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Since its flagship hybrid, the BMW i8, BMW purists and motorsports enthusiasts have had a difficult time wrapping their heads around the fact that the industry is changing, and BMW must adapt. For a brand whose history and heritage are seeped in motorsports, so much so that the M badge itself stands for motorsports, such a change can be rather intimidating. The truth is, many manufacturers, like Audi, have made a big push to reduce the production of gasoline-powered cars altogether. So, the introduction of the all-electric BMW i4 didn’t come as a big surprise, but that also doesn’t mean enthusiasts are overly thrilled.

The introduction of the BMW i4

A BMW i4 electric car | VCG, Getty Images

In order to live up to the high expectations of current BMW owners, the BMW i4 has some pretty big shoes to fill. According to BMW, it is the manufacturer’s first completely electric vehicle that is focused on performance, which gives buyers a lot of hope. With the introduction of hybrids starring boring and unflattering vehicles like the Toyota Prius, many consumers have had a hard time accepting the potential for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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