IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 21, 2021

RBLX — PATH — UPST — All 3 of these companies have tremedous business models . . . superior talent managing their companies and great products . . . CANSLIM stocks!!!! It’s a matter of making (near) perfect entry buy points. Great long term prospects! 100% agree! Good morning! GM Blaine! to the IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis – on a rainy Friday morning: “Where is the sun . . . “ Play that Beatles song Here Comes The Sun, Scott! It will come out Good morning. Hi Taher. Ticker of the day KING Oh yes Good Morning Gang. Happy Friday!!! The glass is half full. Good luck everyone! Hi James! Love the enthusiasm. Half full, and maybe starting to fill a bit more? 🙂 morning from Hollywood fl GM Hollywood, FL! Hey Gabriel, glad you’re with us! Hatman Dave Good Morning from Tupelo, Ms,. home of Elvis Presley Hi Ed! Nice! Good morning gang! Happy Friday! Can we review market status with. Distribution days? Thx Lower-volume gains for S&P 500 and Nasdaq comp Thursday not all that compelling, frankly. Distribution days still in issue but good to see Nasdaq comp above its 50-day early Friday. Options expire today so could see some volatility late. GM IBD Live!! A Great Day! GM Brian! Hatman….Roll Tide! Hi Bill! Roll Tide indeed! Can’t wait to wear it on Live too, during college football days! NVDA rocks Very interested to see how it closes today. That Alabama Hat has got to go, Now if it was an LSU hat you would actually have something of value. Ha ha! Thanks Stephen. Just one more day. Actually I am a big fan of the LSU teams and their successes in basketball (Shaq!) and football. Happy Aloha Friday! Aloha William! I am noticing so many bases split by a 50 DMA. I recall my guru Webi saying he never liked those bases. Can you’ll please comment? I agree with Mike, the best bases will form well above the 50-day line. Good morning from MSP. Could you please look at ASH? And belated Happy Birthday wishes to Hat Man! Hi Herbert! Thanks very much! On ASH, what’s interesting to me, the breakout in the week ended Jan 8 looked quite promising. Since then, the progress perhaps has not been as strong as one would like. But with patience, so long as the global economies continue to recover and the “reflation trade” stays intact, to me, a 20%-25% gain from the 83.38 January buy point would be in the cards, IMHO. Also, keep an eye on the RS line; let’s see if it end its mild slope lower and begin to rise again. 1.3% yield, great EPS estimates for FY 21 (ends Sept) and FY 22, up 77% and up 17% respectively. Happy Belated David! Good Morning Everyone! Could you please cover the following stocks: QFIN ZIM PATH Thank you Thanks very much Payam! Really appreciate your comments. So, we’ve covered PATH, and QFIN and ZIM def deserve highlighting too. ZIM ha been amazing; I’d be looking for a break of the upper channel, and perhaps sell at least a third if I’m going for a short-term gain. Nice week indeed for QFIN as it crafts a new base. One small request to you: Could you put spaces rather than paragraph breaks after each sentence in your comments? The way you present your Q is excellent, easy to read, but it takes more time for me to format it in the QA summary after the show. Just a small thing. Appreciate it! AEO has dropped surprisingly- any reason why – if close to the 8 percent stop loss where I bought should one get out it hold? Don’t know why it fell so hard in above-avg volume – but a lot of retailers sold off this week. Breaking below 50-day line … you could sell here or wait to the end of the day and see if there’s a bounce. But the action hasn’t been encouraging. Good Morning Team, Any ideas on EMKR? Something is happening with it Wow, this stock is under serious accumulation. Bullish earnings earlier this month. That’s when it started to move. GM, had to step away for a minute. Which tickers were mentioned by panelists? UPST and SNX F is looking invincible 🙂 Hi Mohamed, yes, a great week for Ford Motor indeed! Maybe I need to get back in… Hatman Dave Does this mean the NASDAQ is back? 😉 Options expire today. Could see some volatility. We’ll see. Morning! Could this tech come back present a follow-through day today? The market never went into a correction, so we’re not looking for a follow-through day. Don’t need one. But we certainly won’t complain if we get a big percentage gain in higher volume. Good Morning!!!! Happy Friday!!!!! TGIF Lane. Enjoy. Good morning from Friday . . . I’m suspicious! Happy Friday Peter! what good economic news is Dave talking about? Did I miss something? Ah, to be specific, normalization of the travel economy; restaurants clearly going back to a “more normal” situation; the Philly Fed manufacturing survey missed views this week, but as some economists’ commentary noted, the index still highlights expansion; higher commodity prices boost the animal spirits in the economy, encouraging producers to re-hire or hire more personnel and invest in new capital equipment. RBLX gap up to Minervini type bp Strong move. Like this name a lot. So volatile though! RBLX retaking b/o from IPO base live answered Have any of you considered Nasdaq to be in a market-correction?, if so, today could be a FTD from the May 12 low, if the gain holds with volume. Your thoughts on that? We never put the market in a correction so technically not looking