The Original Luxury Overlander Is the Incredibly Rare Mohs Safarikar and Was Just Found on eBay | MotorBiscuit

The Mohs Safarikar. Fewer cars can really address the current trends in the automotive marketplace like this blending of serious 4×4 power of International Harvester mixed with the ultra-lux of Rolls-Royce. Too bad the Mohs Safarikar came out about 50 years too early, and due to its high cost and lack of viable market, only three were ever made. One of which is now for sale on eBay. 

Mohs Safarikar | Hymand LTD

The Mohs Safarikar is crazy rare

side view with the doors open

Mohs Safarikar | Hymand LTD

Although the Safarikar only had three prototypes made, only two of the three still exist, making it even rarer than rare. The Safarikar might seem ridiculous, but… actually, yeah, it’s ridiculous.

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