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Climate change continues impacting lives and the environment in various ways. For that reason, everyone has a part to play in conserving the environment. That includes companies like Volkswagen Group as well as the authorities. That explains why automakers are investing in technology that focuses on reducing emissions. Doing so yields a significant impact because it ensures that gas-powered vehicles do not leave Mother Earth gasping for breath due to air pollution. Unfortunately, when car manufacturers collude in emissions plots, such as in the case of Dieselgate, they deal that objective a blow. When that happens, the environment, as well as humans, remains at risk.

VW, BMW, and Daimler emissions plot

A Volkswagen power plant | RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images

Surprisingly, German automakers known for producing high-end vehicles spent years colluding to slow the deployment of cleaner emissions technology, which is illegal. The scheme is not dissimilar to Volkswagen Group’s massive Dieselgate scandal. The VW scandal involved the installation of software on Volkswagen diesel vehicles to fake compliant emission ratings. The intention, in this case, was to fool environmental regulators into believing that the company was compliant.

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