The Least Reliable 2021 Honda Models Still Recommended by Consumer Reports | MotorBiscuit

Honda has an almost unblemished record of reliability. However, Consumer Reports shows three of its vehicles that prospective buyers perhaps shouldn’t consider as reliable investments. Consumer Reports put the Accord, Civic and Pilot under the microscope as three of Honda’s cars with poor predicted reliability. Consumer Reports averages all of the car’s reliability scores from 2011 to the present day, therefore a 2021 model year car’s predicted reliability is impacted by past faults. 

2021 Honda Accord: Damaged Reputation

2021 Honda Accord | Honda

Consumer Reports gave the Honda Accord a predicted reliability rating of 3-out-of-5. It cited past issues having to do with major engine problems, the drive system, and body integrity as the Accord’s potential trouble spots. According to Consumer Reports, major engine problems include a rebuilt, or problems with the turbocharger, cylinder head, and timing chain. The body integrity metric looks at noises, leaks, and loose or cracked seals. 

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