This 2001 Toyota Tacoma Is the Perfect Camper Truck | MotorBiscuit

What’s more popular than a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck these days? How about a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with a 1978 Toyota Chinook camper top added to it? This incredible Toyota camper is a perfect mashup between a perfectly sensible and reliable modern Toyota Tacoma and the funky ‘70s charm of the Toyota Chinook camper. This 2001 Toyota Tacoma is the perfect camper truck, and I can barely stand it. 

2001 Toyota Tacoma/Chinook camper | Down2Mob Overland

Feast your eyes on this perfect camper truck

This 2001 Toyota Tacoma camper truck may not look all that exciting from the outside, but under the surface, this is one of the coolest campers out there. 

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