IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Nov. 22, 2021

Question Answer(s) On Marketsmith, I am pleased to see three new tabs: Technical, Pattern, and Market. The Pattern and Technical tabs, in particular, will be quite beneficial because they provide all the information in one spot. Thank you for all of these improvements,
and congratulations to the Marketsmith team. That’s nice to hear. Score one for Scott St Clair! There you go with that wonderful music again from Chris’ friend…. Rinse and repeat; Immutable Laws by Steve Morton Excellent enhancements to the right side panel in Market Smith That is a big help with the weekend research Kudos to the team Also wondering if they are working on a layout view similar to the iPad for a Mac or PC That’s great to hear; the engineering team, as far as I know, work on updating the features on all formats as quickly as they can. Good Morning and happy turkey week everyone! GM Michael! Gobble gobble gobble. . . Thanks Dave!! You got it. Happy Thanksgiving! GREAT new additions to the Related Information tab on MS. There are some Bugs in the data which I have already emailed the programmers… Good to hear, thanks for sharing that feedback Rick Gooe morning team! A word on XLNX today? Hi Ginette, GM! Given AMD is planning to buy Xilinx, the stock would def drop if the merger is not approved. That is a great song! Chris’ friend, Steve Morton! Immutable Laws. Good morning Ali and gents! GM Anthony! From the dark ops Would you please analyse AMAT? Thank you! Stephen Hi Stephen, it looks like Friday’s drop was normal in these ways: 1) Buy the rumor, sell the news; 2) After a breakout that worked, you often do see a pullback that ideally is temporary and happens in lighter volume; 3) notice how Friday’s
drop did not penetrate the key 21-day exponential moving average, that’s a good sign so far. The Oct Q4 results look good, but I have not read through them. A 55% EPS increase on top of a 56% jump in the same quarter in 2020 is phenomenal
for a megacap company. Hope this helps, cheers, Dave What were the morning tickers? bill and gdyn Grid Dynamics is a newbie in IBD Sector Leaders — BNTX. Eight weeks up. RS low but headed up, bounce of 50D. Hi Duncan, plus a really good shakeout near the 40-week MA on the weekly just 3 weeks ago. It looks like BNTX is indeed building the right side of a new base. Happy Monday for what is going to be a beautiful week. Love all the Christmas lights! A few in the LA neighborhoods here like to first dress up their homes with orange and brown lights for Thanksgiving, then change them to Xmas ones. What spirit. Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Peter! Love your new addition to market smith!! Sweet!! GM Gary, thanks much for joining us do your due diligence folks. Thanks for sharing this research on Covid vaccines, Marc. Whom did Ed say was the leader in charging station production/business? Thx BNLK got a downgrade. BLNK, EVGO, CHPT are among the major pureplay charging stations. Is ABNB looking like it’s forming a new handle? It’s got a handle. Can it hold the gap up? Where can you find the new tabs Scott mentioned were added to MS? Related Information Panel on the right hand side Where do we see the Long Term list? We have a quick link at Why is SQM up so much. Have been very busy, and don’t have info on this. Not complaining, but it would be very helpful to know. Thanks. live answered LTHM up 7% live answered LTHM live answered SQM- Chile election run off overnight live answered Can we look LTHM? live answered Please describe ipo base again The first base a stock forms after going public. We have our detailed explainer at Ford just backed out of Partnership to build with? RIVN? Rivian. Does anyone know when exactly the President is going to announce his Fed Chair Pick? This should have a lot of releavance to the market. He said some time before Thanksgiving, but it would be very helpful know what day. Thanks. Ed reported this morning that Biden tapped Powell for a second term. It was announced not too long ago. Lucid is a car only Ed could afford LOL. If I live in it. Please analyze BILL It was the first stock we looked at today. are we not doing at the group spreadsheet today? We will a little later. ‘@Ed, Please look at GFS too if you are discussing TSM live answered When using a leveraged ETF such as FAS, still use the same 8% loss limit? Yes we use same stop loss rules Justin – the taxi cab and bus analogy is not a good one. ZIM does container shipping (MATX does too so they are tracking more similiarly) this is a good proxy for container shipping spot market Thanks for the extra information! Yes, definitely very different looking from the dry bulk. It would be awesome if you guys could get the videos of IBD live posted asap after the program while the material is still fresh. Would help a lot. Thanks! It’s a ~90 minute show so the files are very large, we get the shows up on within an hour or so after the shows conclusion! it’s interesting that Travel is falling due to Covid — but all the stay at home stocks suck too…. PTON, ROKU, DOCU, ZM etc. That’s a good point. They do look terrible. ‘@ Ali, I don’t see these new buttons. What dod I need to do to see them? Email our team at [email protected] for assistance! So if you subscribe to Marketsmith it looks like the IBD Daily would be included thru the market tab? Is that correct? In the news tab on the right you will see related news articles for that ticker — some may be in the IBD Weekly while others may be web articles. The Big Picture article is in that market tab! Can you explain Spark line? Sparkline just visually shows you how the groups have been moving in the ranks. I do a reverse of the rank so the line goes up as groups get stronger. Ali – Mohamed needs to relaunch fresh Marketsmith chart to view new tabs. Good tip! do you know OVV? Hi Bruce, thanks for mentioning this, we’ve talked this one a few times too. I wonder if this company has a bigger “weighting” in nat gas vs oil? Support at the 50-day MA would be positive for sure. ASAN down 10% today, breaking 50 DMA. Hmm, yes, big drop but MS shows it’s still above the 50-day line at 122.10. But clearly cracking through the 21-day EMA. . . FANG holding up better than OXY. You are right Sean. thoughts on TSM Great action today, Sunil. Arguably this is clearing an early entry near 125.38, and perhaps from a trend line from the long saucer base’s high of 142.
and BNTX & MRNA are breaking trend lines and were / are out of favor. Buy or add now? Hi Steve, BNTX is acting better; MRNA has not crossed even the sharpest slope of trend lines yet; but a continued rebound off the 200-day MA would be encouraging. Who is eating CRWD’s lunch? Still quite volatile indeed. Watch to see how it handles another test of that 50-day line and the 200-day MA. David: do you see my questions in regard to SNOW? Hi Robert, I did not but we are watching it closely. Maybe a new handle forms? Maybe quiet action ahead of earnings too? Ali is doing an incredible job, having to respond in Q&A, question all the right questions to the panel on our behalf, making sure all the topics are covered – all at the same time. She is truly gifted when it comes to multi-tasking. Oh my gosh, thank you for this feedback! Trying my best 🙂 Would Chris be picking up SQQQ at this level ? He’s been hedging more with Nasdaq micro futures lately. echo with Narayanan, thanks Ali So nice of y’all to say, thanks!! ED – thoughts on TSLA this morning ???? Looking good. As I said a couple weeks ago, I thought Elon’s stock sales came at a good time all things considered. Justin. Did you guys sell abnb from the option exercise? Exercised the option on Friday for Leaderboard.

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