This Tiny Camper Van Is the Affordable RV the World Needs Right Now | MotorBiscuit

The balance between a monster camper van or RV that has literally every amenity known to our universe and the more practical smaller camper vans that may cut some corners but ultimately get you to where you need to go much more affordably can be hard to hit. Thankfully, there are a few companies now trying too hard to make better smaller campers. This new tiny camper van from Ahorn is the small, affordable RV the world needs right now. 

Ahorn Van Big City | Ahorn

Why are RVs so expensive? 

As with most recreational items, RV makers understand that this is a luxury for most people, and they charge for them accordingly. However, just because these camper vans and motorhomes are usually toys shouldn’t mean that only the very wealthy can access them

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