IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 18, 2021

Good morning. Good morning Taher! NVDA discussion with earnings tomorrow please. live answered Ticker of the day STAR. Had to shazam this one. Country not in my wheelhouse Hey Mark. A good ticker. Ali is a fan of this singer, I think it’s at least the 2nd time she’s played Chris Stapleton. What a good voice, eh? HatMan Good morning! GM Blaine! Always nice to have ya w/ us Mr Mischel! Interesting. The more time I spend on IBD the more disciplined I am 🙂 Good. Morning. Love it, Jerry. GM and welcome back. HatMan Dave Is AMD forming a wedging sell signal ? i got out of BSX Monday because I thought that was wedging too Hmm, good Q. From the D Ryan standpoint, I think he’s looking for a gradual gain toward a new high (or the left-side high of a base) and volume decreases, that would certainly be the case. In AMD’s case, it just a powerful move, up 25% in the span of three weeks, mostly in huge volume. So, a quiet pullback would be ideal. Bill O’Neil pointed out wedging also as a stock moving to new highs after a long and strong run, and the stock is making higher lows, but volume is declining — that price-and-volume interaction looked like a wedge on the chart for him. Cheers, HatMan Dave can not hear you Hi! Check your audio settings and internet connection. Disconnect other devices from your network if possible. May need to leave meeting and rejoin Ken I read your article on call (and put) options this weekend. Thank you. So helpful. It was the best simply explained article on options that I have ever read. Thanks so much Linda. Good Morning IBD Liiive! ZIM looking actionable this morning? Volume is pumping, earnings out, moving right side base? Hi Shane!!! The panelists did chat briefly about ZIM in the pre-show huddle. I think it will be top of mind! where is chris Chris and I swapped our days this week because I have kids’ first day of school on Mon. and Thurs. this week. Mornin all! VWAP talk keeps popping up in different places. I think you’ve discussed this once before but I can’t remember what the opinion was. Helpful? Not so? Thanks Brian Shannon is a big fan. You probably heard us talk about it when he was on. Good Morning, GM Tim Good Morning. As always, graet show!!! My question is related to physical setups of monitors, software and overall productivity. How many monitors and which programs does the team typically use? GM Michael, thanks for that! And, what a really good Q. Maybe Ali could consider this as a future poll Q? What is distribution day? That’s a day when the volume is higher and the major indexes are down more than 0.2%. Clusters of distribution days can signal further market weakness. I don’t want to jinx it, but ZIM!! live answered pLease discuss SQQQ for position sizing? Justin will speak about that. If you use ThinkOrSwim there is a feature that makes it very easy to figure out how much SQQQ will hedge your positions. Go to the IBD Live FAQ and check out a video on how to use that feature: what are the tickers today? GM Sara: Irusha on XPO, Justin on SQQQ, the 3X inverse ETF of QQQ. Witch looks better? ZIm or Matx both appear to be setting up nicely. live answered Roger that, Dark Ops Dave. I will monitor radio communications closely for strategic strike insight. Shane out. Ha ha, Shane! That was good. And if Team Strike Force does not engage by 0700 then I will send an ASAP SOS. Good morning IBD 🙂 Hi Nikolaj! Good Morning IBD Live! Westminster is in the house. 🙂 Yes! GM Ron! Why are we not covering ISRG ? We covered when it was building its flat base. Breakout came in low volume, it’s extended now. But a really nice run — medical sector flexing its strength right now isrg Solid winner in the reopening economy, indeed, Sara. I hope you are winning with this one! Many thanks to IBD Live team for putthign together the Industrywise breakdown spreadsheet. Much appreiciated. I did notice a few issues , which I reported to Customer support and I was asked to send an email which I did. However, there hasn’t been any response. I am sending it here, just as FYI. This is regarding the Industrywise Ranking spreadsheet which is provided to the subscribers every Monday after the IBD Live session. While reviewing it, I noticed several errors, particularly in the IBD Live tab > Column Y (Top 3 Stocks Best RS + Comp). Under this column, quite a few industries that I checked at random seem to have incorrect data. I noticed the stocks listed here are just opposite, meaning they are rock bottom in terms of RS + Comp. This could have been resulted by some incorrect formula or sorting. Couple of examples: 