IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 27, 2021

A wonderful Friday am to the best Investment Team in the world! Wonderful Friday to you too Scott! Ticker of the day VH That’s right If you look at SPY and QQQ, yesterday was a distribution day. Not so with the Nasdaq and SP500 indexes though. Can you discuss this discrepancy? Bill never used the ETF’s volume as a gauge for volume for distribution days. ASO at traditional buy point, is it actionable to complete a full size position? Thank you for mentioning it last week That’s one of those that came up so strong on the right side, I’d prefer it to handle out, personally. But the market doesn’t do what I want. nice a little Eddy Joe is a fan of hard rock! Well, at least 80s style Chris’s three syllables to replace Panama – Jer-ome -Powl 🙂 We’ll have to see if he can make it work when he gets back. always good to see Joe Fahmy…thank you for bringing on such excellent guest panelists He’s a winner! We’re runnin’ a litlle bit hot tonight, Jer-ome-powl owl owl owl… Ha ha! Nice Larry! Last time Joe was on he mentioned a Monday morning update that he does. Where can I find this? Hmm, don’t remember that Rick, but one idea is to follow Joe on Twitter, @jfahmy, and you could DM (Direct Message) him if he’s not shared on the Twitter feed. Good morning everyone! Welcome back Joe! GM Ron! What is going on with SPRT? As Ed mentioned, meme stock. No basis in fundamentals just crazy trading. Good morning from Chicago, where it is beautiful – low’s 90’s – sunny. Happy Friday to all! Beautiful, happy Friday to you too Peter! GM IBD Live … so helo me out, what makes a “meme” stock? Let’s roll! Hi Tom! There are a few sites that track companies mentioned most on Reddit. On a site called they currently list GME PTON BABA AMC and PLTR as high on positive sentiment, negative sentiment and comment volume on Reddit’s WallStreetBets thread. Curious about BSY. Man… painful. Squatted on me, still have half in one account and was hoping for an inside day. Any thoughts? That was really strange action yesterday. We put it on SwingTrader and had to trim it. David , loved black diamond hat, play there all the time, you should also play world woods next time in the area Hi Dennis! Thanks very much for the comment; my Dad played World Woods and I’ve heard good things about it as well. Did you know WW also ranks in Golf Digest’s newest Top 100 courses? I will def check out. It’s a glorious morning in Muskoka! Lot’s of GNRC systems here. Good to know! No Pants = No Taper… Yup! Hahahahahahahahahaha…. No pants = No taper! Nice Joe Totally!! SGEN – forming Cup and Handle? could argue a bottoming base (cup with handle with 165.25 entry). Don’t like the weak RS Rating, however. Is INMD way too extended? very much so…still holding on Leaderboard. (Non) Hat Man, you broke Twitter by mentioning Joe’s tweet. I can’t get on. 😉 Ah, no, not me, Joe and Ed are the TWTR heavyweights! 🙂 @IBD_ECarson @jfahmy @alissacoram MRVL thoughts? has been great at pullbacks. the earnings pullback seemed measured. live answered Good morning…Is Ed a bit salty this morning? Sleep on the wrong side of his TPX? Ha ha, Marty, nice to see Ed smiling now. Eddie Upper! GM from Cape Cod Morning Phil Joe always says “get a good entry point” – does that mean you always get in before a base is completed? A lot of times, yes. Joe – Thanks for being here. A big admirer and follower for years. Can you share what screens you look for and how do you sort them by in Marketsmith? live answered wondering about HIBB after good results. Not a great reaction to earnings. On weekly chart, weekly close in upper half of range would be very constructive. Let’s see if the stock can firm up. Are the Ready/Watch lists targeted for SwingTrader or Leaderboard or both? Both! DVN please… live answered Can you comment on AVY? Hi David! MS notes a breakout at 226.29, and this saucer base looks quite good to me. On a weekly chart, we’ve got a brillianT move after the breakout past 125.77. The latest quarterly results seemed to have justified why AVY broke out in Sept/Oct. We’d expect this breakout to succeed as this year’s earnings growth estimate, up 25% to $8.91 a share, is solid. 2022 earnings estimate is on lighter side, up 9%, so maybe good to keep this in mind. Just my thoughts, HatMan Dave I just came across two articles I clipped from many moons ago, “Taking Cues From Talking Heads? Market Offers Best Advice In Bear” By Ed Carson. 4/24/2000 “One More Look at All The Major Sell Rules” By David Saito-Chung. Summer 2001 Both articles, of couse, were timely and timeless. Many Thanks to both of you (and the whole team) for your decades of wisdom! Way to brush off the dust in the archives! Is there a difference between 50dma and 10wk moving avg? Not much usually, but since the 10-wk is using less data points since it only uses the close of the week. Big variations within the week will cause the lines to vary as well. how often is the IBD Ready/Watch lists updated? Daily! Would you say that CROX is in a 3 week tight pattern. No, Crocs fell 3.1% last week. Weekly closes need to be within 1.5% of each other. what is a leader please. Is it a matter of growth rate above a certain value? No, it’s a stock with top-notch fundamentals with solid fund sponsorship, showing leading price performance in its industry group. Daivid Ryan talked about Sigent Jewelers (SIG) in June, whuch went nowhere, but seems to be setting up now with volume…can we look at/ talk about SIG? I agree. Good looking base and a rare example of a stock actually showing accumulation as it forms right side. Earnings next week, Thursday before the open jitendra_please explain—–gap and non gap earning? non gaap earnings remove one-time charges and extraordinary items. It’s the cleanest eps number and used by vast majority of firms. Interesting. Thank you didn’t realize 10wk was based on end of week close. Thx For final sell, yes — doesn’t mean you can’t trim ahead of that! markets look like it responded well to the Powell comment? yes sir. Just to clarify look for stocks to hold the 10 week on the daily chart not weekly, correct? 