Will Tesla Bots Be Able to Drive Cars? | MotorBiscuit

Elon Musk recently showcased his plans for the Tesla Bot with the potential for relieving humans of menial tasks and unnecessary labor. While a little robot assistance in the workplace sounds impressive, some wonder if this robot will lead to behind-the-wheel tech. Is it possible that Tesla is on the verge of testing robots driving taxis, forklifts in warehouses, or even delivery services? Are we one step closer to an I, Robot future?

The official introduction of the Tesla Bot

A robot driver entering a car | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When Elon Musk sets foot on any stage, the world listens. Recently, he garnered attention by announcing Tesla’s plans for a line of robots. The Tesla Bot will be a humanoid figure that uses artificial intelligence to perform designated tasks. This new invention will feature autopilot cameras and a display instead of a human face. Everything else on this Tesla robot will look remarkably human.

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