for one. But we’ll take one if we get it. Options expire today, too. why would ARK being in a stock be either “good or bad”? Many of the speculative growth names in ARK (with their focus on disruptive businesses) worked well last year but have been out of favor this year. However, their moves are still widely followed and publisized daily. Has BA just crossed a trend line? Good eye. Yes, but would rather see it move above its 50-day line with conviction. Still a potential resistance level to watch. UPST rocking hottiest stock out there? I don’t own it, but if starts to move sideways from here, I’ll be ready to pounce. Good morning from KL, Malaysia. Thoughts on ticker BBQ? Breaking out Making me hungry….great test of 10-week moving average, but too extended now. Don’t chase. ZIM is breaking out again after its little pull back. It has had this consistent pattern since its IPO and is showing strong technicals. Is it a good add on? Seems extended to me – it’s a ways above the 10-day line. ken talked about holding the 50 day and support at the 50 day or what ever average, could he explain please I said yesterday that there’s a difference between testing support and finding support. A stock can be trading near its 50-day moving average, but I like to see a conviction bounce before buying. Did I hear that nvidia is splitting 4:1? When? Split will happen after the close July 19. I asked about ABCB yeaterday and today its making a nice move. Thoughts Solid breakout. Trading well! Some days ago… Chris did NOT like the action in SM… This morning up 4.6%…. please comment on chart / action again it time allows.. There were big sellers in the stock earlier this week when it tried to break out. Still don’t like the chart. Good morning everyone, could you please expand your comments on how to identify a ‘reversal’ as it is happening? And, maybe highlight identified reversals at the beginning of the IBD Live show? Adding to poll. Thanks! what’s going on with AMAT? They posted strong earnings right? Up close to 7% on Wed/Thur. Just taking a breather. Close above 50-day line would be a positive. shakeout +3? What does that mean? Hi! We have an article explainer linked at 🙂 MSFT is it a LTL buy today? This is an example of testing support; not finding support. Would rather see a conviction bounce off the line. Would you buy UPST today? at what price? No, not after 5 straight gains and another one taking shape today. I’d like to see it move sideways from here. Look for a better entry point. SNOW – Accumulation has been great this week. Earnings next week, Wednesday after the close ED – TSLA “right at” 200d.. Yes. Interesting area. Definitely needs the Nasdaq to be moving higher. Do you consider the impact of wash sale if you stop at a loss and then buy back within a month? I do. You can really get dinged if you buy the stock back within a month. If you took a loss of 1% or so, not that bad. IQV hittin!! live answered GS — Back over it’s 10-day line . . . acting better . . . 2% from pivot. Financials are definitely haven’t a solid day. Nice action for GS. iqv follow on breakout! live answered CRCT- print it on paper, an hour/day from now you may be tearing it up. 😉 Ha ha ha ha! Many funny guys on this show, including our attendees Larry! I’m guessing that JUSTIN is playin’ with 3X — DPST today:) . . . +4.08% I was a little chicken. I have some KRE, though. got out of rblx just now; got out of upst yesterday Nice swing trades, Joanna! I’d love to get opinions on which long term leaders look like the best to start new positions in Hi Jeff, to me, CPRT is actionable today. Strength off the 10-week MA, as well as a breakout. In general we like our readers for LTLs to buy on the pullback after a nice breakout. In this case, CPRT tried to break out in Jan, but the attempt failed. It needed more time. GOOGL to me is also at a buy point, a new pullback to 10-week MA. I do own shares in accounts that I manage. CDNS, in contrast, would be more of a risky time to buy right now. Nice reversal in the works near its 40-week MA. But perhaps good to see more demand for the stock come back? Cheers, Hatman Dave — iqvs volume is two times the minimum Interesting comment, thanks. And right now, MS shows volume 2% above average levels, and likely going to accelerate vs Thu. DAVID — Are you a NBA (Hoops) fan? Hey Peter! Of course! Not as big as I am about football or golf. But, I have actually seen a Lakers-Pistons game at Staples Center. I enjoyed the Pistons of the 80s and watched a few Michael Jordan magnificent performances live as a teenager on TV! And being from Cleveland, I enjoyed LeBron’s achievement w/ the Cavs. How about you, Peter? Can you explain how stocks like STEM can have such a high RS when they have pulled back so much? Great Q, David. Pls keep in mind that the Relative Strength Rating looks at 12-month price performance. Not 12 weeks. Now, STEM has now traded for 12 months, but from the earliest date, still up 123% and that explains an 83 Rating — still good, but not great. To balance the rating, we’ve got an E for Accumulation/Distribution, a 0.9 up/down volume ratio. Hope this helps! Hatman Dave — These two really helped in this difficult market, and I also really like theri long term prospects. I don’t know what the team thins about them, but I think they have really good business. Good to hear. We’ve been writing about both at IBD, and