IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 25, 2021

Question Answer(s) A terrific Monday morning to the IBD Live Team! Only 2 months until Christmas !!! Hey Scott! So soon! Good morning. live answered Ticker of the day JGRN. Had shazam this one Good one Mark GM from Cape Cod. GM Phil; raining in LA today… good for the golf courses Good Morning from Dallas! Hi John! Good morning 😃! GM! Thanks for joining us Good Morning IBD Live! Great to see the crew! Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane!!!! Good AmIBD Gang. Great seeing you Scott, Happy Monday! Hey James! Played Hyannisport Club yesterday. Cape Cod Senior Am is next Friday. Neat. Good luck Phil! LMK how it goes. Market looks strong live answered Happy Monday nice to see Justin, Scott, Ali and David. Stocks doing well on Friday are EBAY and CLF to look at. Thanks Hi Scott! Thanks for the nice words. So, we just covered CLF. And EBAY’s move Fri is amazing. I assume the management team has found ways to post solid top and bottom growth again. Earnings on Wed. Just above the 5% buy zone from a 76.05 handle
entry. hatman refuses to shave moustache so that tesla can keep going up. That’s it! You figured out my subconscious mind!! LOL I wonder if the company had a subcription to SiriusXM if you could play that music for the start of the show. Other businesses (stores, bars, etc) play it for their customers. Just wondering. Having an intl audience greatly complicates the licenses. I don’t know all the details. Hertz to purchase 100,000 Tesla vehicles! live answered Should have sold SNAP at the open on Friday so I made a new rule. Good idea. Especially when the news is undeniably negative. I am from taiwan, where to see the sheet. Could you please pass to me? Hi Chiayen, welcome! Could you pls be specific about “the sheet?” Our Live FAQ page covers so much. And we’ll post a summary of this Q&A and the updated Live Ready and Live Watch lists after the show’s end later in the day. Since AAPL undercut the 144.50 low of the previous flat base, will the current pattern be a 1st stage base due to base count rest Good Q. The current base is either a flat base or a cup, it’s shallow. But that base’s low of 138.27 is above the low of the prior long consolidation that began in late Jan. So I don’t see this recent action as a base count reset. Certainly,
from mid-July to August, it traded really tight, but strictly speaking, it did not put in a minimum 25 trading days of work to form a flat base. To me it’s just sideways action. Hope this helps! Cheers, HatMan Dave — GM – Where do we find value plays? Sometimes, it seems the value plays are obvious well after the fact. Airlines in 2011-13 are a good example — after the GFC (Great Financial Crisis). When we began covering the oil E&P stocks this year, those companies P-Es showed they
were a fraction of the S&P 500; you can see the P-E vs the 500 on the weekly chart in MS. Good morning Ali, Hatman and company! Hi Ron HatMan! GM. Any thoughts on early entry for DOCU? I’d watch for more basing action with this one. Good morning all! live answered PWR closed a key acquisition very quickly 2 weeks ago. Yes, saw that, good point; I began accumulating shares in this one, John. I like how they’ll work w/ Calif. utilities to put electric cables under ground. This must be a gigantic project. Good Morning from Historic Philadelphia. GM Dave BRKS spun off its chip unit, so what group will it be moved to ? Good question. The sale won’t close until mid-2022, but we’ll have to see what medical-related group that BRKS will join. where is Hertz on Marketsmith? I don’t believe it’s on MarketSmith. HTZZ trades over the counter, and a number of OTC stocks aren’t on MS. My wife bought DWAC for $25. Thoughts? I guess its pure speculation at this point. Refer to Friday’s show for our take on this one! Is there a problem with MS? CRL showing up 11% on MS and Schwab showing up 47 cents. Sometimes there will be some strange figures premarket. I’ve seen Yahoo Finance show similar big moves that aren’t “real” Which Copper stocks look best to you? FCX has come back on the Live show radar. CPER and COPX are good ETFs to consider. 86 RS for FCX; TECK also mines for Cu but also bunch of other minerals and metals and coal. SCCO is a laggard. Def worth checking the entire Mining-Metal Ores
industry group. ASO on leaderboard? Not according to what I see SwingTrader, I believe Holy TSLA live answered I’m also showing AMD as a full position Thanks David, you are right. GM DSC. Great seeing you Hey James! That’s so nice to hear. We GREATLY appreciate your continued support of the show! how can I add to TSLA? Hi Maruta, keep an eye on a normal looking pullback to the 900 level. That would put it near its latest entry. I’m also expecting a new base to form and a first test of the 10-week MA at some point. Ali and Ed noted BYD and CATL are the primary suppliers of LFP batteries in the vast China EV market. BYD is Boyd Gaming and I can’t find the symbol CATL. Which are the correct tickers? BYDDF is China EV/battery giant BYD Co. — as opposed to Boyd Gaming BYD. CATL doesn’t trade in the U.S. Lithium/battery play LIT owns ALB, TSLA, BYDDF and a bunch of China EV plays … including CATL. Kudos to the Swingtrader staff for holding through the ASO trough live answered DSC! = David Saito-Chung, but also “Dirt Squirrel Champion” (of Movember)! Ha ha ha ha!! MSFT earnings tommorrow, thoughts? Buying anew right now certainly has risks as it tries to climb past a 305.94 buy point due to earnings, Rick, but what a solid move YTD. Outperforming the S&P 500; MSFT up 42% over past 12 months, SPY up 31%. Hatman – are you selling any TSLA stock today or putting covered calls ? Hi Sara, not selling any shares today. $DEN same situatikn live answered Ed – How do I turn pattern recognition back on in MS? Right above the stock’s price in the upper right – there is a cup-with-handle icon next to the printer icon. Click on that. SE down 5%, any news? I don’t see any. I’ll keep looking. CHK is up 9% this morning on high volume. Is this news related? Natgas is up 8%. Far more than oil. Scott out dancing like Darvas, this is his secret to holding VAL? lol not a dancer 🙂 but same idea, don’t pay attention too close Scott, we would Love to have you in Texas! 