10-week is on a weekly chart — the approximate daily equivalent is the 50-day! where do you find that option flow on a stock? Market Rebellion – unusual option activity Have you guys looked at Inmode recently? It went up against the market yesterday and it keeps going today! Looking great if you own it, but too extended here to buy! GOOGL, moving along nicely and just moved above a 3wks tight pattern. Would you add to an existing position here? live answered AMD has made a nice move this morning live answered where can I can that overhead story? Did Dave just say 18 months for overhead resistance? yes! SEMR looks like ready for a breakout? live answered GLBE, Is it ready to buy? live answered BNTX looks like a short setup here live answered sblk rocking. Got over 30 percent gain on that. Keeping it awhile – think it gets to $30 a share. Thanks to Charles Harris for putting that on my radar months ago. Bought it after it bottomed in July. That Charles has a tendency to pick winners… DR.D—–MIKE &CHARLES –NARRATED —-18 MO THINGS IN THE “MASTER PROGRAM CHARTS” Hi Dr D! Thank you for the comment! Glad you’re on the show w/ us! Cheers, HatMan Dave INMD comment please live answered BNTX – Weekly needs to tighten . . . Daily, has formed a Pennet . . . . I agree, Peter, I wonder if it needs more time to form a new base. I remember Kathie saying she avoided Biotech stocks – combined with IPO could lead to hyper volatility. Ah, good point. Kathy Donnelly, right? How do you feel about AMD as a pullback buy? We just added it to SwingTrader great words of wisdom today. i appreciate u all Thank you Bruce! The Fantastic Four! Cheers! INMD now reached 5 billion market cap, appreciate Joe’s comments on this milestone, thanks live answered DAVE — Buyers are back in town . . . we may have some strong moves before the close of next week. Sure feels that way right now my friend, but we still have to be choosy. any ideas on Upst? Acting well, David, extended above the 191.99 entry. Perhaps many folks avoided the breakout, after all the stock seemed to be doing a SUFB — straight up from the bottom — but the company is truly special in its niche. The more you view the weekly chart, the more you realize that it’s not easy to buy and hold during IBD-style breakouts in Upstart — at least for now. Was the 3 weeks tight pattern at one time 3% between closes. I’ve been hearing 1.5% on IBD Live. 1.5% put preferably less than that. Chris, does it look like FIGS is building a double bottom? I think you could argue a Shakeout +3 here. But it’s below the 50-day and volatile action so some caution is warranted. FIGS getting some love today Definitely. When you trim your position and you have a variety of buy points which do you sell the shares you bought at the highest price or the lowest price? Highest — last in first out (LIFO) so you can keep your lowest cost basis shares! What is Joe’s opnion on 200 Davy MA? For some good stock like URBN? That’s a great Q. Well, here’s an Investor’s Corner on the topic — NFLX pushing thru minor resistance pt (Y, i’m aware that it has been the FAANG laggard) The volume is quite strong, Leslie, let’s see if the breakout past 557.65 holds. My feeling — and I own shares — is that the earnings outlook is good, the Street is expecting some nice subscriber adds in the second half of the year w/ new content. Kohler has been making generators a long time Did not know that, thanks Jeff. Dave: Is SWAV one in this category? Nice action Francisco in this one! I like how the stock looks poised to become profitable in 2022, $1.26 eps estimate following many quarters of great revenue growth. ISRG made a huge initial move just as it turned profitable, I think in 2003 or 2004. I’m really closely watchin Shockwave now, Francisco! we will be having more and more natural situations where more will want backup power. Really makes sense. Solar powered powerwalls including one TSLA sells are real competitors to gas powered generators The Tesla angle is very interesting. Thanks for noting. Hat man!!! FIGS SHAKEOUT PLUS 3!💪🏻 Yes indeed Mike! Good action in this relatively narrow double bottom! Tell David that Kohler Power is an engine manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years, and is not the plumbing fixtures company. They’ve been making generators for a long time. Did not know that. Thanks William. Hat man, in your reply to me you typed the wrong handle for Joe. (you said it correctly at the start of the show). @jfahmy Oops, typed too fast! wonderful show. Thanks for your dedication and wisdom. Fairly new here, question: Do you handle big jobs reports (or other gov’t reports) in the same way as earnings – sell if you don’t have a cushion – or no action, just watch the impact? Thanks Usually not. Something to watch. I suppose if you’re on the edge of taking some profits/cutting losses, a big jobs report/Fed meeting could give you a tiebreaker. can you talk about tesla volume? Volume has been drying up as it tightens up – good action. IBD LIVE TEAM — Thank you for another terrific week. Have a wonderful weekend! You too! EDDIE UPPER! Indeed! Great show! Thanks, Joe! Awesome! Love a Joe Fahmy rally!! Fah-mentum. Great job Dave, Ali, and Ed Thanks Phil! Great show. Thank you. Have a great weekend, everyone! Super! Joe, Thank you so much man! I really appreciate your joyful way of trading. It’s inspiring. Joe is awesome. Thanks Shane! how do you spell his twitter handle? ‘@jfahmy

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