that’s a good sign. — Buying off reversals: if stock is above buy point, isn’t it safer to buy stocks that you already own? They are a great way to add to a position. What type of watchlists does the team keep ? Are they based on industry group, technicals or some other criteria ? Typically a combo of fundamental and technical strength. I’ve found that a simple screen of 90 composite and 90 relative strengh had most of the last year’s big leaders when the market was bottoming and turning higher in April and May. Justin – are you still holding your position in RIO? I’ve cut my position by half. I sold some into strength, but did lose my nerve a little on it thinking it wasn’t the strongest in the group. are you guys going through the individual charts all through out the day? or do you work like a team and talk to eachother to make it easier? One of the things I miss the most about not being in the office is missing the discussions that would happen throughout the day. We usually have a couple zoom calls a day and then texts and emails. Not the same though 🙁 I get my second vaccine shot tomorrow. What if the weekly shows a reversal but Friday was not a reversal? Great Q, Suzy, to me the weekly chart will give you a sense of the reversal, even if it’s quiet on Thu or Fri. do you the smart alerts for reversals? Yes. I keep my watchlist in the Smart Alerts. too early for Unity Software? Way too early. PATH is rocking without me I’d like to see it consolidate below its left-side high. Feel like I’d be chasing at this point. TX…..I like it. Nice one Chris Holding up pretty well as the market fades. Please explain why you don’t like SM chart, missed discussion from a couple days ago that was mentioned in earlier comment. For me, it’s because of the close near lows on May 18 in heavy volume. Thoughts on ASO, hasn’t really done anything wrong.. but dissapppointing w/market actions last couple days.. live answered There aren’t any A or A+ funds in TX though? That is worst element of this stock. The risk is small enough for me. Why does IBD graph for TX have the 50-day SMA in a different place (relative to the last 3 days action) than in TOS? I use both. TOS shows it closing below the 50 two days ago and IBD does not. I’ve never seen this discrepancy before When companies issue speical dividends greater than 3%, we adjust the price like a split. We feel companies shouldn’t be penalized pricewise for giving money to shareholders. If you look at the daily chart, you’ll see a special dividend and a 105/100 split. Ed, on the home sales drop, it is mainly because of inventory and not so much that the demand is down. The demand is up and prices are still going up! Good point! I was reading – home sales are down because supply is down. For every listing there’s 5.1 offers and half of the homes are being sold above list price. In my area, seems like everything is getting 20+ offers and winning bid is at least 10% above list price. Good morning is the power trend still going on? No. The 21-day line moved below the 50-day line turning the power trend off. It was already under pressure for a couple weeks. Ed: Heckle and Jeckel, wow! Haven’t heard that for a really long time! I wouldn’t have thought you were old enough to know it. Perfect description. He probably meant Jekyll and Hyde by Stevenson but I remember the talking magpies too. Lot of old cartoons played when Ed and I were younger. to Chris, Ed, Ali, Dave – we are trying a different strategy recently in this choppy market: We watch what we consider to be companies with strong fundamentals / story, but are temporarily “out of favor” in a choppy market. We look at a recent low price, add 8% to the price to determine a possible buy point. If the stock is at or below the defined buy point, we consider taking a position. Applying this strategy to CHWY (Chewy Inc): recent low of 64..08 on Th 5/13; +8% = early BP of 69.65; currently price is about $69. We can start a position at $69 or lower; setting stop at $64 gets us out at a 7.7% loss. This means that CHWY will have to undercut the recent low. This could very well happen, but we feel the upside potential is greater than further downside moves. What do you think about this strategy?? Will look DAVID — Love the Bulls (even though they are awful). I find it very entertaining . . . and within the last two years started watching it closely. It’s a great game of chess and athleticism. I really get a kick out of the merchansizing aspects of the league and teams . . . . Nice distraction from reality! Cheers Peter! Bummed, I did not buy EPAM off the 21-day. live answered Noticed that SNOW, PATH, RBLX all on NYSE rather than NASDQ. Unusual for tech type not to be on NASDQ? The NYSE/Nasdaq distinction has faded somewhat in recent years. IS MS a 3 weeks tight? Might be after today. Could you discuss wash sale rule in regards to Hat Man’s discussion of AMAT, or wash sale in general I don’t worry much about wash sales Tyler! Can you please take a look at SNX reversed on low volume since live answered what does elanco do? your description makes no sense Hey James, will check, but there was a strong stock called ELAN, and I’ll have to see if it had merged with Eli Lilly, which then proceeded to spin Elanco off. Like ZTS, Elanco serves the pet and farm animal markets. Elanco spinoff from LLY Thanks SE!

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