IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 9, 2021

Good morning everyone! GM Blaine! Great song! Hi April! Ali, Chris, Scott and Hatman are Duran Duran fans! (I think) Please comment on TGH if time permits. live answered Good Morning! Hi Narayanan! ‘Funds New Buys’ list was published on IBD last Friday ( – I have a quick question on Number of Funds Buying and Total Mil $ Inv columns. Are these two columns indicate the change since last week or last month or last reported quarter? I can ask to confirm, but some funds do report changes each month. We’ll pick up that info. In other cases, it’s refreshed quarterly. Wanted to look at LCID today, my buddy went to the showroom in Arizona over the weekend and made his way around the showroom. Pretty impressive EV’s. Hi Jason, thank you for sharing this. The founder of Lucid certainly has real chops in this space, having worked at Tesla before. What do you and your friend think of the prices? I believe they are only selling the premium version. Ticker of the day DRAN Sub-ticker WOLF TTD earnings released this morning live answered BUONGIORNO DREAM TEAM , from Venezia,ITALY Welcome back Luciano, good afternoon! Is DKNG a buy here? Hi Elaine, Hatman Dave here. Just my personal opinion, but I’d like to see the stock build the right side of its base more. Let it prove that institutional accumulation is coming back. See how the 200-day MA is creating upside resistance? Drawing a trend line from the base’s 74.38 peak — or perhaps more easily to do so from the April 7 high near 65 — would have generated a trend line breakout near 50. DKNG hopped above 50 on 7/28, but notice how while volume was higher, it was still light. And then the stock got hammered back down three of the next four sessions. So, trend line buys are certainly not fail-safe. Hope this helps, cheers — Thanks to Scott for showing us the new bases forming and tight screens!!! 🙂 Good morning IBD team. GM Steven Good morning 🙂 Hi there Nikolaj! GM! Question on ENPH. It is on leaderboard and I saw it closed 8% below the entry shown. Is there a reason why it still is on Leaderboard? Hi Michael, you are absolutely right, for those who bought at the 196.12 entry, the 8% loss sell rule has triggered. We are noting an early entry w/ a trend line drawn along the handle near 181, and so far Enphase has not forced anyone to sell w/ that purchase price. This stock is hyper-volatile. We’re watching closely for tests of both the 21- and 50-day moving averages. Good Morning IBD Live Team from the ever-lovely Westminster, CA! 🙂 Hey there Ron! Likewise, Scott. Friday’s “Week in Review” was really helpful. Thanks! Thanks! Hello! Hi Yew! GM I wonder if you would have an educational session – like David Ryan’s – regarding holding a stock as a “core holding” and “trading around it”. I do this myself with no advice, or strict rules. Thank you, Linda! Made this our poll question for today 🙂 GM from rainy Cape Cod Weather matching Tokyo lately, Phil? GM. Hope you enjoyed the Olympics. Hat $SQ $ASAN Phil, how’s ASAN been treating you? Good morning. What are Scott’s and Chris’s stocks? Scott on ATKR, Chris on HCAT APPS please Certainly in a base. Notice how it’s locked within its 50- and 200-day MAs right now. 84 Composite signifies it’s not quite a leader year. But wow, tremendous gain last year. Certainly deserves a long break. Need to keep this on the longer-term watchlist. Dave David super article in the “corner” really appreciate the Quotes from the big hitters. Hi Thomas! Thank you very much. Put in some time in this one! Cheers. How does SAIA look? Looks pretty good. Pausing a little below the top of its base after nice move on earnings. GM Ali — could you please change the view settings so only the person speaking is showing thereby affording greater screen space for charts? Hi Wayne, we have to share the screen with this format due to production constraints at this time but we are working on reinstating flexibility for all users! Thank you for your patience BNTX isn’t this a true market leader? sure, its been an amzing stock/run. Based on history, leadership changes. But, this is the stock market, so anything can happen! 🙂 Best to deal in probabilities UPST chewing thru congestion area Indeed, one day before earnings too. Working through a new base. Thanks, Ed! It’s up three weeks in a row on price and volume. Think institutions know something? Well, it just reported strong earnings. Rivals are doing well, including ODFL * Could be forming a handle? Yes. I’d like to see the moving averages like the 10 day and 21 day rise up to it. AMD sure looks like it’s breaking down hard. Do you suppose NVDA and their new chip has much to do with it? AMD is pulling back, definitely not pulling back hard. So this is the new format. We are forced inot permanent side by side. Or is there some hope that we can control it. We are working behind the scenes to reistate maximum flexibility for all users. Thank you for your patience! I would love to see what the panelists are looking at on their side of things. How many screens, what do they have up? (Scott seemed to look nearly to the ceiling a minute ago…how many screens do you have, Scott?!) 6, long story short, bought this setup many years ago, think its a bit much. But a few extra screens is nice to have Can you please change the View to speaker on top We are working behind the scenes to reistate maximum flexibility for all users. Thank you for your patience! would scott be kind enough to elaborate on Jim Roppel’s liquidity principle if you could dumb it down big stocks that the institutions are in. He wants stocks that trade a ton of volume that Fidelity etc… own For those upset about the viewing format, I don’t like the loss of flexibility either. But it appears to be Zoom, not IBDL. I just upgraded to the newest version of Zoom and I am sorry that I did. It’s definitely Zoom’s fault – oh well… We are actively talking with the Zoom team about this issue COF down with the financials, MS and WFC. What’s happening? 