The Audi e-tron Gets Slammed Despite Being a 2021 EV of the Year Contender | MotorBiscuit

Audi is one of the most famous and reputable automakers when it comes to luxury car brands. Due to that, it’s no surprise that the Audi e-tron was a contender for being the EV of the year. However, despite its many good qualities, the Audi e-tron didn’t receive a glowing review compared to other electric candidates. 

Why the Ford Mustang Mach-E ultimately won

The Audi e-tron EV SUV model | AUDI AG.

EVs are the cars of the future, and they’re all trying to do their own thing. Out of all of those EVs on the market right now, Car and Driver proclaimed that the Mustang Mach-E was the best of them all. The Mach-E won for a variety of reasons. According to Car and Driver, it didn’t get the most range, and it wasn’t the fastest, but it’s the perfect EV for the moment.

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