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America’s History is complicated and often downright terrible. However, if you wade through all the genocide, greed, and crimes against humanity, some brilliant moments shine through, but unfortunately, they don’t get the respect and attention they deserve. For instance, C. R. Patterson and Sons was the first Black-owned car company. It started in 1873 and went on to do battle with the might of Ford‘s assembly line. The early automotive market was a wild place, and Charles Patterson made his mark.

Charles Patterson | Museum of African-American History and Culture

The First Black-owned car company predates the car

C. R. Patterson is one of the baddest men ever to grace American soil. According to Autoblog, Charles Richard Patterson was born on a Virginia plantation owned by someone who believed that he could “own” another person. After 28 years of enslavement, Patterson escaped his bonds and got the hell out of there. 

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