10 year yield is down but off it lows, as are the stocks. Ed, what about NUE?? Great steel stock. Definitely looks good. Please comment on UPST as it now trades above 50D line UPST may be finally ready to build the right side of a base – but earnings are Tuesday night. What are all the blue dots on charts (Like SAIA)? Blue dots mark stocks that are in a base or breaking out with a relative strength line at a new/52wk high. Scott, I am sure you have done this before, but could you give an example when you were a strong holder and what gave you the conviction? price action and the “story”. can I imagine the stock/company much higher in the future? FB and PYPL come to mind for me. Sometimes I will be wrong though so I have to be willing to risk a lot of the profits in these names I am going to “hold” Ed…what’s your take on PLTR going into earnings? Stock ran up from 17 to 27, but has fallen back to around 20 … below 50-day/200-day lines. So I don’t think the chart looks very good right now. ZI is giving back 7% today in heavy volume — comments please.. ZI is a volatile stock … and it’s selling shares for existing holders for the second time in a week … so not a shocker that it’s falling back. Please talk about the two new entries in Marketsmith (forming bases and increasing RS line)…. Love to know the panel’s way of using it through customized screens. Thanks Scott for bringing it out over the weekend good idea, if we have time I will try to bring it up In your opinion who is the TRUE Market Leader LRCX vs Asml? ASML is the market leader right now. ty Louis live answered Ali, can you give Scott a few minutes to talk abou the two new Marketsmith entries today? thank you yes, if we have time I will try to sneak it in Good Morning: IPO hitinh rate is too low. I am 8/10 fail therefore I do not buy IPO.Sorry! That is what I’ve been seeing. My approach is to treat them like swing trades and wait until they start acting like institutional-quality stocks. Scott: I know you were in LAND early: Why did you sell? I cannot remeber for sure, but I tihnk I needed the buying power, was big position in my IRA’s, and you cant use margin there 😉 Thank you Lewis! What a great job! live answered Where can I find the industrial group spreadsheet reviewed on every Monday? We will post it to after the show’s conclusion! Can you discuss strategy for conducting industry group analysis on the weekend? It appears more than 90% of the top groups are full of stocks that we simply don’t trade (too thin, too cheap, etc) I run my regular screens and include anything that has $20 million in dollar volume, RS of 70 or higher and in the top 50 industry groups. Makes for a large list but I’ve found names setting up that I would have missed otherwise. Do you think it’s too late to take a smaller position in BIB? Clearly extended on a daily chart . . . . I bought it 4 days ago and felt it was extended. I would wait for a pullback to the 21 day. The spark line seems to run contrary to the group rank trend. On many industry group lines the columns that show the weekly ind group rank getting smaller (the rank is going up); however the spark line is going down. I will study this more closely when the spreadsheet is uploaded to the FAQ page. Many thanks! live answered Awesome Chris, really appreciate the detailed answer! Thank you. You’re so welcome! What do you think about the action in U? live answered What’s with AMN? No bad news, not earnings, but down significantly. Zachs maintained plus this am… Ran up 5% right ahead of earnings – giving that back. Take your Dramamine if you’re in ZI. That’s classic Ed <3 live answered Hi Ali! have we talked about FND? live answered Ed…. Do you still own DOCS… did you see all the growth funds that own it? Had a tiny position, kept a sliver of that. Didn’t realize how many IBD-type funds had taken positions. What is your view on CRWD? Hi Joe, we think it’s acting well. Some group members still showing signs of leadership. It remains a half position on Leaderboard, too. We’re in trouble; Scott is thinking about DE and WMT LOL so true, I own nothing but IPOs and high flyers so need some balance in my life DE bought an autonomous tractor co. announced today They’re def going high-tech, thanks Leslie Huge overhead supply on $U Yes indeed — FIVE is worth a look before end of show Totally agree, Jacob. This stock has proven it can run. And a number of brick n mortar retailers are having a very good year so far. I like the recent quarterly numbers, and would like to see the RS Rating keep improving. Hatman Thanks ED…seems like a positive for DOCS. Certainly does. But the first earnings report for a highly valued IPO is definitely a hold-your-breath moment. U: Can you explain why you are looking at a stock that has a low RS and is low in the long-term base? Great points. The only good reason we should look at U is the fact that it, as a new IPO, has delivered a good initial run. But I think the market will become ever more discerning about fundamentals within the new issues as the Fed inevitably tightens the money supply. Hatman Dave Can you talk about MELI ? Trading very tightly after Thursday’s earnings gap-up within the base. I like that action. Could probably buy it as it clears Thu.’s high.

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