Tesla Model 3 Undergoes Post-Apocalyptic Transformation | MotorBiscuit

The Tesla Model 3 just got much cooler. The Model 3 was already a top contender for electric vehicle of the year. It is affordable for an electric vehicle and has great driving range. Being one of the two most affordable Tesla models to exist is cool enough, but one Model 3 took things a step further. This Model 3 just got a major style upgrade and is now apocalypse-ready.

This Tesla Model 3 is ready for anything

A modified Tesla Model 3 | Grind Hard Plumbing Co. YouTube channel

The Tesla Model 3 is many things, but it surely isn’t the top vehicle pick for a survivalist. It isn’t a durable off-roading Jeep or a sturdy camper. The Model 3 is a compact car that is more prepared for a bright future than an apocalyptic one. According to Electrek, gearheads at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. turned the compact car into an off-roading beast.

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