IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 16, 2021

Volume is too low for the music, I can’t tell if it’s Styx or Eric Cartman….. interesting, I couldn’t hear it that well either. Thought maybe it was new headset I rec’d. Great music for a Monday! Hey Daphne! Hope you are well! Good Am Scott. Always great to see you and enjoy your insights! TY James, appreciate that i was long on PYPL before the drop around earnings. Now is basing around $275. In IBD rules, what is the proper course of action? Depends on your profit cushion. If you’re trading it as a Long Term Leader there is no sell signal. If you’re treating it as a position trade the close below the 10-week line was a sell signal. No sound Check your internet connection – may need to remove other connected devices from your network. May need to leave meeting and rejoin Newbie to IBD Live here. Where does one find Ready List you all create? Thank you Hi Diane! Welcome!! 🙂 We have all the details on that as well as more great info to help you as you start your IBD Live journey with us at SONO – I got in very early at the bottom of the flat base. when it wa $30. Since then it has moved up by 40% and there was some good news that they won some legal battle vs Google. Question is, should I take some profit now or wait until it breaks out? You can always take some profits but it looks good on the weekly chart. And the 10% gain this morning looks even better. I would be holding with that now 50% cushion. Good morning Scott – do have any companies that could be long term holds for you – like an Apple in 2004 scenario? Thx good to see you Dave Thanks Dave, I always think I do but holding them is the hard part. I like to “hold” longer after corrections/ bear markets. Once market has been in sustained uptrend, I tend to be seller into strength. Sometimes that hurts me though, never get it “perfect” Yep, always great to see you on IBD Live, Scott! Thanks Jeff, enjoy being here 🙂 AN also strong in the auto industry Great front page story by Brian Deagon this weekend on the booming used car market. GM, what are the ticker picks this morning? AAP, LKQ, DE, SIVB, Scott’s got SIVB and Chris is going to talk about some auto parts retailers (AAP, etc) Good Morning IBD LIVE! GREAT job on the news ED! 🙂 Thanks Shari. Thoughts on ESI? Thursday looked like a good setup day but sellers knocked the stock lower Friday. Good looking base, though. Still a breakout candidate SHOP hit pivot getting support at the 50-day. That’s a positive. But lack of institutional buying in market makes it a challenging market for technical breakouts. Steel stocks? Surprisingly weak. STLD X thoughts? Weaker economic growth in China/U.S. hitting oil/copper. After a big run it could also be just profit taking. Please comment on TGH. Thanks! live answered Scott – good morning – what are the three names reporting on Friday that uou like – Thanks DE is one. AAPL taking out $150 level on volume right there. DDOG looks really strong here, don’t believe it’s made the show lately, review please I agree. Holding gains after bullish breakout. Like the acceleration in Q2 revenue growth. Too late to buy now, though. check out NUE, today droping big, what do we do if we bought at the breakout blue zone? Taking a breather after six straight gains. No sell signals yet that I can see. TGH- time to be thinking of buy on pullback? I don’t think so. It’s now 7% below the 36.29 entry. Not good price action to see so soon after breakout. Does the kaos in Afganastan affect the various stocks? I don’t know. I haven’t seen people making that argument, but it’s something I’m mulling as well. SNAP – MASSIVE SELL OFF to start the day! Breaking 21ema and undercutting gap up day. Not great action! live answered Snap plunging? live answered Can we look at wfc please? Thank you. live answered Can we look at SNAP on leaderboard? live answered snap just tanked in a week. over 10 percent drop from high. live answered the whole market selling off due to Taliban etc etc? live answered why does the panel say to avoid “round trip”, at the same time they say “sit with it” as its coming down to buy point??? It’s always a balance. You want to try to hold but you don’t let a double-digit winner turn into a loser. DOCU, testing 50 day, what to do? wait to see signs of support if have some cushion? Exactly right. Let’s see if it finds support. BILL – down 5%, is this a sell sign? Thanks for your insight. Nothing wrong with trimming here. Sell signal would be decisive break of 50-day moving average. The 50-day line basically corresponds with the last buy area. FTNT – down over 3% on volume – could we discuss? Still looking strong – in a mini-consolidation. Obviously growth stocks are struggling today but FTNT is up, a lot, since last real entry. Ed – I feel like I am in the Rip Tide you were talking about, Friday I was flying high and now I am drowning. Tough day. And a lot of sectors are down – not just growth. UPST – could this be a possible handle for the cup? How many days and how much would it need? handles need a minimum of five days to form. Should be downward drifiting in light volume. Might be the start of one with UPST but volume very heavy today. Ed – Yahoo Finance Tweet Notif. a few min ago mentioned Afghan. Got it. Thanks. AMZN down considerably – seems like a buy to me based on Pricepoint We like buying on strength, not weakness ENPH?? Breaking below its 50-day line after pulling back last week. Is this spread sheet on the FAQ paige yet? I didnt see it this morning. Hi Lynn! I will add it right after the show’s conclusion 🙂 Good morning all, Wonderful chart. Can’t find the link in the FAQs section—does someone have a link? Darryl I will add it right after the show’s conclusion! Can you please provide link to the industry spreadsheet? It’ll be at I’ll include a link to the latest spreadsheet in today’s IBD Live Recap – which will be up later today next to today’s show at How about TGT? Add here?? WMT earnings Tue. TGT earnings Wed. Would you consider the reversal in DUSL constructive? It’s nice support – seeing the industrials like CR come up. Do I have access to the spreadsheet just displayed. It’ll be at I’ll include a link to the latest spreadsheet in today’s IBD Live Recap – which will be up later today next to today’s show at Dillards up — bucking Macy’s and Kohls trend down. Had strong earnings last week. Clearly the leader in the department store group. Well said, Scott! 👍 🙂 thank you ARKK does not have TSLA anymore, correct? Still going down anyway it seems. Do I get this correctly? ARK has trimmed Tesla in recent weeks. But TSLA is still the No. 1 holding for ARKK – and the No. 1 holding for ARK Invest ETFs overall. My point was that a lot of ARK (or ARK-type) stocks are struggling today.

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