show…… Anyone can comment on RH please? I ask almost every day 🙁 ..doesn’t seem like wanting to go up and is tiring me…keep holding if you are at 5% loss or keep holding? We were talking about it last week but it also tends to be one that has a lot of false starts. PLTR been in buy zone for 3 weeks now … this seems like a good sign Getting above 26.88 would be a nice sign – s-t resistance AAPL What is a good spot to enter. live answered ALI — Have you watched Selena Gomez’s cooking show on HBO MAX? — So cute!!!! I’ll have to see if my girls will be into it since they used to watch Wizards of Waverly Place. RBLX also down. If you would have bought last 3 times it dropped hard, they had impressive rebounds. This one moves Lance! Cheers I’m late! Have you covered MT yet? It’s a third stage base, recommendation? Yep we started with the steel stocks. TX was the favorite of Chris, but we also covered STLD, X, and MT. Isnt there an apple EV in development Supposedly, but we don’t really know anything about it. Doug Field, the Apple Car chief (and a former top Tesla exec), moved to Ford very recently. DS-C: Bob asked about saving a trend line. Can you actually save it on the chart? Yes! I draw the line and then right-click on the line, an alert box should pop. Some Guru on CNBC yesterday said that every time Apple has one of their big meetings their stock always drops. He said he is shorting the stock and expects bigger declines. Right, Michael good point. Our very own Matt Krantz just wrote about this too on where can I find the Q&A after I leave the zoom? thanks We put that day’s show up on A few hours from now, we’ll add the IBD Live recap, with a link to the edited Q&A and the ready/watch stock lists. Hey guy, I don’t get it. If you cut losses at 5-8% below your purchase, aren’t you risking it coming right back in two or three days? Every time my stops are too tight and I get stopped out, the stock a week later is much higher than where I sold it.Maybe not every time, but enough to bang my head against the wall. Shouldn’t you give a stock time to recover unless its a totally broken chart or some problem with the company? Buying right helps. But managing risk is so incredibly important, even if your timing is off in a winning stock. Can always buy it back if it sets up again! What is represented by the number in parenthesis behind the shares outstanding number in ZI? When you have different classes of shares (ZI is class A) the parentheses let’s you know the shares outstanding for that class you are looking at. You can always get explanations like this by clicking on the chart legend in the lower left corner. DS-C: Does that trend line stay visible on the chart? Yes indeed UPST got support at 10 EMA today Yes! Good point. Hope you are doing well with this super new IPO, Phil can’t seem to keep the trend line visible on the chart. live answered is webster going to give a cameo visit? power trend Boy we wish, Thomas CMG nice bounce today off the the 8/13 low of 1840 live answered Nice work today especially Ali Dave and Chris Cheers! DS-C: Thanks for analysis on FOCS. Any time Jeff!! Not as good as you Dave Ah no, not sure about that! I probably should have had more conviction and made bigger-sized positions, pal! Where can I find the Tools menu on the Marketsmith Chart? It’s the wrench symbol near the upper right corner. Use the app to get alerts on phone! That’s what I do. where is chart recognitioj patterns icon Upper right area of the chart next to the print icon. Great show…as usual! Thanks!! Cool! Thank you for a Great Show! Cheers T!

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