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What is the bestselling car in the world? It is a simple question, but it does not have a simple answer. The world’s first bestseller was the Ford Model T. The bestselling chassis, wearing different bodies and badges in different countries, was the Fiat 124. The car that sold the best with virtually no changes was the immortal Volkswagen Bug. And the nameplate that has surpassed all others, even as the vehicle carrying it evolved, is the Toyota Corolla. Learn more about each contender and decide for yourself which is truly the bestselling car of all time.

4. Ford Model T: The Best Selling Car *Per Capita*

Ford Model T’s | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

In 1908, Henry Ford decided to build a car his factory workers could afford. This quest drove him to revolutionize his design and manufacturing process. The result was the legendary Ford Model T. The Model T was the first car to sell one million units, then five million, then ten million, and finally fifteen million. Historians suspect that in 1914, nine out of every ten cars on the planet were Fords! 

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