1. Industry : G4811. Ticker : TIMB. Its RS is 15 2. Industry G4894 : Ticker : SYTA : RS 10, Comp 8 Please take a look when you get a chance. IBD Live viewer Lewis McClain has been putting together the spreadsheet the past few weeks. Please reach out to him directly at [email protected] Good morning team GM Steven Any chance of covering NVDA’s, what’s unusual about their Option activities. live answered Comments on DOCS please. live answered Can we look at TGT? Thank you. live answered Justin – It might be healthy for the market, but it kills my portfolio. I go up little by little for a few weeks, then wham, all gone in three days. Ugh. I’m with you, Roger. My goal is to just get through these times to better times. BIB (Biotech ETF) did really well yesterday despite market headwinds. Today it’s grinding higher again. Very low volume though. What do you think of this ETF as a defensive move? It wasn’t acting defensively last week or on Monday. However the sector did well yesterday. CURE is another ETF to check out. So it’s more of a sector rotation. If the market really sells of I doubt medicals would continue higher. zim first 5 minutes not looking good Looking better now. Swing trader went to sideways action yesterday. What Portfolio action needs to happen when it’s a sideways market. live answered Why is shorting never discussed? This has been a terrible year for most short sellers. But it’s a great Q. Thomas, I was just looking at the gold stocks, such as AU. This would have been a very good short during failed rebounds back to the 10-week MA; however, you have to watch out w/ the dividend. Overall, shorting is very hard to do. If you are a master of selling at/near the top in top stocks, then you might become quite good at short selling. Just beware the wallstreetbets plays! 🙂 HatMan Dave — I follow Irusha’s advice – focusing on weekly charts is the Xanax for market volatility… Too funny. The AMEX is almost never mentioned. How does it fit into your trading plans? Robert, good Q; when I started at IBD in 1999, we did pay attention to the American Stock Exchange. There were a few CAN SLIM stocks that did quite well, and we had a Stocks On The Move table for those stocks exclusively. However, the number of decent growth stocks continued to shrink, moving to the Nasdaq. It seemed to me the AMEX became content with being an exchange for ETFs and options. But I may not know the entire story here. HatMan why do we use think or swim? Lots of us are paying for MarketSmith. We usually only use it at the beginning. Market indexes are real time on Thinkorswim but delayed on MarketSmith. Also the first bar in MarketSmith doesn’t display properly. So we switch in that case. I had to take a call. Did Justin talk about SQQQ yet? Not yet, stay tuned Hatman – I missed ISRG by selling before all this breakout 🙁 Is it way too extended now? How about STAA? Ah, I’m in the same camp… saw ISRG move, watched like a deer in headlights! Well, it’s alright, we know that some medical companies are following an economic reopening theme. STAA is an interesting one. Pls notice from Oct 2020, Staar has more than doubled. Great return! But, if you bought at breakouts, you had to sit tight as it often pulled back to the IBD pivot point after going up 10%, 15% or so. So, very important to really understand the character of a stock before going in. Right now, STAA is building a cup with handle; but the handle looks a little flimsy, perhaps that reflects a little more jittery market action. Cheers, HatMan Dave DXC bouncing back, up 2% A little – but after a nasty sell-off. besides GMIAA and GMIAB the daily market indicators are also very helpful: NASDQ and NYEXG I agree. I keep these indicators in my portfolio stock list on MarketSmith to keep them top of mind. SBLK = Dry Cargo Bulk Carriers… ZIM = Container / liner side of the business…. Different (shipping) segments for sure… Finer shades of gray, no doubt, Peter, thanks! If tomorrow the market has a positve reaction to NVDA’s earnings, perhaps, there will be greater upside participation from Growth stocks. Gotta agree w/ you Peter! Cheers and good morning buddy! Is UPST actionable today? live answered FTNT has really run into some turbulance in here – could we discuss it’s action? Wayne, the stock certainly is down a lot for the week, around 4% now; yet it still remains above the 10-week MA. It’s fallen more than that in a single week, yet did not cross below this key technical level amid its current run. Hatman TGT $15 billion share purchase on top of close to $2 billion existing purchase and 3% down. TGT is about 20% discount to yesterday