IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 4, 2021

Ali, were you able to get Justin’s ETF’s that he uses to track sectors on the FAQ page? I could not find it. Hi Rick! It’s taking me a little while longer to get that list on there, sorry about that, but aiming to do today! YAY!!!! AWESOME. Welcome back David! You’ve always been so helpful, thanks so much! He’s very talented and a wealth of information. Is MOS still actionable after earnings Little extended. I’d wait for another pullback or consolidation. I missed the premarket action. Let’s see how it acts around the 10 week/50-day. Great to se David again. Question. How long on average does he hold winners and how long losers? And how has this changed inthe current market? Added to the poll! Thanks 🙂 Hello Scott, always excited to see you on the show, you have such unique ideas. Thank you! TY Shari, really enjoy the show. Always like to talk stocks 🙂 Hey Scott can you thoughts on why COIN does not seem to be moving with crypto? live answered NTZ is very thin at 4.7 million float I think it was MTZ he was referring to. morning scottwould you talk about NET please live answered Ali, NP, thought I was just overlooking it. Thanks for all you do for us investors… 🙂 Thanks for your patience! I also recommend checking out the webinar Chris and Justin did on “supercharged ETFs” not too long ago! Any news on SQ and PYPL ? Not that I can see….PYPL reports Wed, SQ on Thurs The dog ate the FAQ page. Same yesterday. Am I doing something wrong or is a fix on the way? Thx comes up on my end. Are you still having trouble? David, do you avoid the first hour trading? adding to the poll. Thank you! WHy do you look at GVA with poor earnings and sales Turnaround stories will not look good in terms of recent earnings and sales. After losing 3.18 a share in 2020, it’s expected to earn $1.17 a share this year and $1.68 in 2022, up 44%. QQQ almost always sells more than S&P 500, but long term it vastly outperforms the S&P 500 or cyclical stocks. Considering TAXES, it seems unlikely that cyclicals will matter much to long term portfolios. There is a lot written on AI and the inability for many companies to keep up with the network effect and compounding of the DATA advantage that the Big tech stocks already have, and will probably become an increasing advantage. Long term I agree. Right now after a fabulous 2020, they are out of favor. the SIRDOG —>Can you type in the tickers. please? STLD, IPI, RIO or CCJ, DEN, OAS, GVA I have a hard time understanding why so many stocks have beat earnings and still drop significantly down. AVTR is one such example. In most cases, the good news was priced in… What were David’s 1/2 a dirty dozen tickers? Refiners/Oil & Gas, Uranium, Fertilizer, Construction, Steel, Shipping Ali….how invested are each of you guys personally invested in this market…..%-age wise….? I’ll speak for myself. About 65%. comment on CF in the Chemicals-Agricultural group earnings Wed after the close, solid technical picture, but will need to a be a great report with bullish guidance, not just a good report with tepid guidance. Where can we see the conference call of MOS? Here: NUE: The up days and volume are great, but it looks extended. When can you add to a position? On the next pullback or consolidation. We talked about it last week when it clearing the latest tight area. I’d like a bulk shipping play. Feel i’m missing the boat (no pun intended). Is there a company in this indutry that is not overextended. Looking at DAC live answered Can you look at BNTX – down 6% today. live answered How do you listen to the conference calls that David Ryan listens to? How do you find out about them? How do you connect? You can access them via the Investors Relations section of any corporate website. Do you go to the stocks website to listen to conference/earnings calls in general? that’s where you register, yes. In the Investor Relations area. Does David sell stocks if it goes below 8% or wait if has conviction like in MOS? It helps buying right, doesn’t it. MOS has been an easy stock to hold for those who bought at early-Jan breakout. Thoughts on BURL? Tight trading near highs but test of 10-week line looks likely at this point. Thoughts on AKTR in the building and construction industry? I just wrote a story on ATKR and several infrastructure-related stocks last Friday. You can check it out here: Hope it’s helpful! IPI is less than $ 6 million in dollar volume. Yes, it’s very thin. That’s why I’m focusing on MOS. how do I buy the chart school level 3? Ryna talk about chart level 3 .Where I can get it. Would like to hear more about Scott’s thoughts on the relative value of different funds’ ownership. Besides Contra and T Rowe Price, which other funds are the ones that don’t “have to” own? 0MUTI is the ticker, the funds in this index are good to follow. That is a ZERO on the front FYI Please place David Ryan’s acronym for the stocks he likes and the stocks tickers …in this q&a thanks.. You bet. I believe this is it! SIRDOG – Steel Dynamics (STLD) Intrepid Potash (IPI), Rio Tinto (RIO), Denbury (DEN), Oasis (OAS) and Granite Construction (GVA). YES OAS reorg, filed bankruptcy TY Yes it was. I know Oasis TY OAS is defnitely a reorganization from bankruptcy Yep. Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the fall of 2020. MOS making a nice stand at its 50-day, isn’t it. Strong stock. SIRDOG- I’ve got all but the R? STLD, IPI, ? , DEN, OAS, GVA RIO or SIC DOG would use CCJ What was the R in David’s SIRDOG again? Rio CRL update please, reported earnings today and RS Line new high, buyable ? Extended from a buy point. It’s possible it’ll form a 3weeks tight but it’s early in the week to bet on that. Where can I find the Chart school level 3 book David Ryan commented on? has home study courses and this is one of them David is by far your best guest of all (and also so nice!), incredible and priceless insights!! Thanks for having him on the show 🙂 what are S I R stocks of SIRDOG? I think this is it: SIRDOG – Steel Dynamics (STLD) Intrepid Potash (IPI), Rio Tinto (RIO), Denbury (DEN), Oasis (OAS) and Granite Construction (GVA). What is the take on RILY? up nicely in premarket trading but now testing 21-day. Uptrend still intact but looks poised to test prior buy area or 50-day line. Not buyable now. Not sure if I missed this – but could you look at MRNA? Thank you! Vaccine stocks having a tough day after running up for a while. What about chip stocks? Any thoughts given the shortage and huge demand? The chip shortages are generally for these $1/$2 chips. I assume those prices are up, but we’re not talking about big pricey Nvidia graphics chips. The chip shortage is bad for autos/consumer electronics, but not really good news for the chip industry. MOS Looks like a Tennis Ball and not an Egg strong stock Twtr-double bottom failure ??? In spades, yes. 200-day line could be a support level, but it’s still a broken stock. Big sellers in the stock Fri/Mon Masterclass from D Ryan today! Thank you. Absolutely. We are luck to have him. Amazing teacher. What is your outlook on DDOG? Not much to say about this one, just a broken stock. What does he mean by long base, is he referring to the depth/width of the base? Not the depth, but the start of the base… You keep mentioning buying on pullback. How to know pullback vs sell signal? Low Vol pullback? live answered Ken, could you comment on FRPT? Been in it for a nice run, pulling back today. Latest breakout was from later-stage, 3rd stage base. Holding support at 21-day line after test of 173.62 buy point. Won’t be buying, but if I were interested, I’d wait until final hour of trading, see if the stock is up near highs and above 173.62 entry. can we look at sq and Pypl Not looking good heading into earnings – both tumbling below 50-day lines. David your advice to buy Bill’s book on shorting was so prescient. I followed your advice and bought the book and did what you said just read and looked at the charts. It gave me a whole new perspective on the market. I got out of names that I normally wouldn’t have recognized the weakness. It also made me money during the correction. Thank you very much!! I will pass along to David, thanks Russell CANSLIME……add an “E” for exceptions The SLIME part doens’t have a good ring to it, but yes, there are exceptions, especially with turnaround stories. And there are a lot of them out there right now. Scott – time for an ebay sale of IBD books in your garage. 🙂 I was only kidding, I wont sell them, nostalgic to me Can we look at Yeti It’s holding up very well, extended from buy point. Earnings next week. re David Ryan – This IBD Live video needs to be made available to IBD Live subscribers for a long time. Classic episode. He’s so good. Lucky to have him. Thanks, Ken…Love your stuff. Been following you for years and years and years….. thanks so much Roy, appreciate that. What was the “R” in SIRDOG? RIO SIRDOG – can you list the stock names STLD; IPI; RIO (or CCJ); DEN; OAS; GVA While talking chips, please review AMAT. Falling to 50-day line. Key test here. How about HZO Holding up well. Working on a cup base. Please repeat the symbols for David’s dirty 1/2 dozen and SIRDOG. SIR DOG – Steel Dynamics (STLD) Intrepid Potash (IPI), Rio Tinto (RIO), Denbury (DEN), Oasis (OAS) and Granite Construction (GVA). An alternative is SIC DOG, with Century Communities (CCS) replacing Rio Tinto.

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