What Is Volkswagen’s Harlequin Car, and How Did It Start? | MotorBiscuit

You may look at it with a furrowed brow, wondering why Volkswagen would ever build the Harlequin, a multi-colored car. In truth, what started as a small promotional stunt spiraled into an art form that sticks out among today’s drab car colors. But how did this strange color-combo even begin?

1995 Volkswagen Polo Harlequin | Volkswagen

The history of the Volkswagen Harlequin

For starters, Volkswagen never meant for the Harlequin’s influence to reach the states. The idea behind the car came from a 1964 VW Beetle advertisement. The car had multiple colored panels, advertising easily interchangeable parts. In 1995, Volkswagen of Europe celebrated the launch of the Polo city car by giving it a mixed paint scheme using the four base colors.

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