price. live answered David – UPST !!!! It’s not giving up and giving a chance to buy. Yes, what a nice morning for UPST holders! If this latest breakout works, I might say on IBD Live that Upstart has pulled the year’s breakout from a “flawed” cup without handle due to its depth! HatMan — thoughts on AMD going into NVDA earnings this week? live answered Great ZIM Recon, Team Strike Force! LOL. You guy’s keep trading fun. live answered Is that a double bottom in Alcon? live answered TNDM looks great this morning Indeed Duc! It got some exposure in The Big Picture too… Do you pros typically wait until end of day to make sell decisions, even if triggers 8% loss line (or other triggers) intraday? Hi Diane, when the stock news is clearly bad, and the market indexes are tanking 2%, 3% or more, I suggest selling right away. Could you please add FIGS to this discussion? live answered Ed…NFLX in ARK Space ETF. Makes as much sense as DE 🙂 Yeah. ARK’s Space ETF is misleading. As with any ETF, investors should look at see what the ETF actually owns before buying it. ZIP has a bit of ipo volatility. What do you mean? Finding support at the 50-day line… Yeah, this has been really wild. Shop?? Actionable Not acting badly, indeed; near its recent buy point around 1,495. Dave would love your thoughts on the action of AN with the big move up Monday then the big move down yesterday. Almost an inside day but a BIG one… Hi Rick, sorry just saw this, pls ask tomorrow. Gessel rally in progress…LOL That’s what I just wrote internally! TSLA showing some strength looking beyond all the FUD that has tried to prevail the last couple days! I agree with the first part. Could we look at TSLA chart? Basing or bearish? live answered Been in Shipping / Oil business for 30+ years… Dry Cargo business = “tramp shipping” unscheduled trading.. Think of it as a taxi cap.. When driver jumps in car, start of a shift, he has “no idea” where he will go / travel.. It all depends on customer demands (rates)… Liner shipping. Scheduled trips (think bus service)… BIG INFRASTRUCTURE required … Moving containers around the globle with incredible precision…. :-). Thanks for that insight, Peter! General question here. Why do the stock market indexes continue to rise? Is it because there is a net cash inflow compared to the offering (volume of stocks available)? Peter Lynch said something to the effect of “The stock market has risen XX amound because earnings have risen XX amount. It’s not rocket science.” I cannot believe that earnings have increased enough to justify the rise in indexes. Great Q, Bob; while some stocks up will def offset others on the same exchange down, it seems like 1) the market still has several strong leading sectors, helping the S&P 500 and the DJIA; and 2) keep an eye on the FAANG or FAN MAG plays: FB, AMZN, NFLX, MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL/GOOG How big in percentage is the SQQQ position? Full size position on Leaderboard, equivalent to 10% of the model portfolio — Sorry missed that. Was there a webinar/demo on use of TQQQ? On how Chris uses futures to hedge — demo at 🙂 DR-D -NVDA WHEN IS THE EARNING IS COOMING? NVDA earnings tonight. When various hosts say “I have shares in X”, are they talking about personal positions with their own funds, or something to do with either IBD money or O’Neil funds? Not trying to be nosey. People sometimes behave differently with their own personal money vs managing others Personal money. Unless we say “we put this on Leaderboard” or “we put this on SwingTrader” etc. And those are mock portfolios when and waht is the link for the pocast 🙂 new episodes every Thursday! thanks ….what time? It isn’t live, but usually drops midday PT EPS=DATE-FOR THE NVDA? Earnings are tonight. After the close Aug. 18. Are there any IBD articles or other material on how to distinguish between a “dead cat bounce” and support? Is it a simply a matter of whether or not it happens at a logical support line? We discussed this on the podcast with Ken — check out our archives at ODFL volume? Looks too low live answered BILL is trying to hang in there. Can you comment? Looking ok but volume was low on the recent runup and higher on the pullback. TSLA. Met a guy at dentist yesterday, in AZ, who Uber’d there because his Tesla broke down. Apparently battery overheating problems with newer models particularly in hotter markets. Good intel. Thanks. Justin, ARCH has beat the QQQ and SPY by a lot over the last year…… There is a reason the coal group is number 1, but not much liquidity in the individual stocks, unfortunately.

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