Toxic Carbon Monoxide From Boats Can Kill You Just as Fast as Car Exhaust – MotorBiscuit

Boating on the open waters is a very freeing and exhilarating experience. It seems like a safe and exciting hobby. However, it can also come with deadly consequences. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen with any gas-powered vehicle, and a boat is no exception. Here are some little-known facts about the dangers of carbon monoxide from boats.

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21-year-old athlete drowns due to carbon monoxide

According to People, at 21 years of age and an athlete, Ally Sidloski was a strong and capable swimmer. However, she tragically drowned in a lake due to carbon monoxide from a boat. At first, her parents were baffled because she had always been a strong swimmer at home. A coroner later ruled that the cause of Sidloski’s death was not drowning, but carbon monoxide intoxication.

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