🙂 BROS down morethan 5% Looks very normal after such huge gains. CHK is in Barrons this weekend yep, but I think natgas price is the biggest factor. gtlb : friday volume is not good with breakout. Should we take volume into consideration when buying breakout ? Volume is a little tricky with IPOs since there’s such heavy volume on the first day ASO hit the Swing trader stop loss on Friday. Why was the kept on? Is that a manual override? As Justin was saying earlier — it’s usually a *close* below the stop level where do you look to see that natural gas is up 8% today? You could probably find this at Bloomberg, WSJ, etc., but I’ve tended to use CNBC – This is where we ST users thank Justin for closing the position in SE on Friday 10/22. live answered ASO – where is stoploss from last week’s trendline entry? For ST, the low of Thursday SE was bought 10/7 and sold 10/11 with a new entry on 10/13 with first 1/3 sold on same day 10/13… Thanks for the correction! Yes, I went too far on my spreadsheet. Our entry was 341.40. on Oct. 13 when we put it back on. I’ll try and jump on and correct that for everybody. Hello to Scott the Saint! Good to see you on the show this morning. (from Scott the non-saint in Mpls) 🙂 thanks, glad to be here Come on AC, the ball ain’t going to spike itself! Let’s talk about MNDY Ha, we’ll get there!! ASO – Did Justin say swing trader is taking some profits from Thursday’s entry? Yes; SwingTrader subscribers just got an alert that one-third of profits are being taken today. ‘@Ed ZIM earnings coming up, any news, pre-announcements, dividends, price offering? Haven’t seen anything except this. A ZIM container ship had a fire … but that was contained over the weekend. At one point ZIM was down a lot premarket (but premarket action often is very wrong with ZIM). Go MNDY… Ali, how do you use the software, for work? Yes, customizable project management/tracking Can we discuss FCX? live answered Is TSLA climaxing? Far too early for that. Could be due for a pullback – but I’ve been saying that for weeks! – but it’s just breaking out of a base (albeit after running up a long time). FCX – Where’s stop loss? live answered OLPX quiet period ends today, any analysts updates? Yes, a bunch of initiations. Mostly buys, a few holds. Most of the PTs indicated modest appreciation from current levels. TGH trying to breakout today live answered Is thursday’s low on FCX the logical stop loss? live answered ZIM? live answered With PLTR paying their employees with stock and therefore diluting the pool, is that a worry? Good point Tammy; well, I think most of the enterprise software firms do use employee stock options heavily. One thing I wanted to mention too: Not sure if Palantir’s aggressive investment in dozens of SPACs will work out. I don’t get the notification of swing trader what did got added You click on the notification and it takes you to the current trades page — the alert itself does not display trade info (to combat the algos). If you aren’t getting the notifications at all, try deleting and reinstalling the app! No David Ryan tomorrow? You just saw the special guests that aren’t on the regular schedule. David Ryan is on Tuesday. Great work everyone. Appreciate your dedication to the show. Super You guys ROCK! Ali with the Industry group excel ready for us and Justin and team with the notable tickers! The industry group analysis by Justin/Chris was really thorough. Thank you Chris for the notable stock update! live answered Excellent work Chris. live answered Can you please share the link for this excel please? thanks as always Ali, can you review how to access this spreadsheet? Is it fair to say the Industry Groups rankings move slowly? I was looking at G4010 Railroads and it’s moving rather well but still 126th in rank. Great point, Mark. Yes! those rankings are based on six-month relative price performance. i am lloking at the web notification You have to click on the notification and it takes you to the current trades page This segment is excellent. Thank you. Very comprehensive and fun especially w/ growth stocks rallying! Really appreciate the “notable tickers” added to the spreadsheet today! live answered Hello, I need help making MarketSmith show the day and monthly moving averagers lines. can you help with correct the settings? Hi Carlos, in the upper right corner, click on the wrench icon, go down to custom chart elements and go to Moving Averages. That will help. If you need more assistance, you can email the team [email protected] What does Industry Group data update? Check out our video linked on that explains how we use the weekly industry group spreadsheet! 🙂 it’s just under the link to this week’s spreadsheet. Ali: Did you compare MNDY to ASAN whn you chose the product for work? We are looking to one or the other… Would want to take a closer look at ASAN! Only 2/3 invested……well done everyone Hope you make lots of profits in your stocks! pltr – thank you David S!!! live answered Are breakouts working now? TSLA OLPX BROS FTNT are some examples.

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